There Is No Possible Reform for HUD


A detailed but brief history of HUD and why it will never succeed, from ChicagoBoyz.

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11 responses to “There Is No Possible Reform for HUD

  1. Good thing HUD won’t succeed–its whole mission is to create large welfare dependent blocks of voters, most of them unmarried with children…

  2. And that is why this country is going to fail, and fail BIG. It has monstrous bureaucratic institutions that have always failed, always wasted money and effort, and never will work. If they could be gotten rid of, as a matter of common sense, they would have already died. But the lying and stealing is just too good for Leviathan and it’s minions to pass up, and so they keep swilling from the trough, and nothing good comes from any of it. Meanwhile, the people continue to be lied to, and stolen from, and insulted, and the rot just continues to bring the whole mess down on top of a mostly unsuspecting populace. I don’t blame them for not knowing, all though it would be in their interests to know, I blame the liars and thieves for victimizing the people they were supposed to serve. Just because you CAN hoodwink some one doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

    • Spot on.
      “If they could be gotten rid of, as a matter of common sense, they would have already died.” …and if you suggest such a thing under the current climate of SJW hysteria, your are considered by most sheep to be unreasonable and a hater.
      Fail it must. Keep stacking and keep prepping.

  3. Dr. Carson will sign the death certificate…

  4. I’m confused.
    First you say there is no reform for HUD, and then you go and illustrate the exact one necessary in the second picture.

  5. StBernardnot

    Cabrini Green?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Former housing project in Chicago. Think Haiti without the warmth and whimsical charm.

      • And tropical breezes (off the garbage heaps/food supplies).

      • I remember seeing the same Black-wrecked vertical ghettos outside Boston, decades ago. Now the (((regime))) is more into moving crime/drug/welfare negroes into section 8 condos in upscale White neighborhoods so as to destroy them. There’s a condo project being built in just such a neighborhood across a creek from the working class area I live in; they’ve been shifting piles of earth around for over a year, and just now succeeded in getting one street laid down…which suggests a .gov project. Also, the first “for sale” and “for rent” signs have started appearing in front of the White family-owned houses near the project, so the word seems to have gotten out.

        • “One Shot Paddy” works equally well for equipment operators at those projects…

          • And that shot does not have to actually hit a person. A round through the cooling system of an IC engine operated device sends a message and puts it out of service. A round through the control panel of an electically operated device sends a message and puts it out of service. A round through the plexiglass screen in an operator’s cab, at head height, sends a message. Especially if that hole is right where the operator needs to look as he works his equipment.

            But DO make sure you are not auditioning for Candid Camera on a security cam or a traffic cam. Do not leave spent brass lying around. Do not leave footprints from your shoes all over the area. Do not leave a can or bottle with your prints on it, either. Make them WORK to figure out who did it.