More Pro-Russian Hatespeech/Badthink

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Dear Citizens:

Pay no attention to this kind of “fake news” distributed by Putin and his lackeys:

The NATO campaign against freedom of expression.

And whatever you do, don’t mention this to anyone.

MiniTrue will be up your crevices in a heartbeat, comrades.


Lee Greenwood
Deputy Under-Commissioner for Media Submission & Dried Plum Production Quotas



8 responses to “More Pro-Russian Hatespeech/Badthink

  1. The ‘North Atlantic Terrorist Organization’ – Operation Gladio A & B etc. being used sub rosa as a instrument for Rothschild – Central Banks Terrorism mechanism. Non stop Terrorism part of ‘PNAC’ – (The Greater Expansion of IsRAHell Project – ‘Oden Yinon Plan’) funded by Central Banks et al & the criminal corrupt countries that support it as Proxy Whore – Vassal States – Satellite Nations – While Is-RA-Hell sits this one out as it would be even more obvious. Zionist’s merging sacrificing as patsie’s for a Globalism agenda. Islamofascism – Wahabbi – Muslim Brotherhood – Muslim Manifesto – ‘Hijrah’ (Jihad via immigration causing Diaspora – Cloward – Piven – Alinsky etc.) Nazi Germany used Muslims as part of the 10th Mountain Division in Croatia – Serbia WWll 13th Handshar Division. Same group & ideology, different decade. Muslim Brotherhood (not just Wahabbism, Islamofascism, extremism, Radicalized Muslim Jihadist’s – ISIS – Al Nusra – DAESH) was founded & always used this way by the Zionist’s Central Bankers. Did the same in WWll. Just used Hitlery as patsy for there’re global World Domination Plan. Now it’s grown to NATO – UN – IMF – World Bank – ‘Is-RA-Hell’ was setup by Rothschild – Rockefeller as Terrorist nation in ME in 47′. Truth is always the best metric. Has no temperature, no agenda. Needs no defending & stands alone by itself.

    It quacks like a Duck, swims like a Duck, flys like a Duck, shits like a Duck, walks like a Duck.
    Apparently it’s a Pink Flamingo….

  2. I wonder why they called them Moscow Rules? Personally I really like Graham Kill House Rules. Especially numero uno. No one is coming to save you. If we could just get every single patriot to act upon this principle we’d be heading in the right direction. No one is coming to save you ever. You are on your own. That Includes, the Russians, your local constabulary and Donald Trump. My friends and I have a saying “Prayer won’t stop the bear”. It means simply that God gave you a brain, arms & legs and you’d best use them in times of peril. I hope to God I’m wrong about what I see with the PEOTUS but from here the logic still fails. We have to hire swamp creatures to drain a swamp? Sounds like “we have to pass the bill to know what’s in it.”

  3. I could only stomach about 1/2 of the first link. I felt sorry for the author contorting himself so much to pat himself on the back. Globalists are not news.

    • Yeah its got some good questions in it but there is a lot of BS too. For example he thinks he started the “conspiracy theory” movement because he started the “9/11 truth” movement.
      Yeah, okay thanks for your comments Mr Gore.

  4. From Samuel:
    4Then all the elders of Israel gathered themselves together, and came to Samuel unto Ramah, 5And said unto him, Behold, thou art old, and thy sons walk not in thy ways: now make us a king to judge us like all the nations. 6But the thing displeased Samuel, when they said, Give us a king to judge us. And Samuel prayed unto the LORD. 7And the LORD said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee: for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them. 8According to all the works which they have done since the day that I brought them up out of Egypt even unto this day, wherewith they have forsaken me, and served other gods, so do they also unto thee. 9Now therefore hearken unto their voice: howbeit yet protest solemnly unto them, and shew them the manner of the king that shall reign over them.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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    The needless loss of life of those three SF soldiers is tragic and regrettable. It just goes to show you, when you take the FEDGOV’S shilling, you are in their thrall to do their bidding. The POTUS-elect needs to say: “ENOUGH!”
    i will pray for their families.