Buppert: Break The State – A New Year’s Resolution For The Ages


Bill’s latest.

If the current State is both against your God and against your fundamental rights, what loyalty do you owe it?

First principles first.

Then – and only then – construct means to those ends.

None but ourselves can free our minds.

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  1. When it’s said you are crazy to say, to think, changing the world is possible, it’s really only a crazy idea in a time of universal tyranny. Change your thinking, all else follows. If you think changing the world is hopeless, then your world will be hopeless.
    Change your thinking is the beginning, it begins with each of, as it is the only way to start to change the world. Even if it is the ground beneath your feet and your AO. You have changed the world then. It’s not rocket science, it’s no secret formula, it’s good old fashioned common sense.
    Imagine if everyone in the sphere of your life did the same within the limits of their lives and liberty?
    It begins to create a kind of motive power that becomes indomitable.
    It’s the tiniest things that change the world for good, just as it is always and only the purview of the dirt people who have ever effected positive change in this world.
    If that ain’t the truth, then why is the world like it is now, and why then is everyone else trying to destroy us dirt people, eradicate our traditions and legacy, our liberty?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Well said mtnforge.
      I think the biggest step is to stop being a follower first. Stop being a groupie to a person or idea. Free your mind of another persons controlling ways, how they choose to live or think does not matter to you. Once that happens, and you find out that you can make good decisions by yourself, and for yourself, then the growth spurt quickens. You read more, you search for truth in more places, and all that other man made brainwashed garbage falls away. You take charge of your own life for the first time, and it feels great.
      And as Bill said, it’s not a destination, it’s a lifelong journey of mental growth.

      • Ya Man! Bravo! Beautifully said. I’m truly moved by your words.
        I think your inner Gen. Mattis is showing. And that is given in the warmest light.

      • Jewish judges still own the Family Court and have any father by the balls.


          Word. And, they are protected by the Blue Wall. Tread lightly. Tread carefully. Have a plan. Keep your own counsel. Godspeed.

          • SemperFi, 0321

            Never hire a lawyer when you can represent yourself. Won 2 cases in court this yr, all by myself. Scared shitless, but I did it!
            Every lawyer I’ve ever had over the last 3 decades sold me out. They and the judges will hang you, even when they know you’re in the right.

            • Yeap, as a sawyer works with a saw, Lawyers should do
              also. Unfortunately, being that there is a difference between
              Legal & Lawful, there are many which attorn.
              “dissimulation – the act of deceiving”

              “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  2. The precept you can change the world is very possible, in a very specific way.
    The totalitarians among us are what give the larger totalitarians their power. The larger totalitarians are not the ones enforcing their diktat, it is the smaller totalitarians. The larger totalitarians are totalitarians who never do the dirty work, it is why they are totalitarians, how they remain totalitarians, in the first instance. And the totalitarians among us who keep voting for the same totalitarians and their totalitarianism, give power to the totalitarians to rule by totalitarian power.
    Us dirt people are left without sanction or franchise in this circle jerk system of totalitarianism. But in every system of rule of men, there must be somebody to rule, or there is no power for the rulers and the totalitarians among us to have power. That is the conundrum.
    It is when the dirt people begin to withdraw consent for being ruled that liberty begins. From there it is a mopping up operation. Because consent is power, the withdrawal of consent is power. It is the only power, all other power is an illusion, an artifact. The power to coerce, via threat of force, or use of violence, is not power in the sense that consent is. It is at it’s crux just force, coercion.
    Because, and here is the noodle baker, consent is something totally unique in all the activity of men, it can not be taken, it can only be given. Even if a totalitarian puts the barrel of a gun to my head and threatens to blow my brains out if I do not comply, I still have the choice, to consent or to not consent, I have to choose, even tacitly, it is still choice it is consent or not to consent. That is the power each of us have.
    See the conundrum and the power here?
    Expand that power by thousands, tens of thousands, expand that power with the will and audacity to not only refuse to consent, but to fight back with creative destruction, with a rifle even.

    • That is big. Unbelievably big.

    • there’s a reason Trump dropped Giuliani from his shadow cabinet. This is probably it: G. let T. know that he would NOT, ultimately, play ball on Pedogate…so out he went. As Tom, myself, and others have pointed out, Trump – via (((Epstein))) – is in this sewer up to his neck. IOTW, the cover-up will continue for yet awhile…but it is useful that a major player has jumped ship.

      • Authenticity and provenance not yet established.

        • as above. Proven by Twit killing G’s account.

          • Not clear to me that @rudolphggiuliani was Rudy.

            I’m not defending baby rapers.

            Am just saying that as presented, the screen shots are not even preponderance of the evidence standard written by Rudy.

            • so somebody hijacked his account? Twit’s suspension indicates otherwise. Note that G. also ratted on 9/11, apparently taking to the opportunity to clear the decks. Just checked ZH and Drudge, though and nothing – yet – on any of this. I’d suspect a lot of people in medialand are right now looking at a moral map and weighing options…”and beyond this margin there be monsters”.

              • If false, Giuliani needs to issue a quick denial. But still no denial as of 7:16 EST. Give this 5 more hours. If no denial before midnite EST, the statement is authentic.

