Barnhardt: The Odor Of Kayfabe Remains So Very Strong


Interesting times.

Across the globe.



15 responses to “Barnhardt: The Odor Of Kayfabe Remains So Very Strong

  1. The power of The Great Fuck You goes beyond The Trump, it leads back to the source, it’s grass roots in the dirt people.
    One way or another, this Great Fuck You wins.

    • Yawn………
      Really, it wins?
      Where has “The Great Fuck You”
      been winning?

      • You sleeping?

        The “Great Fuck You’s” success is directly correlated to the attempted obstruction at the cost of everything they hold dear…

        1. Popular vote (EC is racist)
        2. Faithless elector coup (now we love the EC)
        3. Russian Hacking (Comrades are no longer comrades)
        4. Whatever they throw up tomorrow

        I’ve yet to see Libs get so close to the red line in my lifetime over this “Great Fuck You.”

      • It is a new day, new age AP.
        You first have to believe in winning before you win. Beginning with yourself. Sorry if that insults you, but your lack of faith is a loser’s useless attitude shared by the many useful dupes that helped to get us in this mess to begin with.
        An attitude if you have not noticed, that is become as irrelevant as those who are trying to destroy America.

  2. Future SecDef Mattis mumbles under his breath “…be a shame if we started sending a few random drones out that explode several hundred pounds of foreign-tagged explosives when pulled from the water, wouldn’t it?
    Especially if half had Cyrillic markings, and the other half were marked in Chosongul!”

  3. Those drones (I think they stared calling underwater variants UUV) were prowling around Monterey Bay a decade or so ago. Interesting technology. Just think about what may be out there that has NOT been caught.

  4. Regarding Ann B., sorry trump is a “terribly” smart man, but trump is following the American people; who are primarily concerned with domestic concerns(jobs, immigration, abusive govt). the truth is most americans could care less what is happening in the south china seas and Aleppo; so trump and most previous govts have not been.
    I remember a few years ago, some middle east country shot down a usa drone and we let them have it. if the us govt really gave a shit about national security, they would have sent in a team to blow that drone up and would have somehow blown up the sub-drone before these people could get a decent look at it; but the usa has been letting countries that has long term goals of taking the usa down look under its skirt for decades.
    imo, trump may give the country a short return to maybe even a Reagan economic recovery, but the country has shot itself in its own arms and legs too many times between defense, national security and immigration to not bleed out. I am not sure if trump knows this and just plays the domestic card, but I wouldn’t blame him.

  5. At least she can admire her Pope.

  6. All I have to say…

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. “The Republicans are clearly telling him to leave, and I can’t shake the feeling that Trump himself wants out.”

    Is it so bad to have a president who does not want to be in power? The very best president in the last century, Warren G. Harding, spent his time playing cards and visiting bawdy-houses. He had no desire to “better” the nation and simply left them alone, to the country’s immense benefit.

  9. Back around 78, while riding in the back of a 2 1/2 ton
    truck from Keelung Harbor to Taipei, I saw lots of “guns” along
    the shoreline.
    Would have stayed on mess duty on ship, but a 25 lb frozen turkey
    slipped off from other two underneath while going down stairwell and
    the pointy neck part broke one of my toes.
    Still, I was the first one out the ship, and the last one boarding.
    Still remember someone screaming – “YOU MARRY ME!!”
    Crazy 5 days there I tell you; even the photo I have with my
    “girlfriend” there was fuzzy. Heck, maybe she was a Chinese
    spy? 🙂

    Those where the days…

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  10. ‘My point is, I just have a very, very bad feeling about what is going to transpire between now and January 20th, and I would urge one and all to think long and hard about whom exactly you are casting your lot with. It’s a horrible feeling to look out at the battle space and see no one you can trust.’

    1) She is exceptionally right. A cult of personality is a bad idea whether it’s Red or Blue team. Trump is NOT the answer. Maybe an ally, maybe not…time will tell. He’s my ally if he fights my enemy or helps achieve my goals, I owe no personal allegiance to the man. The people you can walk to will be far more of an ally that he ever could be.

    2) She’s not looking hard enough.