Z Man: The Imperial Capital


Momentum has a quality of its own.

Use the time and incremental advantages to your best long-term advantage.

It’s not going to last.

4 responses to “Z Man: The Imperial Capital

  1. SemperFi, 0321

    No one ever seems to question why it’s called a district instead of a state. It was designed to be exempt from federal and state laws, for a purpose. And as we see today, it has worked beyond anyone’s expectations. These thieving liars can concoct any scheme they want, and find themselves outside the law, in a buffer zone, that no one answers to. Kinda like the Vatican and City of London.
    Years ago, while researching the FedRes and IRS, I came to realize these folks work and play in an area immune and isolated from the rest of us. They know it, and we’re too dumb to understand. Almost like a giant conspiracy theory that isn’t.

  2. Makes me think of other territories the FUSA controls, such as Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa and others I’m sure I’m not up to date on. We pump funds into them and they do whatever they want. The taxpayers are left holding the empty bag. Plus they beg for more every year. From what i see they produce nothing, maybe as nice places to have military bases and to have politico’s visit. What do we receive? More financial drain on an already to implode system. When the well dries up, they are going to be soooo screwed.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Puerto Rico has been used as an offshore corporate hideout for some time, the IRS was incorporated in Delaware in 1933, and now resides in Puerto Rico. Hmmmmm, wonder why. Something tells me they’re exempt from most federal laws down there.
      Sorta like all those nice folks (Blackwater/Xe,Haliburton, etc) who took off for Dubai.

  3. DC Inc, lives!