Bracken Sends


A reminder.

Especially since Team BFYTW will not be playing face-to-face silly riot games.

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  1. Everyone has a plan until they are punched in the face. Watch some of the footage out of Sarajevo for a refresher.

  2. Wait a sec! Bracken is the luminary who infers that 9/11 is a reason to “profile” Muslims, but insists “Never again!” regarding Germany’s “profiling” of the tribe who fomented and led the 1918-1919 deadly revolutions of the Bavarian Soviet Republic, (((Kurt Eisner, Eugen Leviné, et al.))) and the Spartacist Uprising in Berlin, (((Karl Liebknecht, Rosa Luxemburg, et al.))) and who declared war on Germany in 1933 and who killed millions in neighboring nations.
    Please remind me why Bracken’s musings are valuable.

    • OK,you asked,the reason Mr.Bracken’s musings are valuable is that he has experience in military,he seems to think things thru and has thought about what he puts out information wise while it seems has a attitude of apply what works for you and has no problem recommending other sources of valuable info.In my personal case to a large part bought”A Failure of Civility” due to his review which I only read recently but he put out a few years back,a book I highly also recommend for readers who want some ideas how to put together some semblance of a team to get thru tough times but also has valuable info. for those who are solo,wish I had gotten book years earlier but as have read it and will many times again glad time was available.These are the reasons I find his musings valuable,also puts a dose of humour in at times to keep ones spirits up,something I agree with,we lose the ability to laugh even in challenging times,well,feel at least for me have already lost.

      • Thank you, James. OK, I get it—for the humor.
        I can certainly see the humor in profiling one tribe for blowing up buildings and killing thousands of people, but commiserating with another tribe for blowing up buildings and killing millions of people.
        Yep, that’s “funny,” as in odd, bizarre, strange, disconnected, illogical, amoral, hypocritical, double-standard, and oh-so-typical of what passes for “thought” in brainwashed and occupied nations.

        • Al, You need to understand that EVERYONE is being profiled. You walk into a TSA zone and every person in it is being profiled and the zone is being expanded all the time. So if anything Bracken just needs to update based on that fact.

          • Agreed on the expanding net, but still interested in morally and logically consistent understanding of historical truth—as best we can in this life.

            • MichiganderJim

              Sounds like an easy chore if there’s only one historical truth—“It’s the Jooooos.” What shall we do with the rest of the time?

    • Any reason to profile muslims in the U.S. is a good reason.

    • Instead of getting pissy and attacking one of our own who has made valuable contributions, make your case when a logical opportunity arises. Some people are very pro-israel or think the judeo- in judeo-christian is important, and some of us think that communist subversion is often indistinguishable from jewish subversion. In this case, it just makes you look like a sperg.

  3. Centurion_Cornelius


  4. Under-estimate an enemy at your own peril. Good men are killed everyday by their “inferiors”. Trust me, I get the contempt but it breeds complacency and that kills.

    • Matt Bracken

      Not my intention at all. It’s to encourage slackers and laggards to get a couple of good rifles that can hit minute of man, OFFHAND, from 100 to 400 yards, with an elevated pulse. If that does not describe your current level of armament and training, get moving. Anybody who cannot hit a steel silhouette, STANDING UP, at 200-400 yards, what the fuck are doing here posting comments? Get a good rifle, a good optic, and good training and/or practice! The next civil war will largely be fought at optical range. If you can’t hit minute of man at 300+ yards, STANDING UP, with a high pulse rate, then dude, (not you, the readers of this comment), you are not even in the game, so stop posting, and start training. Your RIFLE can already do it, so can your OPTIC, but can YOU? Seriously. That’s the meaning of the meme. If you can hit them at 200-400 yards, you won’t have to deal with them at point blank. That is the meaning of the meme.

      • I took the meme as a cautionary sort of thing, didn’t mean to infer otherwise, Matt. I’m here because it’s approximately 8 MILLION degrees below zero outside, I can learn here AND I’m entertained. Added bonus, I can feel my fingers and toes. I could use some practice but I still wouldn’t want to get in front of me with a rifle out to at least 300. Besides, reading=learning=training. Damn fine weather for it too.

  5. Sure, but militia on militia isn’t going to be what some people would call fun.

    The soft targets would/will be gone in @ 3 weeks; then militias start turning on each other for any number of reasons. It stands to reason then; it’s not a bad idea to continue/start collecting info (and forming mosaics) on the other so-called like-minded groups.

