SFC Barry Sends


Letter to My Brother
SFC Steven M Barry USA RET


Letter to my younger brother currently stationed in Kuwait in response to his question, “What’s your take on Clinton/Trump?” and “Where is it safe to retire?”:

Semper hi errant corde

My take on Clinton is that she is a maniacally dangerous deranged depraved power-drunk bitch. If Trump is sworn in she’ll be the poster child for the “Purple Revolution.”

My take on Trump is that he is an opportunistic dangerously stupid manipulator mixed with insufferable pride and overweening arrogance, which makes him a positive menace. During his campaign Trump played the Populist cards well, but now he’s stuffing his cabinet with system apparatchiks and Wall Street nomenklatura — which contradicts his Populist campaign. (Are we astonished?) Trump’s presidency (if the oligarchs’ “soft coup” does not succeed) will be four years of “Let’s Make A Deal!” of game show fame.

Whichever way it goes (the electoral college has not yet cast their votes) and wherever you decide to settle down, be at least 100 miles away from any major military installation or significant defense industry.

The filthy political system of “Murka” is working perfectly.


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  1. 100 miles West of any significant military target, as that radioactive dust is gonna go East.

  2. I would add be 100mi away from any border or airport with the word ‘International’ in its name. The TSA believes they have special rights in these zones.

  3. While I am reluctant to agree with Barry, the WRS resident 14th Century monarchist, I suspect his analysis of Trump is correct. As to the Clinton beast, I think he was too kind!

    However, I do not agree with his closing statement; “The filthy political system of “Murka” is working perfectly.” The American system of governance is not working perfectly. It has been usurped by self-serving crooks who never took their oath of office seriously. This usurpation has been a long train of abuses.

    • The American system of governance … has been usurped by self-serving crooks who never took their oath of office seriously. This usurpation has been a long train of abuses.

      Like SFC Barry said, it is working perfectly. We’re only now able to see the inner machinations that once were hidden behind marketing.

      • Indeed, the political system has been wholly inadequate to prevent the arrival of the point at which we now find ourselves.

        “But if only…”, Yeah, but it didn’t.

    • That is a common objection. In response there are two scholastic principles; 1) There is no effect without a cause; 2) The cause is always greater than the effect.

      Squalid politics must have a cause. Squalid politics is Constitutional. It follows that the cause of squalid politics is the Constitution.

      The effects are utterly irrelevant in that the effects follow from the cause.


  4. Logical advise.

    Our world is changing, politics, and the Industrial Age, are the past, as pointed out. Were entering a new era, to understand the direction, is to understand our individual futures.

    Those in DC, in other places of power, are fighting to remain relivant in a world which dosent require their relivence.

    The rules only apply if you let them. Don’t play the game, do your civic minimum to keep the popo off your ass, you will excel.

    Mathis, that means stopping at stop signs, not killing your neighbor, you know sandbox 101 shit, simple formula, simple life.

    Mark, I hope you know I’m fucking with you. Your a good man, and fuck the police!


  5. Hell works perfectly too, and nobody wants to be there. I’d go along with the idea being 100 miles or more from any major military installation, or significant defense industry, but here’s the thing. It is not going to be the case in every state, or other scenario. There will be a lot of exceptions. However it plays out (The Big Change) or TEOTWAWKI, we don’t know the who, what, when, where, how, and why of it, and to what degree. Even when we do know, a lot of different solutions will have to be tried before one that works can be found. Preparedness, Flexibility, and Capacity will be the keys to both surviving and thriving. When I say Capacity, I’m talking about being able to handle what ever cards you’ve been dealt. If you can’t handle loved ones dying, mass destruction, deprivation, weather extremes, horror, uncertainty, long periods of warfare, intrigue, betrayals, etc, it’s not going to matter at all you were Prepared and Flexible. And the most unlikely people of all survive the worst conditions, for no apparent reason. Increase your distance from likely bad things and crowds, but by no means give up hope of your survival. The world is always more than you know.

  6. I think the commentors are too pessimistic so far. Trump is a Nationalist as opposed to the Clitonista-Bushie NWOers. now there is room for much disagreement within that Nationalist box, but the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Rather than bitch about that vital first step away from an omnipresent NWO, we could be organizing for the 2nd and 3rd steps to increase liberty. But, of course only ProgreSSive Socialists can organize, because the rugged individulists can never see past the end of their snorting upturned noses.

  7. HHH Old Vet.

    I’m like Most of you, Sick and Tired of the Politicians ABUSES and time to Fix It.

  8. Mountains are your friend too, if you’re hard enough to make it in them. Some of you may be reluctant to agree, but Barry is right. You don’t hide in secret and hatch a brand new social contract, spring it on the population, and spend the next year hawking it in the press if everything is on the up and up. You want solutions, you go to the experts, you don’t take a poll. We may differ on our preferred end-state but I completely agree that the system is working as designed. A monarch is honest, you swear fealty to a person and there is an actual social contract, I skipped school the day we swore fealty to a million plus .gov lackeys. I’d prefer minarchy but I suspect monarchy will make a strong comeback in the near future. At least that way there’s a single name attached to the head, making kinetic problem solving significantly easier.

  9. The analysis of Clinton and Trump were dead on, and the practical relocation recommendations were too.

  10. The more you dilute the light, the darker it gets.

    Once in a great while, a man comes along, despite his earthly flaws, and sheds a flicker of light in the darkness.

    I suggest you use it. Because this time, once it is gone, it is gone for good. And you will never see that flicker of light again. This is it. This is your last call. Your last cry in the wilderness.

    You will either make something of that flicker of light, and spread a brush fire… or you won’t.

    You have 4 years. Possibly 8. Now is the time to use your righteous indignation to slap down every lib-tard, every gamma-male, every fem-skank. It is time to get in their face and NOT back down in the face of their violence.

    My prediction: 98 percent of the Trump-ites are still pussies at heart.

  11. Whats that saying?…If only one bullet left and faced with an enemy or a traitor,shoot the traitor?

    • …hell, I could be wrong; I’m not Matt Bracken. But I’ve thought and exposited for a while that it will likely begin with a winter event; when folks are more dependent on things to keep fed, warm, and etc. And most of the country is cold as a whore’s heart about now, and the electoral college… yadda yadda etc. And what Sgt. Barry and the rest of your said, mostly I concur. But – it ain’t about politics, or the end game, or what not. Or keyboards, or preparation… it is now and always has been us versus them. “They” have no more intention of going quietly into the night than we do. The difference is, we can see the sunset; and know night is falling. “They” are still unable to determine if it is twilight – or dawn. We continue, for whatever reason, to concede the first move to “them”; such is our chivalry. And that is good. But – once they make that first move, we must have already reckoned it in our hearts that “their” first move shall be their last. In that, we cannot back down; or all our typing practice has been in vain. When the devil knocks, kill him. You can only negotiate with your enemy with your knees on his chest and your knife at his throat.
      I have already chosen who I serve. I have already determined that the fuck that happened on my watch will not be left for my sons and grandsons to unfuck.
      We know “they” monitor this site (among others) and “they” know who “we” are.
      Years ago, “they” helped train me, and over the years have continued to shape who I am. And we all – us as well as “them” – know there’s a fight coming. Let’s get it on, then afterward we can work on getting it right. But first – we have to take out the trash.
      And yes, Curtis… We shall see. Perhaps the desert has made us hard.
      Fangs out, traitors die first…

  12. MichiganderJim

    I go with the facts, whatever the source. Yes, the American system is working perfectly and as intended. Anyone who is aware how the Constitution was snookered in, and why, understands this.

    Take a look at your bank account, then take a look at a looter’s bank account. Yes, it’s working just fine…same ol’, same ol’.

    • A system is only as good as the citizens behind it. Whether it be the constitution, or the Articles of Confederation.

      Either way, you still had a… “Central Committee”. As for, the states would have kept the Central Government in check, that is laughable, in that the states have that power now.

      Anyhow, its not the parchment that it is written on, it is, what is written on mans heart. We really need to get away from blaming paper. I’m fine with the constitution as intended, but every time I walk out the door and see my fellow “citizen”, I see a “citizen” who didn’t want to keep it.