            • Good call, IF this is the real deal, shits to deep to get wrong, So,etching like this needs tangable producible evidence, otherwise it’s a fuckimg trap.


        • At what stage in revelations of such a possible criminal conspiracy does the truth outing become provenance?
          What happened to the NYC Detectives involved and the investigation, in discovering what was stored on Weiner’s computer?
          If it is true what rumors say, with the extent of actors involved, who or what would be the prosecution body capable of weathering the complexity and scale of such an incredible scandal.
          To me, this is the stuff if exposed is of unprecedented evil and horror. And those involved occupy the highest and most trusted stations in our society. Lets say the truth outs. Where would you even begin to prosecute something like this?

          And not for nothing, if it is true, and I’m only speculating, this potentially involves The Power and moneyed influence elite, let alone possibly thousands of lower eschalon actors of the powers that be. These people aren’t going to roll over and go quietly, everything for them is at stake, including dissolution of the entire western hemispheres political structure.

          Adam Wieshaupt had a germane observation. It sure rungs a bell in my mind:
          “Monetary and sex bribery was to be used to obtain control of men already in high places in the various levels of all governments and other fields of endeavor. Once influential persons had fallen for the lies, deceit and temptations of the illuminati, they were to be held in bondage by application of political and other forms of blackmail, threats of finical ruin, public exposure, and physical harm, even death to themselves and loved members of their family.”

          Now that sure has a funny resemblance the Clinton Crime Inc standard operating procedure.

      • just checked…Twitter has indeed suspended Giuliani’s account. Essentially, the entire MSM – including internet branches – are now active accomplices to a network that kidnaps, rapes, tortures, and murders children.

        there’s no longer a point to “listing” individuals. They all need to be killed.

    • God I hope you’re correct.. That twitter account has been suspended which would fit. If he truly went off script may God protect hm.

      • Just read the archived Tweets. I got to ask the question, why would a guy like Giuliani fabricate such a tale in the first place? More than a little cheese would have had to fall off his cracker to do something like that. I mean seriously. Aside from being deranged, that would be total political suicide.
        Besides, how do you even make up a story like that to begin with? Guys like him don’t do that. What motives would have to possess you?
        Unless the hounds of Hell’s guilt was nipping at his heels.

      • Matthew Wilbanks

        I wanted it to be true when I heard it, but you all need to do more research before jumping on something like that. His Twitter handle appears to be @rudygiuliani, not @rudolphgiuliani. Looks like they suspended the account cause it was fake.

        • I think you and CA are right after all. Been looking at some of the Pedogate investigative sites for the last while, and most regard this latest as fakery. Apparently RG was involved in covering up a Pedo ring at West Point during the late 1980’s, and they don’t think he’d rat one now either.

    • Seems there is still an account active for RG. I’d love to believe that he was coming clean. More likely, he’d be done before it began.


      “If the current State is both against your God and against your fundamental rights, what loyalty do you owe it?”

      None. Examine Romans 13. It is written in regards to a government that is just. Verse 3(a)… “For rulers are NOT a terror to good works, but to the evil.” When government becomes a friend to evil it is our natural responsibility to resist it.

    • Just as much specific and independently-verifiable evidence in these tweets as there is in the global warming reports. G. could have said ‘9/11 was done by Colonel Plum in the library with the candlestick, and you can verify that because the glove fits’. Instead he said almost nothing. Why would he stir up stuff enough to risk being killed, but still hide all the good stuff which would let us verify it was truth? Nixon has a secret plan to end the war in Vietnam, but you’ll have to elect him to know what the law says. My guess is the twitters are fake from a breakin, and not written by the real G. If G. comes on the news the next morning and says it was a breakin and a fake, will you reject that because the twitters warned you to? What if G. is on the news because he said it in front of a live crowd in public?

  3. If I may make a suggestion; Steve Jobs isn’t the one who made those changes happen.

    The man was a legend in his own mind.

    • Well said. DARPA put multifunction screens in F 18 in 1986. He got his security clearance in 1989. Same goes for Brin, Zuckerface etc. .gov was/ is the venture capitalist for the matrix. We are changing the world by hacking it into our own samizdat.

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  5. Ted Gunderson retired FBI .Investigates child pedo rings, Satanic ritual abuse ,sacrifices. CIA involved just like their running skag into Amerika in the caskets of returning Viet Nam War soldiers. Ft Bragg. See it on You tube.

  6. How nieve, how gullible are you men. Your letter means nothing to them, your a pimple on their festering ass. I admire your sentiment, if this is ” The Way, your addressing events, we’re fucked.

    Change their hearts, minds and souls, right. You want these men to change, then shoot em in the fucking face, or the back far more effective then a letter signed by a bunch of no bodies, thinking their somebody’s

    I admire each of you for your thoughts and what you share, bright very informed men. This is like writing a short thesis, for your communism 101 class, and it will go over just as well.


    • SemperFi, 0321

      “how nieve, how gullible are you men”
      Who exactly is your rant pointed at? Lotta comments here already.

  7. ALCON,

    Perhaps the best thing one can do is to not engage/participate in social media. It is a compromise of one’s security just frequenting blogs let alone Fakebook, Twitter, etc., etc.