The Electors Vote: December 19, 2016

screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-12-22-27-pm(Screenshot as of 1223e 19DEC2016)

Live updates

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screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-2-19-22-pm(WaPo fake news story)




screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-2-51-13-pm(1451e; one defector TO Trump in Maine)

screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-3-01-44-pm(ZH story)


screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-3-28-18-pm(But…but…none for HRC? WTFO…who are these people to defy the combined power of Michael Moore and George Soros?)








screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-5-12-25-pm(Link from The Hill)

screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-5-18-53-pm(Link from Politico)

Live coverage of Texas electoral college voting:






40 responses to “The Electors Vote: December 19, 2016

  1. Thank you very much for posting this. It is a great help! We had one *so called* Clinton voter go after the 3 electors in Alaska, all going for Trump in court. The judge threw it out. I wonder who paid for that expedited suit.

  2. The Socialist/Marxist Dems are in panic mode… and desperate.

  3. RE: 937 comment:
    I would imagine Putin will be a bit busy with his stalwart ally Turkey to give any notice to O&Co and his threats of retaliation.

  4. CO SoS replaced one elector. All our votes are in for Pantsuit.

    Looks like four electors in WA (again, Clinton pledged) casted against the people.

    Once TX is cast for Trump it’s over. Only extraordinary and nasty measures will be left to stop the “Great Fuck You” of 2016.

  5. Yes, thank you for posting this too.

    I wonder what bullshit ruse they will pull out of their ass next in an attempt to defeat The Great Fuck You and regain relevancy with us dirt people that never actually existed but for a figment of their own demented minds and a lyin’ ass media propaganda machine.
    Not that they have that political power any longer either.
    Of course they could jump the nuclear shark and whip up some sort of really dumbass stunt false crisis as a means, but the party is over for the sonofabitches regardless.
    They need to go crawl back under their slimy rocks they crawled out from under and just become a bad memory and a complete foregone conclusion in history’s trash can.

  6. POd American

    Looks like we all need to send Vlad a thank you card…bahahahaha.

    • Except that it wasn’t Vlad who made this happen. The emails weren’t discovered by Russia. They were leaked by DNC workers who were disgruntled by Hillary’s theft of the nomination from Bernie and also by patriots inside our intelligence community. Some of the emails were exposed by basic phishing attempts. Russia (and China) are more sophisticated than that.

  7. hummus abedin

    What’s going on in Texas?
    As of yet, no electoral decision has
    been reported in that state.
    And this is with Nevada and
    California as the only other states
    remaining to report.
    If Texas somehow flips, neither
    Trump or rodham reaches 270.
    Uh, oh…..
    It might be put up or shut up time.

  8. Three Cheers for CA; one of the founding fathers of TGFY movement.

  9. Fourth Horseman



  10. The Great Fuck You Bitchez!!
    Dirt people, bitter clingers, us beautiful basket of Deplorables!

    You where right all along CA…as you say, Let’s Win!

    • It is a good day. Savor.

      • Check out this popular vote map. It’s stunner.
        See the Percentage Voting color scale? Look closely, even where the leftist gerrymandering took place, she barely broached 55% voting margin. And the voting districts where she attains 80% and higher, I’ll bet a left nut many are precincts where the vote rig was in, aside from majority truly mental case leftward population, which we now know is an almost none existent percentage of American’s, only made to look like a majority mob by the fake stream media.
        What’s it look like, about 5% of the land mass of America?
        And they are “threatening” us dirt people with violent counter revolution?


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    Breathing room confirmed…

  12. I’m wanting to know who one-third of the Washington state electors voted for and not Clinton.

  13. Spotted Eagle 2020! Make Amarica Native Again!

  14. POd American

    304 for Trump; 163 Higula; 1 for Faith Spotte Eagle…..priceless!

