John Williams: Lies & Damned Liars


An audio interview from; briefer below:

“…Statistics issued by the federal government about the economy—from CPI to GDP—are fake, and our guest John Williams of explains how and why.

John is a vocal critic of modern economic reporting, which is manipulated to make the economy appear stronger than it is. So, he devoted his professional life to telling the real story, through statistics he painstakingly compiles himself. And, his statistics paint an alarming picture: virtually all “growth” in the US economy since the Crash of ’08 has been artificially engineered by the Fed, while the risk of debt contagion has increased…”

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4 responses to “John Williams: Lies & Damned Liars

  1. See below. How Government Works. Why the Swamp will never get Drained!

  2. In a word:


    Isn’t the look on peoples faces memorable when you tell them that the government considers those people who’s unemployment benefits that have run out, to now be employed….

    Was it Samuel Clemens who said, “There’s lies, damned lies, and then there’s statistics.”

    In fact, I think I may have read that here.


  3. I repeat, The Great Depression we’ve been lied out of seeing since 2009.