    The militias with the “open door policy” and the “big mouths” are the next-most vulnerable; press releases and publicity not a good idea.

    It also stands to reason to be the hardest target possible.

  6. Which is exactly not only why it hasn’t happened, but won’t.

  7. What does ‘BFYTW’ mean? I wish Bracken would write another novel with the story line of a post election, highly polarized electorate infiltrated with muzloids and radical minorities after 8 years of a demonstrably illegal presidency of Barry the Kenyan.

    I would write it but it would give people nightmares. I can be graphic.

    In the ‘who gives a shit’ category, I cleaned 2 of my AR’s and my Rem 700 VTR in .308 last night. They’re good to go. Further in that category, both the .308 VTR and .223 VTR rifles I own reliably shoot sub MOA. What’s not to love?

  8. Lulz, he had to use a picture of a “vibrant” threeper so the conrast between rioter and militia wasn’t so black and white.

    Remember 99.9999% of humans base their tribal affiliation on blood and soil. That leaves .0001% that base their tribal affiliation on legal documents and “values.”

    • Maybe he used the picture of the black guy on the left because his form is good, and his equipment seems to be well kept, he’s wearing ear protection and is using a suppressor as to be courteous to those around his area. Maybe it’s not about race.

  9. Yes I agree with you MB, but that “one round” doesn’t care how it was fired. If murphy sends it with your name, your done. Never underestimate ANYONE, many a man and woman has been sent to their maker by someone they estimated was a pushover.

    • Matt Bracken

      Right you are, but anybody who wants a 100% guarantee won’t find it past kindergarten age. We still go out there and take our chances. We just do it smarter and better, fully aware that a stray round can mean lights out.

  10. Brian in Ohio

    Don’t bring liberal nonsense to a gunfight.

  11. Trained shooter vs spray and pray. Smart vs stupid.

    No contest.

    That’s the other thing my dad did right by me…taught me safety and how to shoot straight with an old Marlin bolt .22 that held 18 rounds of LR in a pipe almost as long as the barrel. I got pretty damn good. Could hit center at ~75 yards about 90% of the time when I was 12 or so.

    I loved that gun. I re-finished the stock in a light chestnut around 1976 or so. Think my younger brother stole it from me sometime after that.  I know I could pick up pretty much where I left off with some practice with a .223 or some such today.

    Loved that gun.

    • I am clearing out my dad’s estate, he having passed away recently. Lo and behold, there she sat in the closet, the very same 22LR he taught me to shoot 50 odd years ago. Tears.

    • Matt Bracken

      I’m with you and your Marlin, 100%. Give an old Green Beret a Boy Scout troop trained on those Marlin 22s, and he’ll have an SF ODA in a month, and odds are, they’ll be equipped with the latest M-4s.

  12. My local gs indicated that post election it was quite busy selling AK style rifles to those that appeared to have little knowledge or “if I had a son” types.

  13. I second hbowman1966’s call for a new Bracken novel.

  14. In 1978 the Rhodesian Army had 150 men in training. They could have put them in the bush to fight the terrs. The RLI was quite small and 150 more men was substantial. Instead, Capt. Cooper chose to keep them in training because, “They didn’t look quite proper on the parade square yet”. I told my buddies that we’ll look real sharp at the surrender ceremony. And so we were. The RLI really didn’t have an advantage over the gooks. The bad guys had numerical superiority. The RLI didn’t have NVG. Most fighting was done in the day time. After the commies started getting trained in North Korea they were much better disciplined. And the surrender soon followed.

  15. Don’t even THINK about touching them until AFTER the Praetorian Guard have been eliminated. And for that damnable swill, remember that an effective One Shot Paddy leaves no brass. Nor anything else that can be used to identify him…

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  17. I expect the come-as-you-are party will include a lot of bolt actions in .308 and .223, with some artfully modified Mag-lite “cleaning traps”. There will be no brass piles.

    I expect the box score for Team BFYTW to look like the score if the Harlem Globetrotters drafted Michael Jordan, and the Washington Generals were replaced with the team from the local Braille school.

    I also think Team Them is going to decide to stay inside their own little dung mounds in about 24 hours, after noticing that every foray outside Ghetto Sweet Ghetto leaves them XX bodies short on the return journey.

    Social Justice Warrior Disease (AKA Diversity Flu) will become so named for any SJW whose head suddenly explodes randomly. And no fucks will be given, including by TPTB.

    But that’s all just a hunch.

