Derbyshire: The Sun People Tsunami And The Inevitability Of Lifeboat Ethics


Birthrate differentials and self-destructive “morality”.

The West is not on a sustainable path.

Derbyshire suggests a path forward.

8 responses to “Derbyshire: The Sun People Tsunami And The Inevitability Of Lifeboat Ethics

  1. “Sun People”? “Arctic People”?? WTF is Derb talking about? Like the Chinks are going to be our “allies” against the (black) “Sun People”? Actually, it’s about Whites vs. Judeo-globalists and their 4 Invasive Armies: Blacks, Mestizos, Muslims…and Asiatics. High-IQ Asiatics in particular (Japs, Chinese, Ashkenazi Jews) are the most dangerous of all collectivists. Oh…I almost forgot: Derbyshire is married to a slant and his half-Asiatic offspring.

  2. Fourth Horseman

    Quick! Launch the torpedoes!

  3. My comment from–
    “Like Steve, I’m a gentle soul who wishes no harm to anyone. I’m sorry for those folk in the Sahel, in their poverty and hopelessness. They didn’t ask to be born there, any more than I asked to be born in the West. I got lucky and they didn’t. It’s a shame. It’s not fair. I entirely agree.

    At the same time, I very much want Western Civilization to survive; and I want my children and grandchildren to live in it, in peace and prosperity.”

    Derb, did someone actually tell you that life is fair, whatever that means? Our ancestors built the West and Western civilization. The people of the Sahel, for whatever reason, didn’t build anything except villages and massive overpopulation, because of their very low IQs and tribal societies. Not my problem, or my kids’ problem. Mother Nature and Reverend Malthus will solve everything in time, but unless the West wants to be part of that gruesome process, it had better keep 3d worlders out. If we have too many “gentle souls”–i.e. people who want to virtue signal and pearl clutch, the West will be obliterated. And that will not be gentle….

  4. SemperFi, 0321

    First thing I was taught at WSSI (water safety survival instructor) class was to keep clear of a drowning person, they’ll drag you down with them.

  5. My suggestion is that since we have a lot of guns and ammo lying around, that we start using them.

  6. The Usual Suspect

    Harden your hearts, this is just getting started.
    The most enemy combatants are destroyed as
    they retreat.

  7. Best time to shoot em is when they’re in the water. 🙂