GoV: The Red-Green Alliance and the Perpetual “Asylum” Process


That alliance of evil is not just limited to the place where Germany used to be.

FUSA is no more than a decade behind Germany or France at current course and speed.

Look at your daughters and granddaughters over the holidays.

Think deeply of the world they will inherit.

Got courage?

german girls refugees welcome

10 responses to “GoV: The Red-Green Alliance and the Perpetual “Asylum” Process

  1. It is always sad to see a great nation die from suicide.

  2. White Western Europe – including Britain – is beyond redemption. Finished. Kaput. Though our actual demographic position – only 60% White and fading fast – is actually worse than theirs, c. half that 60% retain lethal weapons which have a certain potential. All the Euro Whites have got is “the vote”…which the political class and their Judeo-globalist owners will continue to manipulate at will and ignore when necessary. Witness the fade-out of Brexit. Farage, AfD, Le Pen, Wilders….they’re just pissing upwind. The actual bastion of White Western Civilization may well prove to be Russia. Which is why the (((neo-conz))) and [[[cucks]]] are so desperate to destroy it.


      Word.The only TEMPORARY saving grace might be the educated, professional, white refugees who would pack their bags and head across the Atlantic. When Rhodesia melted down, about 30 years ago, I met such a refugee who moved himself and his family to SoCal. He was a master auto mechanic and he prospered.
      My ongoing pipe dream is for more sheeple to wake up to the reality of what is really going on over there. But, our managed Fake News refuses to tell the truth. As troubling as some of The Donald’s cabinet choices are, I still think we remnant patriots have received some breathing room. I plan to use mine wisely. Bleib ubrig.

  3. thesouthwasrght

    Would love to track those 3 lasses down and see if their receptive views have changed.

  4. id bet a dollar these kids are from some church youth group

  5. Already have thought about it years ago. Multiculturalism is a epic fail on many levels. Conscious stupidity & conscious civil apathy – complacency coupled w/ ignorance is the how.
    Americans get the government they deserve. Hopefully more awake now & Trump will be the crucible.
    Until that day when the ballon goes up, stay frosty

  6. Wesley Hoover

    Why do Christian missionaries travel to a village in Africa, spending untold thousands along the way, rather than help the coal miner whose unemployed and hooked on meth a few towns down the road?
    Why does a shithole like Newark NJ import third world rejects when it can barely function as a city let alone provide basic services efficiently to it’s people?
    Why do (((Catholic Charities))) fight so hard for grants from the (((FDRL GVMT))) instead of trying to alleviate the obesity or opiod epidemic right here in the heartland?
    Why does the church prioritize helping the foreign rot spreading in this country, and not the orphans of those that had parents who overdosed on drugs?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Uh……..because there’s no money in it?

      Why do Americans go overseas to import and adopt black/asian/white orphans when we have an abundance of them here? The ones from overseas cost more, are easier to adopt (paperwork for US orphans is unbelievable), and are regarded as “trophy babies”. Ask Angelina Jolie.

    • I have been sharing this history of what
      His Kingdom’s doctrines are, so here I
      am responding again with hope that
      some or many “get it.”

      Hour One:
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      Hour Two
      [audio src="" /]

      Eyes & Ears!


      Mr. Hoover: Here is a partial answer. It goes back to the “Great Commission”. Another aspect of this is the 19th-Century meme of: “The White Man’s Burden.” The problem with these born-again evangelicals is they have been drinking the Eschatology Kool-Aid for so long, they cannot see the forest for the trees.
      I spent a number of years teaching in a private Christian School. I had students go to Uganda, Peru, and Mexico. I asked the same question and received blank stares or canned replies back. I found out it is usually a church-sponsored group and it is more of a lark than anything else. To their credit, however, one of the teachers took some of them over spring break to Mississippi in 2006 to help rebuild a church devastated by Katrina.
      As far as the Lutherans and Catholics go, just follow the money. They are getting big bucks(read our tax dollars) to relocate disease-ridden south-of-the-border brown people or Muzzies to a neighborhood near you. Scary.