The Saker: Neo-Con Panic & Agony


“Indispensable nation”, my ass.




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  1. Not sure if this was mentioned here over the last few days:

    “4. Let the Supreme Court modify the Constitution.

    There hasn’t been a meaningful amendment to the Constitution since the 26th amendment lowered the voting age to 18 in 1971. At the same time, we dare not touch the 2nd amendment two centuries after its intent was fulfilled: to protect state militias, not to enshrine individual rights to semi-automatic weapons.”

    • General Services: you actually wasted a click on a Beltway rag owned by [[[Murdoch]]]. What’s next, the “Wall Street Journal”?

    • Because Roe happened in 1974 and signified the Constitution was formally dead.

      Even if you worship Moloch, it’s a state’s rights issue because it wasn’t a power delegated to the Feds. So they had to make it Federal power without a Constitutional amendment because the American public wouldn’t support such an amendment.

      After Roe there is no need to amend because we accepted the precedent under the most controversial issue surpassing even slavery. And that same template has been used for 40+ years with the same successful result.

    • thesouthwasrght

      Notice that zipper head jackass desires to rid the people of their primary deterrent to his type. Also now that the urban rulers didn’t get their way we gotta do something about this electoral college thingy. Reading shit like that a) pisses me off to no end and b) tells me there will be no peace with them. So giving up guns, which for some odd reason seems to be the only collective right enumerated in the BOR, ain’t happenin’. Fuck em.

    • yikes, no one likes this, sorry
      and Merry Christmas

  2. This Parang guy in the linked article by GS is from and in, Singapore, hardly a haven of individual rights, or any kind of authority on Constitutional process. Just because a jackass brays in the afternoon, it doesn’t mean the shit that flies out of it’s ass will be great for dinner. The Left has no end of dipshits ready to carve up our remaining freedoms, domestic, or foreign. Don’t give a fuck about neo-cons, Repukes, Demos, leftists, commies, pussy worshiping socialists, eco-nuts, SJW’s or any of the plethora of fucktards gnawing at the disemboweled corpse of America. All I do care about is annihilating them. This country needs an enema, the hard way.