Schindler: The Butcher’s Bill of 1916: Europe’s Blood-Drenched Year of Horror

French troops under shellfire during the Battle of Verdun.   (Photo by General Photographic Agency/Getty Images)


Just imagine a future global conflict between bankrupted former imperial states and a panoply of non-state actors.

Oh, wait…

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. excellent summary by Schindler; evidently he doesn’t spend all his time concocting anti-Russian fictions. A couple of qualifications:

    1) after Churchill’s 1915 effort to seize Constantinople via Gallipoli was repulsed by the Turks, the Germans faced a critical choice point. The “Easterners”,(Ludendorff) understanding that the Czarist regime was now demoralized (no Constantinople for them), wanted to take down Russia then and there by shifting the main weight of Germany’s 1916 attack eastward. But the “Westerners” (Falkenhayn) insisted on Verdun, and the Kaiser went with von F. An awful blunder: the French Army had already proven itself in 1914, by holding the first German attack short of Paris. The Russians in 1914, by contrast, had experienced crushing defeats by Germany at Tannenberg and the Masurian Lakes.

    2) and it wasn’t Verdun that led to the 1917 mutiny of the French Army. Verdun was a catastrophe for Germany and a Great Victory – the last ever – for France. It revitalized both the Nation and the Army. It was the April, 1917, blood-drenched failure of the Neville offensive north of Verdun, along the Chemin-des-Dames, that cracked the French Army and led immediately to the Great Mutiny.

    • Any reading suggestions on the Russo-German/A-H battles in the East?

      • at work now. I’ll put up a list late this eve.

          • a) Eastern Front 1914-18, Narrative Overviews:

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    • SemperFi, 0321

      I’m shocked the Brits didn’t have a mutiny also, when you look at the waste of lives they incurred from idiot generals. This upper crust of spoiled little mommies boys went on to kill off an entire generation of men, and to this day, the Brits still adore their masters.

  3. SemperFi, 0321

    Mankind will continue on with this madness, just the means of destruction changes. It’s the nature of the beast, something to do with ignorance and an inflated ego.

    Went to Verdun in the spring of ’72, right before I returned to the states and went in the Corps.
    Could not get over the amount of crushed human bones in the soil, everywhere. We walked out to a concrete bunker in a plowed field, the soil was full of iron and bone fragments everywhere, including half of a thigh bone jutting out of the trench wall leading down into the bunker.
    I still have a 1916 Stahlhelm sitting above my gun bench today, found in the leaves of the Argonne forest where the Americans attacked, along with French and German buttons, cartridges, US and German stripper clips and a German bayonet frog. My father was nearby in a US POW camp in 1944-46, they found the same thing everywhere, including rifles, Maxim MG’s and more human/clothing remains. The French never cleaned up a thing after either war. All the old houses are pockmarked with MG bullets from WW2, you can actually tell where the Germans had defensive MG positions and the allies lit them up as they rolled thru town.

    • The WW One battlefields are being continually searched for munitions. It’s estimated that, at the current rate of disposal, it’ll be another 700 years before they can be declared truly safe.

      Farmers keep on turning up more bombs, sometimes with unfortunate results.

      Or, so I have been informed.

  4. No More Brothers Wars !!!

    So tell me this, if we have all wised up to the foolishness of European-on-European fratricide, why are there so many news commentators, chicken-hawk NeoCons, AND (AND!!) Democrats trying to start a war with Russia? Somebody out there really likes seeing white boys killing each other.

    • Russia is a large White pebble in the Judeo-globalist shoe. (((They))) would like to make Russia the Germany of the 21st century. I am somewhat perplexed at the neo-conz/cucks cavalier attitude toward the likely use of nuclear weapons in such a war, and can only conclude that – personal survival aside – they feel Israel is safely south of the main blast and radiation zone.

    • No More,

      “…..white boys killing each other.”

      Not exactly. Now we have women in combat arms to insure gender equality. Not combat effectiveness. Social justice. “Rangerettes lead the way !”

      So along with white boys getting put into the fray we can now expect our women folk and assorted numbers of homosexuals and transvestites to execute the Spirit of the Bayonet.

  5. And, while European Christian Men were slaughtering each other, the Anti-Christians were laughing their asses off and amassing wealth gained at the cost of mega-tons of munitions and human blood.

  6. 100-200 million in Fusa alone.

    It’s the only way to be sure…

  7. Bankrupt States don’t go to war. Germany and France both were well positioned to wage war, It’s the vanquished thats forced to declare bankruptcy after expending all their resources and losing.

  8. We ain’t going there for this next war. The EU idiots invited these latest invaders in. No matter how many of their women get raped, we have to turn our heads away, for it was the EU women who invited these rapists into their arms. This is a European war we will lose.