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Let them go.

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  1. Well…. bye.

  2. Yes, please, let them go.

    Nota bene, California has not asked to secede, just a bunch of shit-for-brains leftists, self-selected, wholly delusional, and utterlyu bereft of the sense to pour piss out of a boot with instructions embossed on the heel.

    From the linked original story:
    The California independence movement gained some traction, particularly on social media, in the wake of Donald Trump’s election victory in November. It describes itself as a “nonviolent campaign to establish the country of California using any and all legal and constitutional means to do so.”

    IOW, had they founded the Square Circle Society, dedicated to building a habitat for the homeless in the corners of circles, they could be no further off in the land of the Farcically Non-Existent than if they worshipped the Easter Bunny and the Great Pumpkin.

    This is truly “fake news” and paying it any heed, except to keep an eye should they get too close to you from behind, is wasted energy.
    As long as they remain harmless, they should be studiously ignored, and if they cross into “dangerous to others” they should either have a net thrown over them and appointments made at the nearest mental health evaluation facility and long-term boarding house, or else simply be shot on sight, as a public nuisance. I’m wholly unconcerned which option is selected, as both represent a net gain for the entire human species.

    If they get stuck in Mother Russia with expired visas after January 20th, 2017, and unable to return to the US as “stateless persons”, wouldn’t that be hilarious?

    • One does not simply ask to secede post 1865.

      It’s not hard to see the play here, they are out of options. So they talk to foreign entities/powers and dance on that Article Three, Section Three line a bit. These are powers that have long wanted to break up the US.

      If deals are made then they would announce and probably welcome foreign troops prior. Sure, we could handily deal with the Californians in short order but their treachery has resulted in a beachhead on US soil. Dealing with California now means WWIII.

      Does China have much to lose entering a treaty with the nation of California? Does Russia? Who’s to blame for hostilities when the government of California is behind it all? Seems high reward, low risk for foreign powers.

      Socabill aptly points out below the (predictable) lever a Trump government would pull. At that point what do the moral and physical cowards (Liberals) in California do? They’ve never lost a real world fight, they don’t understand the real world consequences.

      Desperate and delusional people are dangerous and their motivations matter less to me than the risks they impose. Asking men to use the men’s room is Armageddon to them. They’re triggered. They know they lost Congress, the Supreme Court, and the bulk of the states. Liberalism is the weakest its been in my lifetime.

      • California could be declared a rogue state (ala CSA prior), Its assembly dissolved, and its status reduced to a territory and federal governor appointed by Trump. Wonder how that would sit with the Libtards?

      • Once again, this has zero – zilch – nada – to do with any actual government entity of the state of CA. Not even the fruitlooops frpm the People’s Republic of Santa Monica want anything to do with it.

        This is just a few moonbats with a tenuous grip on reality, out barking at the full moon, with authority plenipotentiary to negotiate jack and shit.

        It’s, at best, just more Soros-funded astroturf.
        The only surprise is that they haven’t named Shirley Maclaine ambassador to Uranus, and Jenny McCarthy as Surgeon General.

  3. Not gonna happen. And I have lived my entire life in this wretched (except for the glorious weather) state.

    Much more likely, AG Sessions will go after Federal funding (both current, future *AND PAST* {yes, he really can do that}) for being a sanctuary state. CA will have to put up or STF up and still be on the hook for hundreds of billions. That outta shake Mr. Bullet Train Moonbeam and his rubber-stamp State Assembly out of their delusions. PERS is already poised to collapse without bailouts (thank God I’m with STRS, which is still somewhat solvent).

    The State of Jefferson movement has a far better chance of success.

    • State of Jefferson, will happen on the 5th of never, this new shizzle S going the way of the goony aswell.

      Good luck on that STRS shit. Part of my funding stream is Cal PERS, I predict both fizzle about the same time.

      Wife’s got 12 in STRS, I think she has to pay them, now. Money well spent.

      But you know how it is, I drive to the store in my Porsche S series, and buy my groceries with food stamps, cuz I make the big bucks as a retired public employee.
      No,worries, I got gold buried for that rainy day, problem is I’m older, and don’t remember where I buried it.

      SoCal, you are in the noblest profession, regardless of what our associates here say.


  4. Of all the places they set up an embassy… they choose Moscow? Let it happen, and then that land will be used as a pre-emptive training ground just as Mexico, and Canada are being used now. By whom? You may ask. The radical leftist islamofags would be my retort. But you’re right, just as Trump is playing a 7d chess game by letting china have that buoy; let tptb have Cali. Then the information war will be even more resolute with facts on a failed state of socialism for the rest of America, and yes, even the world to see.

    • colddeadhandsdays

      This is why I’ve been saying no. At all costs. We can have a leftist independent state border in the United States. It would be a radical leftist state very much left of Canada and Mexico so basically we will be surrounded. And everyone here knows I’m not in favor of giving up any of our land especially California.

  5. Henry Bowman

    I am soooooo glad i left that shithole state for NC, back in 95, have not looked back…the rezidents deserve everything that has, is and will happen to them….we all have choices and options, they make theirs….

  6. No. Cali doesn’t get to leave the Union. Those people are free to emigrate elsewhere. Like Syria or Somalia or Darfur or some other shithole they constantly bleat about saving — meaning saving it as the expense of someone else’s blood and treasure.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. He speaks of their 2019 “independence”. So maybe the state vote/referendum is set for 2018. If it gets on the ballot, I want it to pass.

    Let those people and CALI go and any other collectivist wanting to move there after they vote to secede.

    Grey Ghost

  9. HHH Old Vet.

    Cool, Then Oregon can shut OFF the Power to Cali, Water too, Hell, after the Commie Mf’ers die off it could be made into a State again as there are some pretty places out there in nature. Nuke Em for us PUTIN.

  10. Your beach front inve$tment in San Diego County, hou$e flipping in $outh OC, Mestizo landscaper, and easy suburban life isn’t worth the loss of this nation. Except for the northern fourth of the state and the Sierra-Nevada range, let the California sewer with its 55 electoral votes go. Your white grandchildren will thank you.

  11. Stealth Spaniel

    Believe me, if the State of Jefferson can’t get rolling with 90% backing of its residents, these liberal asstards have no hope……….Once again, it is the coastal elites who think they are smarter, prettier, more deserving than ANYONE ELSE who push this bs. Of course, they wont get their hands dirty doing any work…….I would love to cleanse-ethinically and otherwise- the state of California. It would be, once again, paradise.