Schlichter: Hillary’s Hipster Army Prepares For The Second Civil War


Or Al Franken’s.

Or Jill Stein’s.

Just don’t take it for granted that the instruments of state power will magically fall into the secessionists’ hands.

It ain’t necessarily so.

15 responses to “Schlichter: Hillary’s Hipster Army Prepares For The Second Civil War

  1. silly stuff, alright. And now completely off the table with Trump c/o of OpFor and, likely, Mattis running the Pentagram. When the Collapse comes, our row will now be a hundred times more difficult to hoe than it would have been with Hiligula in the WH.

  2. That thing in the pic needs to look into hormone therapy so it can get back to being what it was. Feminism is cancer.


    They are already marshaling their forces to disrupt the inauguration. They will pack the Senate galleries and committee hearing rooms when the cabinet confirmation hearings start(remember Code Pink?). Now what will us working stiffs, who get up every day to face the world do? If you do not live in a Blue Hive, there is probably nothing to do. If you do live in a Blue Hive, then have a plan to travel with self-protection.
    I know you should never underestimate your enemy. But, I look at that fat mook with his Prince Valiant haircut and beard growth under his double chin, and I wonder. I wonder if he has every been in a fight? I wonder what he would do if he started pounding on someone’s car window and they shot him?
    The Tyson meme about everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face applies here. These SJW’s may huff and puff, but sooner or later, one of these mutants will end up with a pants load of bird shot or worse. Remember the post of 10 days or so ago, with the bearded mook and his shotgun at port arms. My Marlin Model 60 at 50 yards, Skinner Sights, and CCI mini-mag HV solids. I win. Fighting is what children do. Killing is what men do. That missive is from the Charley Reese column on THE TRULY DANGEROUS MAN. i am getting real tired and real angry. I am leaving now to get another IPA.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. “Disrupting” the inauguration?

    The wacky leftists got away with significant crap while barry and loretta were calling the shots. Things will not go well for their gatherings this time around. Jan 20 is the first day of the Second American Revolution.

    I foresee a “meeting” in the near future. It involves retaliation, violence of action, and a hefty dose of Payback Is A Bitch.

  6. HAHAHAHA!!! I love it! Well done!

    Really, that was great writing. And not that I can write great, but I can appreciate reading when it’s great.

    That said, I’m still wary on Trump and have been hammered for it on It’s all good. As Les Visible would say, “Time will tell and we shall see.”

    Monday is dead ahead! I have no prediction and nor would it matter if I did.

    Dweezil, I sincerely hope your IPA went down well!!


  7. “The governors of the primarily Southern and Midwestern states of what would become the Free States secretly met, planned, and acted. The big issue was securing the military installations on seceding soil; there was no siege of Fort Sumter this time. Most of the commanders of those bases, and most of their troops, hailed from the Free States.”

    And most of the military hardware had already been removed from those bases. Hopefully, those commanders had planned in advance of the other side’s planning in advance for that, but they might have been focused on their next OER instead.

  8. Time to have another look at OPLAN REX84; as the pendulum swings…

  9. That fat fucking slob found another faggot to let him suck dick?! Jeeeeebus, these “people” are more repugnant than even I thought.

  10. He looks like a member of the lil Debbie oatmeal creme cookie brigade.

  11. Fags & Commie pukes. A vast nationwide cleansing is warranted.

  12. The POS in the picture looks like a ripe subject for being kicked to death. I hold no illusions about Hillary, or Trump. I do hold apprehensions about how the play will out. Stay loose, boys and girls, the day belongs to the wise, the bold, and the careful. Be ready for anything, and everything.