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  1. False.

    Government would sandbag a levee around that, after laying down several layers heavy mil plastic sheeting to prevent runoff from polluting the habitat of the endangered yellow-bellied ass-kisser.

    Then they would pump the standing water into the basement of the nicest houses on the block.

  2. POd American

    Looks like draining the swamp is set up for total failure, I’m shocked

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. How about we give draining the swamp a wee bit more time. I’m thinking a few minor issues should occur first, like getting sworn in, is a logical first step.

    My millionaire friend has a saying, goes like this.

    ” if you set your goals low enough, your sure to achieve them.”

    This guy isn’t even pres, yet,,and shits happening everywhere. You,worried about all the generals he’s hiring, not me. Generals,get shit done most
    Ric tic..

    his cabinet picks reflect mostly people,who have actually achieved something , created something, or,blown something up, and then fixed it. Ain’t nothing going to get fixed in DC inc without a couple insiders shaking the bee hive.,

    I’m hoping for a wild ride. Not predicting a wild ride.


  5. As a teenager, I had that very job at a plant nursery. Every morning, my first task at work was to sweep pooled water UPHILL to the drains.
    I told myself that there has to be something better for me out there.