  15. Looks like 29 December is the next opportunity for the Corruptocrats to thwart the process. Then on or before 3 January. Then on 6 January. And finally just before noon on 20 January. Of course, after that they’ll still have four more years to destroy everything President Trump attempts, and they will have the full cooperation of the eGOP in that process…

  16. LightninBolt

    MAGA! Just saw Tucker on Fox News that Billy Clinton is angry at the angry white male vote for Trump. WHAT? Is he a “rainbow” serpent? Must be to utter total nonsense like that! It’s getting deeper and deeper folks. Nonsense is taking the place of common sense regarding the lefty lib-tards! They should be saluting us, game over…they concede!

    • Old Willie is delusional with an advanced case of very special snow flake. Key word, Flake. Probably has a later case of syphilys that has gone to his brain.
      But then again, he is a leftard. And not any more deranged than the current delusional commie of the united states.

  17. You got maybe a four or eight year stay of execution, provided he isn’t in on the scam or otherwise convinced to defect. But expect it to be four or eight contentious years unless the “Republicians” are convinced that cooperating is in their best interests.
    Perhaps now is the time they are quietly made an offer they can’t refuse.

    • Sparks, they got to have something really juicy on Trump to do that. It’s probably why the statist quo is scared of him, I’m going long on they have squat on the guy. They would have played that hole card already. If he was the kind of dirty his adversaries are, he would have been political toast before now.
      Unless they just threaten to murder his family outright. But then again, I wouldn’t be surprised the guy has an honorary Mike V. 100 heads life and casualty insurance policy.
      Trump ain’t stupid, this is the kind of guy who is 5, 7 steps ahead of his rivals. Look how he trolls everyone and comes out stronger every time. Shit the harder they try to bring him down the stronger he becomes.
      They don’t know what to do with him.


    I apologize for being so pessimistic. It will be a good day when the indictments can be handed down; Holder(Fast and Furious), Hildabeest(just about everything), John&Tony Podesta(child trafficking),Alec Baldwin, Whoopi Goldberg, Michael Moore, Mark Cuban, et. al.(theft of oxygen).

    • Yes indeed. Make America Goldman Again is not going to go anywhere near the depths of the swamp. Doing so would result in “a problem”. He knows that, as has every puppet since Big Joe’s kid got topped in Dallas.

    • POd American

      Where is the green forest ranger uniform and smokey bear hat, this girl is a natural fully qualified gubermint into employee?

    • Too freakin funny! Thank you, we need some good humor

      My dental visit will surely go smoother later on today 😉
      Then, working on re-mineralizing my teethes again, which
      has been a good wake up call to say the least!
      WORD- Remineralize Teeth – Check it out!

      Don’t want to end up like Leon Spinks! – “I ain’t got
      no money, I ain’t got no teethes, and I ain’t got no
      drivers license… I ain’t got nothin’ to worry about”

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  19. POd American

    Damned iPad keeps adding and changing my comments as I push the post button.
    Where is the green forest ranger uniform and smokey bear hat? This girl is a naturally qualified gubermint employee.

  20. Alfred E. Neuman

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  21. Ineffable. While I realize it’s the ‘FU’ heard round the world it should have never been. The system is rigged & Trump winning doesn’t fix the system just kicks the can down the road w/ variables, nuances, Deep State splintering etc. The planet & world order will still face NATO Gladio Terrorism, IsRAHELL’s Zionist Terrorism, Wahabbi – Salafism Terrorism from Radicalized Islamfascism Jihadist’s being puppeted by Rothschild – Rockefeller – BIS – UN – IMF – World Bank proxy whore nations. The takeaway is they are exposed more & Trump’s Alpha Male Varsity real dream team won’t play the game most likely. They won’t stomp it out however. The Globalist’s have been using the Muslim Brotherhood – Sunni’s – Radicalized Muslims, Wahabbism Salafism – AQ ideology for a long time. It’s not going away. Just will be reconstituted for another brand – iteration – evolution of sorts. Trump’s NATO – UN involvement will be a barometer for how much the Zionist controlled US still has it’s hooks in. I suspect until we have critical mass events & a real Revolution we are just buying time & kicking the can down the road. But, it’s better to have a pro Constitution – 2nd Ammendment president than not.