Vlad Tepes: Sex crimes against German female police officers by asylum seekers on the rise


Deutschland ist verloren.

12 responses to “Vlad Tepes: Sex crimes against German female police officers by asylum seekers on the rise

  1. Why are there Female German Police? Why are they being sent to refugee centers where they KNOW the moslem scum will assault/disrespect/harass them? Hey, I know! There’s a really dangerous situation in the area, with sexual predators and murderers and thieves. Let’s have the ladies, ONLY, do a camp out and “take back the night” demonstration. Or ring the dinner bell, and go back inside the house. Whatever. Some body needs to get a clue. Looking at it from the moslem side, Hey, look, bait! While they’re at it, have the local all girls choir go to the rapefugee centers, and sing Christmas carols for them at midnight.

    • That was my reaction too. Maybe there are some jobs after all, that are more appropriate for men than for women. “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.” German policing seems predicated on docile reaction of the people (“Good Germans”) being policed, such that having women in that job is not a problem. But guess what, thanks to Merkel that predicate no longer exists.

  2. ‘s okay.
    The local imam was quoted as noting for the record that
    Der statspolitzei frauleins were asking for it.”

    And if they’re so worried about it, he suggested the cop-chicks shouldn’t be so clumsy as to slip and fall onto DirkaDirka’s dick 100 times.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. The Usual Suspect

    Do they not have VP9’s, do they not have MP5’s ?
    Flying squads with every representation of Heckler
    & Kochs production lines.
    The ONLY thing these pieces of pig shit respect is
    force and the will to deal violence instantly, like the
    old time Germans would have done.
    The interesting times are just around the corner.
    Kill Merkel first.

  5. ALCON,

    You’d all be better off having some concern with what once was the Mexican border and the fucking hordes of invaders being welcomed into fUSA by soetoro-obama and the left.


  6. Who could have *possibly* seen this coming? Oh, right – everyone.

    Also, has Obama blamed imaginary Russian hackers for this, yet?

  7. It’s called jihad. Except it. And women police? Oh the chuckles they must have about that!

  8. SemperFi, 0321

    How is it these Germans don’t have a clue what happened to their grandmothers in 1945?
    Mine probably went thru unspeakable horror while fleeing East Prussia, and dying in Berlin in 1946. I’m going to take a guess she died from all the rapings inflicted on her by all those nice Mongolian boys.
    Well, at least the world can breathe easier now, they won’t have to worry about another German invasion.

  9. Germans are sending their girls to deal with savage barbarians… why?

    Yeah, that’ll end well.

    Here’s a clue, Ladies: The illusion of being equal peers to the men around you is provided to you by the men around you. Surround yourself with men who refuse to participate in your preferred illusion, and you’ll find yourself being treated like any other woman on the planet. It is a cruel and ugly world. Stop deluding yourselves.