This Will Stabilize Things


Sputnik: Russian Ambassador to Turkey Badly Wounded in Armed Assault

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32 responses to “This Will Stabilize Things

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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    • no. This was an attempt – probably the act of an individual, maybe CIA/globalist-linked – to stop the current warming between Erdogan and Putin. The warming will continue.

  2. Well, that escalated quickly…

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    He jests!

  4. This is a state sanctioned assassination plain and simple. I don’t think it will start WWIII because Trump will align against all those who support ISIS and Turkey falls into that slot. The sticky wicket will be the issue of Iran and Russia.

    • Anyone notice now how yesterday and transparent this “order out of chaos” deep state special interest sanctioned bullshit is?

      It all leads back to the same slimy red diaper commie babies in Chicago who control a monopoly on natural gas, and that pipeline Quatar and all the monied interests associated with running it through the Levant into Europe. It’s probably the Clinton crime syndicates heaviest investment in corrupt dealing and influence, their stock in trade method of corruption of selling off national and sovereign mineral and energy resources to the best corrupt international bidder.
      It is why they put the hit on LeVoy Finnicum and executed him, why the Bundy Ranch standoff, why they pogromed so many Ranchers out west, why the war on coal, fracking, coal fired power plants, why the immense oil drilling no go zones, why the federal land grabs, why Benghazi, Libya, Syria, the “arab spring”, all of it, the musloid refugee crisis as a means, why global warming, why agenda 21 and it’s intent to depopulating the “Unsecured Spaces” of rural and free dirt people land. It’s all connected to the same tiny cabal of fucking greedy sick bloodthirsty genocidal psychopaths.
      All to sew up control, to create a state controlled monopoly, to have total control on the pipeline bottlenecks of oil and especially, natural gas. The money and power to be gained is on orders of magnitudes almost incomprehensible by any standard known.
      Any one or anything that threatens that greed and power is to be liquidated in pursuit of the monopoly of energy and high value mineral, water, and food resources.
      They where a barren vagina’s cunt hair that close to the power to control the western hemispheres energy and commodity supply stream in totality.
      That close.
      And boy are they freakin’ out.

  5. Work Place violence…

  6. Bracken’s Tet 2 is not just in the EU. ISIS couldn’t match up with the brutal Russian military. Terrorism is their most effective weapon. ISIS has already said they are changing battlefields. The shooter obviously was a Turkish security guard. Remember that 60% of Germany’s military are Turkish muslim immigrants. This won’t end well and the fallout will be a huge global financial meltdown.
    But enough gloom and doom. How bout them Cowboys!!!!!!

  7. First came Turkey firing on Kurdish YPG militia and Russian troops operating within the Syrian-Turkish border
    Then Turkey downs a jet. Putin let them off real lightly at that one.
    Then Putin tries the friendly approach. So some jerk off kills his ambassador.
    What’s the betting that Putin won’t take kindly to this third strike.

  8. Right in the back… as expected

  9. Russia declares it a terrorist act on the same day it happened with no mention of rounding up filmmakers.

  10. When will the msm blame Russia for this?

  11. wealthy farmer

    CIA Neocons are desperate to start shit before they get FIRED.
    And yes they are in fact going to be FIRED.

  12. Jimmy the Saint

    Send the Envoy!
    – Zombie Warren Zevon

  13. just plain todd

    boy did i pick the wrong day to quit sniffin glue!! like some of the others observed, im guessing our very own deep state is balls deep in this. how great would it be if jan 21 2017, POTUS Trump gives Vlad the green light to start liquidating our deep staters where ever they are? well, only inside my glue bag does such a world exist. time to take a break and start huffin! bwaaaaaaa!!! merry xmas my fellow WRSA brethren. let’s get to meatspace til after the holidays. this is no time to argue about who killed who!

  14. Something new in Russia. Turkey Bacon!

  15. Stay tuned to see how a nation is supposed to respond to the murder of an ambassador.

    I’m placing a bulk Amazon order for popcorn in preparation.

  16. LightninBolt

    This reeks of CIA Brennan shacanery. Do anything, start anything to delegitimize the Trump presidency. With O and Hill help perhaps. More than likely! They badly want WWIII to try and depopulate the deplorables, right?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Good reason to stay on the golf course all day, gives you a legitimate excuse you had nothing to do with the ensuing consequences.

      I truly would love to see that asshat get droned on the golf course one day, what a fitting end to our Nobel Peace prize winner………..Whack!….whoosh..BOOM!

  17. Is it just me or do those pictures look like outtakes from the movie “Reservoir Dogs”?…..