Sparks31: Everyone Needs Communications, But Does Everyone Need A Ham Radio?



An important sidenote:

Articles like this are why you or someone in your group should already be subscribing to Signal-3. As Sparks31 sez:

Signal-3 is an electronic technical newsletter focusing on resilient “down-grid” communications and other technological aspects of self-reliance and preparedness. It is delivered via an email link in PDF format. Subscriptions are $40/12 issues, payable only via Cash or Payee Blank US Postal Money Order sent to:

Sparks31 – Signal-3
c/o boxholder
PO Box 1351
Riverton, WY 82501

13 responses to “Sparks31: Everyone Needs Communications, But Does Everyone Need A Ham Radio?

  1. I’ve tried to post in Sparks website a couple times with no results:

    Does a new subscription include access to previous Signal-3 PDFs?

    I’m weighing an ARRL subscription or Sparks, can’t do both.

    Many thanks for anyone who can get this posted or asked to Mr. Sparks.

  2. Save your $$, go to your library and get into the reference section. Check out copies of ARRL handbooks on radio/theory and the one on antennas. They contain CDs that you can copy to you computer.

    • That’s nice, and something I actually recommend, but it still leaves people lacking in the practical aspects of down-grid communications.

  3. Oh well. I guess it’s out now. Sparks31 is actually Ticom, the creator of the original technological survival periodical Cybertek, and former member of the l0pht hacker think-tank.

  4. Much better.
    1. My email is If you have problems getting issues of Signal-3, and you’re a subscriber, let me know and I’ll try to guide you through it.
    2. Radio/theory and antennas is only half the equation. Signal-3 is the other half.
    3. I’ve got a few people who subscribed via snail mail, but failed to provide an email address. If you even remotely think you might have done this you need to email me so I can get your subscription squared away.
    4. The number of public complainers I see on WRSA’s blog greatly exceeds the number of people who email me with your problems. That tells me most of the public complainers are a bunch of lying shit-disturbers.
    5. Yes, I am also Ticom. Ticom is me. We are one. The rumors of what happened to that last informant are not too greatly exaggerated, and yes the cop did go quit his job and go shack up with a hippy chick afterwards.