Baugh: Electoral Relief – Final Edition


Tom speculates as to what changes, if any, will arise from the 2016 fracas.

Freedom, you can be sure, will not be a driver in the process.

4 responses to “Baugh: Electoral Relief – Final Edition

  1. He hinted at the best one: Bind your electors by state law and carry on.

    In CO we had four snowflakes that attempted to go rogue. Our laws (written by upstanding people in years prior before the state fell to the Bluetards) prevented that and imposed a $1,000 fine with up to one year in jail.

    That carved off three and left one who was, in the end, replaced by the SoS for violating his oath. We’re not sure if he’ll be charged or not (I hope he is). Also on the table is suing him for the costs of multiple legal challenges to state law all three of which were stricken down at the state and Fed level (EC belongs to the states thus state law is supreme).

    Turns out there are very few Liberals who will go to jail for what they claim they believe in (virtue signaling) much less pay a whopping $1,000 fine. 75% of them cowered at the very thought. This makes the “faithless” elector the nuclear option it was meant to be.

    They are always willing to push someone over the line but seldom willing to jump off that line themselves. So bind the electors, create individual consequences, and the problem is solved.

    If Progs demand an end to the EC, we should love it even more. From where I’m sitting, “the system” finally worked!

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Durn good points, anon! bind up these lunatics in their own loving-webs of legalities, laws, rules, and regs.

      in short–make ’em pay the price–one way or another!

      Dere’s gotta be “consequences.”

  2. There is a nearly zero chance of the EC being scrapped in anyone’s lifetime.
    (And better than even odds 10 or more additional states will bind their electors, and remove rogues before they’ll certify any protest attempts, in coming years.)

    The far greater likelihood is for the entire country to be scrapped.

    Spend your time and energy worrying about likeliest and worst outcomes, not the black unicorn events.

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