Molyneux: On Berlin

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BBC: Berlin market lorry attack – Only suspect held released




8 responses to “Molyneux: On Berlin

  1. Hang Merkel! Germany, rise up! Auslander raus!

  2. One of Stefan’s best.

    One point he failed to mention is socialism and welfare. That is what supports these immigrants. They’d not be coming if there wasn’t that free shit at the end of the trip – if they had to pay market rates for food and shelter, and have to earn an honest living to get the money to do it. And to have to act reasonable, rather than as savages, to be accepted in society, thus allowing them to earn that living. Nobody migrates toward starvation. The current crisis is just another downside of socialism. It’s an existential crisis, and socialism threatens existence!

    But I don’t expect them to get rid of socialism. They know nothing else. It will be interesting to see how they stanch the flow while leaving that free shit still tempting everybody.

  3. Nicht Auslander raus. Toten Sie den Eindringling. Jetzt.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. I was telling one of my oblivious trucker buddies about this today…how the muzzie scum whacked the truck driver, stole his truck, and then blasted through a Berlin Christmas festival.

    I went on and told him I could see it being mandatory for all big-rig drivers to be armed before too long to prevent this from happening.

    Of course, that would mean carrying firearms in one’s truck or on one’s person at all times….and THAT would be scary and wrong and against company policy.

    We can’t have that.

  6. ALCON,

    The problem in Germany is a German problem. You all would be better off addressing your attention & energies toward the invited invasion of fUSA, across the Mexican border and international ports/airports, by impoverished invaders. The invasion courtesy of soetoro-obama + 535 + 8 + the MSM.

    How many moslems (Somalis & Syrians) in YOUR backyard ?