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8 responses to “Nationalism

  1. Mississippi ronn

    Truth and facts are stubborn things. Geert is fearless with both! If the Dutch are to stand a chance, they must have leaders like this!

  2. The Dutch got their Great Fuck You on.
    Most excellent.
    Lord bless them please.

    Got this funny feeling the SHTF might not be what we thought it would be. The precursor of collapse to SHTF is the collapse of power of the oligarchy and their irrelevancy. Secession from, and abolition of, the oligarchy state is gaining momentum.
    Figure one more MAGA or Brexit and the oligarch’s are toast. Irrelevancy is coming at them from so many directions their surrounded.

  3. Does anyone wonder why the push back on ‘nationalism’? BHO, European leaders and others preaching the evils of national pride: why? Granted there was great evil done in the name of nationalism at one time but compared to what is going on today with the watering down of the nation’s (ours and others) population it seems (to me) to be a rather excellent alternative. Those who make the most noise generally have the most to either lose or gain …. we like the Dutch are under a full on assault and to that end must recognize the enemy for who and what it is …….

  4. He should do his own thing and keep “journalists” at bay (talking physical distance here) before someone does an ‘Ahmad Shah Massoud’ on him, prefaced by “Aloha Snackbar!” Keep movin’ the puppy’s dish Geert!

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. God bless and protect him and his family. And his country.

  7. Hear that clanking sound? Brass balls. I would proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with Geert. Nothing finer than a man telling the obvious truth.

  8. More and more Europe understand the mistakes. Maybe too late.