The National Gerrymander


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Acts against nature.

That is the foundation of transnational socialism/progressivism.

4 responses to “The National Gerrymander

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Really excellent piece. Read it couple days ago, takes awhile to sink in because the author covers so many things.

  3. profound essay: said much with few words. There’s a similar district in Mexifornia, some of whose connecting parts are entirely underwater at high tide. And none of this anti-Russian fiction floated by the (((MSM))) is having any substantial effect on the EC where, a few hours from now, Trump will win easily. TS, (((Larry Lessig))).

    • Here you are again, the same self appointed bloviator of many a ridiculous nom de troll, who assured one and all the “Mrs. Clinton” would wipe the deck with Trump’s ass.

      Do us all a favor and fuck the fucking fuck off… terminally.