Selco: Dealing With Differences



Whether en route to your bolthole or amongst the people there, the interpersonal stuff is a killer.


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  1. The first and third scenarios (and any scenarios similarly taking place due to having NOT bugged out yet) can be avoided by simply doing a pseudo-bug out ahead of time.

    When I lost survival priorities, I list shelter first, and that means getting away from the cities and into the country into an area that is easily defensible and not easily stumbled upon by angry rioters or starving former democrats.

    Move out of the city to your big in location, and then start working on a smaller scale secondary bug out location farther into the country, hills or mountains.

  2. wealthy farmer

    He’s absolutely right. We prepper/survivalist types might be among the worst in terms of being stubbornly individualistic. Wearing camo when it isn’t hunting season, not grooming, cussing, etc. If you are on the road post SHTF then you’d better peel off that Hillary/Trump bumper sticker. And cut off that damn ponytail. I have a strong negative bias towards older baby boomer men with ponytails….

  3. But….Moral high ground!

  4. On any prepper blog I’m on, I always encourage the preppers not to bug out. Why surrender the battle field to the bad guys without a fight? Use whatever crisis comes along to even the score.

  5. Good article, but Scenario 1 is going to involve minority gangs in many areas, and I don’t think europeans are going to “fit in”….


    Having followed Mr. Selco for a long time, I take him seriously because he lived through it. Since we all know that sooner rather than later our turn will come, planning is crucial. The one difference here as opposed to what happened during the Yugoslavian break-up is demographics.
    Over there, towns could be half-Serb and half-Muzzie. So, once the gloves were off, it was full-on civil war. I am not saying it won’t happen here, especially in the Blue Hives. But, in smaller burbs and towns such as my A/O, it is less likely due to the more homogeneous nature of the population. Yes we do have our Hildabeest lick spittles and SJWs. And, my intell sources are saying some of them have already received Night Letters. Up here in Rawles Land, Santa is not the only one who is making a list.

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