Gratuitous Unsportsmanlike Behavior To A Vanquished Foe



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13 responses to “Gratuitous Unsportsmanlike Behavior To A Vanquished Foe

  1. No one should die alone… but die they should.

  2. I second oughtsix’s recommendation heartily. And that piece of shit never gave a shit before when they were ostensibly living under the same roof; he was always catting around with hookers, trannies, junkies and trailer-park denizens his whole rotten evil life. The sooner he and Field Marshal Rodham are under the sod the better. Roger Stone’s book on these scumbags and also LBJ and the Bush Crime Family are well worth reading.

    • We have a consensus!
      Perhaps our best wish for the new year is that the pair of them form a suicide pact and hang themselves for being the traitorous scum they are.
      We can dream.

      • I was kind of hoping they’d take themselves out jointly on the 65th anniversary of the Rosenburgs’ executions, next June 19th.

        But that’s just the romantic in me.

        Second choice is Fat Bill catching something from one of his assignations, and then passing it on to the Hildebeast, and both of them dying of it.

        That’s entirely the realist in me.

        • It certainly appears that Larry Klinton caught something a long time ago, and probably several times and may have both HIV and syph raging in his rotten walking cadaver. As for passing it on to the other shambling, stumbling fugly cadaver, they stopped having relations ages ago, according to him and his preference for female humans kept dropping in the ages he likes them, all the way from skank crack ho’s down through other guys’ wives, chubby recent college grads and interns, and lately, much younger. Various testimony to the deformity that passes for his reproductive organ is similar to that expressed by intimates of the late Adolf Hitler, both individuals going on to amass tremendous power as a sort of compensation? But let’s not go full Fraudian here. They’re both simply the latest incarnation of couples like the Romanian Ceaucescus, who at least met a just end in front of a firing squad. Word is that Mr. C. blubbered and begged, but the old crone swore at her executioners like a Marine on shore leave in Yokohama. So speaking of dreams, I can picture that end for Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, of the ongoing enterprise known as the Clinton Crime Family.

  3. Hard to stomach moral condescension when it’s coming out of the mouth of an inbred hick rapist…… And ol’ bill qualifies.

  4. Coke snorting pedo should FOAD. 20 flights to pedo island. Hope your soul was worth it shitball.

  5. I am reminded of going to the rifle range one day and seeing that someone had put a cardboard box with a full face image of Hitlery taped to it about 30 yards downrange. It was absolutely full of holes. Such is our admiration for that traitorous whore.
    BTW….Bubba Clinton is a low life philandering POS and always will be.

  6. Fuck you, Bill, lying, rapist, murdering piece of shit. My hope is that your hope, disappears.

  7. Burn fuckers. Burn nice and slow.

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  9. I am giving myself an assignment. Compose a truly disgusting, untrustworthy,lying,manipulating,murdering, whoremongering, psychopath. I am allowed to use portions of different people dead or alive. Wait a minute…easy assignment. Bill Clinton fits the composition perfectly. Satan is prospering in the DC cesspool. Bill and his ilk, live and breathe the DC pedafile,demented,perverse,sick and disgusting lifestyle. Human life is of no consequence to this fucking monster. The end justifies the means in his world. I am not a big advocate of an afterlife. Bill and his disgusting bushpig of a wife should live and die in the fiery,blazing,burning pits of hell, on this earth, for all to see. Mussolini style. Fuck you,Bill!