  18. I rarely break radio silence for many reasons; but on this subject I have commented here before and always the under same “handle”.

    As a former U S Navy Gunner’s Mate Tech circa 1980’s (old Great Lakes NTC Gun School “Ice-house” Graduate ASROC (basically Macro Robotics/Nuclear Weapons Launcher with SONAR Fire Control,

    (GMT’s, we DO ‘small arms to nukes’)

    and about 25 years as an Industrial Type Technician,

    I have stated

    that there is an over-abundance of heavy excavation equipment and industrial/ex-military weapons technicians here in my part of the country (North American Redoubt) that when the SHTF, we will see robotized and armored equipment (initially I “pictured” remotely controlled and armored D9 Cats with flame throwers, but that’s just me)

    and I.E.E. (improvised explosive every-things)…

    Because of the situation that I foresee on the immediate horizon I will not get into any possible design details with this aspect of non-conventional warfare.

    Don’t you wonder why we haven’t seen explosive drone deliveries around the world yet?

    I sure do.

    Are they being covered up?

    A whole bunch of high tech hell will be released without proper EMP placements world wide.

    Let’s truly bomb ourselves back to the stone age!

    It’s my opinion that during the first six months of Festival (purge) Kick-off…

    will will see a combination of Bosnian and Donbass type meltdowns, but with lots more improvisation; at least in those first six months.

    I won’t even mention some other high and low tech (readily available) designs, like triangulated and remotely controlled/suppressed Ruger 10/22 gun placements with night vision… etc…

    oh crap… did just mention that?

    Let’s start a conversation about this shall we?

    Didn’t think so.

    Enough said on my part…

    Merry CHRISTMAS & a hippognudeer to ya

    Back to the Ghost Dance

    ‘close only counts in horse-shoes and hand grenades’…
    “and 16 kilo-ton MK44 Nuclear Depth Bombs” …
    and such…

  19. Hi there, info ap! Transference much? I got chunks of guys like you in my stool.

  20. just wanted to clarify… “explosive drones” that blow up on delivery, not Predators that deliver an explosive package (Hellfire) and then return to base.

  21. The primary trick is being able to maintain the field distance between team goodguys and the perps and of course the weapon and skill to use it.

  22. I’ve said before that we should bring back Socially Sanctioned Duels…
    (old school style), could potentially rid this world of “HALF of our PROBLEMS in a single day”
    Back to the Ghost Dance

  23. The Usual Suspect

    This is fucking great, don’t stop !
    I’m going to the kitchen and pop corn,
    be right back.

  24. do you suppose that “driver-less car” BOMBS will still (respectfully) have a complementary suicide bomber inside?

    will bezos and amazon deliver just a book to your door with that drone, and what if that delivery is hacked?

    how about a c4 domino’s drone pizza delivery?

    we are allowing ourselves to tread a very dangerous social path with unbridled technological access that can be used for some really heinous results.

    i am always concerned with perhaps giving “clues” to any tyrannical opponents too stupid to have imagined such potential uses for cool tools and toys…

    ‘al-cia-duh and the Clinton Foundation gave Stinger Missiles to ISIS… BECAUSE
    they were short on “rocket-scientists” that month’…

    (you know…when Christopher Stevens and our Brothers were assassinated)…

    otherwise ISIS would have built those missiles themselves (snark)

    Back to the Ghost Dance

    • Bad Attitude

      ISIS has already repurposed drones and other “toy” aircraft to deliver explosives. Here are two articles from a couple months ago. It’s definitely not rocket science.

      Note that not only are they using drones to deliver explosives, they are booby trapping them to kill those who might wish to recover them for intelligence analysis.

    • Driverless car bombs. Had not thought of that one, and it is a nice touch. In a Uber — Lyft market domination game it might actually be encouraged.

      • yeah,

        the last thing a passenger hears…

        voice from the on-board “HAL 9000” …

        “please fasten your seatbelt, Dave…

        we will be arriving at your destination in approximately…

        ABORT, ABORT…

        must proceed immediately to open air market…”

        as the door locks slam down tight, and the seatbelt (restraints) constrict around Dave’s torso…

        wee haa… Mr Toads Wild Ride!!!

        Could only get better if those rolling, Driver-less Uber Coffins were powered by a (vulnerable) hydrogen energy source as well.

        • tomorrow…

          the really scary stuff…


          (made from worm castings/belly-button lint/toe-jam…
          oh, and dog vomit/monkey-puss)

          sleep well

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  26. Fuck the poLICE.

    That is all.