Viktor Orbán: “2017 Will Be the Year of Revolts”


A must-read interview from GoV with the Hungarian Prime Minister.

Godspeed to the Visegrad 4, Geert Wilders and his party supporters, and the supporters of Marine Le Pen.

Not all of the European population is willing to submit to Brussels and its Muslim allies.



7 responses to “Viktor Orbán: “2017 Will Be the Year of Revolts”

  1. I second CA’s wishes for these people. Orban is a guy I’d like to have a cup of coffee with. He’s certainly got Soros’ number; would be nice to see this interview go mainstream but it’s too deep for couch-pajama parties.

    “A country always ends up the way its educates its own children.”

  2. Insert America and Americans whereever this says Hungary/Hungarians, and pray for both nations:

    Viktor Orbán: “We will be stronger and richer. But we do not need to over-complicate this. This all depends on us. Us Hungarians, nobody else. First of all, it depends on how we see ourselves. Will we believe in Hungary and the strengths of the Hungarians? Will we believe in each other? Will we be happy for each other’s successes, or will we envy each other scheme against each other?”

    “If we believe in Hungary, the Hungarian people, in one another, then we are facing a bright future. A cohesive, powerful nation should be one that stands up for itself, does not kowtow to anyone, and will go down the road on which we started. Much also depends on what is passed to the next generation. A country always ends up the way its educates its own children. If a good example given to them that they must grow up not to seek shortcuts, but to follow their own way even when it seems difficult, then the country can be great again. What is America’s message for us? Let’s make Hungary great again!”

    I don’t really need to highlight the salient points, do I?

  3. A little dose of anti-cynicism from Orban:

    “Character is the one thing that can not be learned. And there are some strong characters who joined the Fidesz and added to the community. People who can only count on themselves and each other. That is why the Fidesz is still more modern than any existing rival party. When we start to freeze into our positions, we are able to shake ourselves up, to look around to see what is in the world, to read, to study, to show an interest in new things. This allows us to maintain a certain intellectual excitement, but it is more come from character than the level of education. And this is where we feel the kinship with the newly elected US President, Donald J. Trump. You can also feel the self-made man mentality about him.

    GFG: This type of sympathy was picked up by Trump; is that why he called?

    Viktor Orbán: He sensed it. (Laughs)

    GFG: How should we imagine what was like to have a telephone conversation with Trump?

    Viktor Orbán: I have spoken with a real American. Trump does not complicate things like a politician, who would even have a problem with how to start a conversation. There was a common sound. It is rare in politics, especially with the president of a great power. After all, there is not a man-made thing in the world that cannot be changed. You can change Hungary; it is possible to change Europe and the United States. To change a country can only done by a person who does not have adequacy constraints, who can talk straight and say what he thinks, and if he says something, it has a meaning. To change the United States is gigantic task even from the position of the president — most people would not even try it — but maybe now he will succeed.”

    From his lips to your ears.. and may God Speed the Great F- You!

    Again, I could italicize/underline every other sentence. Do so yourself.

  4. Stealth Spaniel

    Impressive interview. This guy has his head screwed on straight. I’d love to see the Hungarians take Soros to task for being an enabler of evil. Orban looks like the chief mythbuster of Europe.

  5. MichiganderJim

    “Not all of the European population is willing to submit to Brussels and its Muslim allies.”

    That’s a fine thing to be sure, but it doesn’t touch the crux. The problem isn’t to whom a person submits, but rather that he submits.

    “Strike the root or the weed always comes back.’ All evidence confirms and none denies. The part I don’t get is how so many tough guys can face death squarely in the face, but are somehow fearful of that. Literally it makes them more afraid of themselves than of anyone else.

  6. I wish our friends/allies across the pond the best in their journey to freedom by cutting the ties that bind.We had their support in this last election and hopefully down the road can all work together to build ties that are beneficial to all involved.
    Michigan Jim,I do fear death but hopefully in just a common sense/don’t do stupid things to get you killed way.That said,I and many others will not know for sure till faced with it,hope my courage holds to do the right thing and values hold to not become a monster I despise in challenging times.

    I have always liked the phrase”Fear of death will not prevent dying but can prevent living”.

  7. Words lie, Deeds speak. Orban might start by getting off the EU bankers’ debt-tit and quitting the EU altogether. Until that happens, this is all hot air. Anyone remember how Orban’s police treated Richard Spencer and Co. when they tried to have a meeting in Hungary just a little while back? I do.