TL Davis: A Hostile Environment For Truth


TL really doesn’t believe those doggies.

Or anyone else who says – let alone passes legislation – that the Russians are behind everything that makes Snowflakes cry.

Now the Brits are in on it, too:

UK Daily Mail: DNC staffers wrote questions for CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer when he interviewed Trump, new batch of 8,000 WikiLeaks emails reveals


8 responses to “TL Davis: A Hostile Environment For Truth

  1. Hostile, and betrayal:

    6 Republicans Who Took Secret Payments From Clinton To Destroy Trump (All-New Wiki Leak)

    Clinton-funded Republicans?

    • Explains a lot from the primary and general election cycle. Nothing absolutely nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to evil and corruption in this country.

      Grey Ghost

  2. Next time I get pulled over for speeding or rolling through a red, I know who I’m blaming!

    How are these people not getting laughed out of the room?


  3. The collectivists have for many decades had a hostile environment for truth in the USA and other countries as they owned the TV stations, newspapers and the “news narratives” that successfully brainwashed several generations of Americans as to what it means to be an American. It wasn’t until the internet came about that things slowly started to change. IMHO it was Ron Paul and others who started a brush fire in 2008 which has now burgeoned into a full blown forest fire.

    As to TL’s concerns over fake news sites and the ongoing war against them. Resistance is not futile. If leviathan forces your website to go dark then change to an email newsletter. If they “kill” your website in TLD DNS servers, then publish your STATIC IP address and bypass the DNS servers. If they stop you from using an email account on their email server, then start your own email server. If they take away your internet access start a ham net to “discuss” technical subjects. If they pull your ham license start a Pirate radio station. You get the idea… “there is no news only the truth of the signal”… “they can’t stop the signal Mal…”

    Grey Ghost

    • Correct. I have no intention of yielding, but as the price goes up for disobedience, fewer will and even much fewer will hear anything, except the official line.

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  5. That was frickin’ GREAT!!!!!!!! :beer: