Pension Collapse In Big D


Key point: it sure as hell is not limited to Dallas.

Retirement as known in previous decades is already terminal.

When the bulk of Boomers hit the eject button from their jobs over the next few years, the howling will be epic.

Don’t be those guys.


13 responses to “Pension Collapse In Big D

  1. Not just, Democrat Run, Dallas. Its all over the FUSA. California is just like this.

  2. SemperFi, 0321

    Exactly who in the fuck CHANGED the baby boom generation years?
    For decades, the baby boom was1945-55, that first decade following WW2 when the country saw an explosion of births from the WW2 generation. Then a while back (10 or 15 yrs ago?) I suddenly see all these statistics from younger people including themselves as baby boomers and I said WTF?, how can you be a baby boomer when you were born in the beginning of the VN war?
    This has completely changed statistics across the board for amounts of money and population growth for SSN, and I wonder to what purpose the financial planners possibly did this in the 90’s? Somebody trying to round up some more numbers for money theft by not paying out for another decade or two at the end of the cycle?

    • Uh, sorry, but no.
      It’s been 1945-1965, pretty much as long as it’s been sociologically described.
      If this is news, recheck your sources.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Sorry, that’s new brainwashing. I’m going to stick with my original date, the “First” baby boom was 45-55. Then they changed it, did an add on when it suited someones demographics. I’m 100% positive that’s how it was a few decades ago, before they invented “modern” math.

  3. ALCON,

    Perhaps if we had not spent all our blood and treasure on 19+ wars of imperialism (and still counting) since 1947 and we had saved and invested in nationalism, we wouldn’t be seeing this posted essay today.

    Bosnian War 2 coming to a theater near you.

  4. Heh, the biggest of these ponzi schemes is the one currently run out of the district of criminals. We are somewhere between 100 and 200 trillion down the yellow brick road of unfunded liabilities. That’s a lot of broken promises.

    “He drops rapid-fire facts left and right: What’s the size of the federal debt? $19 trillion. The 2016 federal deficit? $543 billion. Current unfunded liabilities? More than $100 trillion.”

    Running half trillion dollar deficits would run most businesses into the ground, however fedgov has an unlimited trough right? The punchbowl will never be empty right? Unicorns, it’s what’s for dinner.

  5. This is neither solely Dallas, nor Detroit.
    It’s every major city, and 45 states.
    IOW, it’s coming to you, SOON.

    People yap about getting out of this by moving.
    Where, praytell? BFAlaska? That’s about your only option.

    Just like the Soviet version in 1989, socialism here is about to crash into the wall of fiscal reality, and the upheaval and statues of Lenin/Roosevelt will be coming down via mobs with cables, in short order.

    Avoid crowds.
    GTFOut of cities.
    Find a bolt hole.
    Provision and train appropriately.
    Prepare for the long war.

  6. Yeah I am a boomer. But I saw what 40yrs – the gold watch – ‘retirement’ does to a man and its not pretty. Lacking anything else to do with a life such men die early. I will work at something till I drop.

  7. Even the graphics shown have disparity over the range of “boomer” years. I always thought I was just outside that demographic. I suspect they are trying to skew the statistics to gain more funds to abscond from the public. It don’t matter to me,as I suspect I will work til I drop. Since it’s the FGOV I expect nothing. I wish someone would smack that reset button.

  8. The Usual Suspect

    Bosnian War 2 coming to you soon, yeah most likely.
    Surprised it hasn’t started already.
    Something will get the ball rolling, like the two biggest
    kids on the block, sooner or later they gonna fight.

  9. That plot of births by year is more or less correct for what it shows, but it’s deceptive in that it conveniently starts at a very low birth rate. The birth rate for the beginning of the 20th century through the mid ’20s was higher than the peak years of the WWII baby boom. The birth rate in 1909 was much higher than the peak of the baby boom. The defining thing about the baby boom isn’t that the birth rate was so high, it’s that it stopped. The invention of “The Pill” caused the birth rate to plummet in the mid ’60s. After that, widespread birth control and abortion has kept the birth rate at historically low levels.

    I think the post WWII baby boom is a demographic illusion.

    When you think about it, why should there be a baby boom after a war? I mean, sure there were guys who were at war, came home to their wives and had children. I get that. No problem. But that’s not an abnormally large rate, that’s a delayed rate. If there had been no WWII, those families would have still had those children, but probably one to five years sooner. And don’t forget, almost half a million of that generation didn’t have children because they were killed in the war and those children that were never born would have made the total population larger.