MVT: Training The Best In America


Go and read the whole thing.

Those of us East of the Mississippi have a great advantage in accessing Max’s main facility.

But with his team’s willingness to set up elsewhere on your land, even that excuse is lessened.

Ask Santa.

He wants you to be more practically capable with your rifle and gear as well.

Live hard.

Die free.

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  1. Grass does not make good cover, but sometimes, concealment. Hey, I got a great idea! Let’s make fun of, and run down the Threepers as much as we can! That way, when TSHTF, we’ll have even LESS people on our side! I mean, come on, we already know everything, and how it will all work out, right? When the time comes, there won’t be anything, behind any blade of grass.

    • Sometimes I think Max just needs a good PR guy…He lets his frustration with IIIpers, Patriots, and other in the Liberty Movement show through in his writings too many times…What’s the old saying you draw more fly’s with honey than you do with vinegar… When you are selling a product or a service you don’t degenerate your main customer base…I understand his frustration though…

  2. ALCON,

    Hehehehehehe….it isn’t my “budget” Bravo Company or LWRC I have to worry about. It’s my damn reloads ! Turns out the headspacing was screwed up. But, for serious work I do have an ample stash of 77 grain, MK 262.

  3. This truth too right not to share. From Voxday.

    ‘Refugees are soldiers’
    “The great invasion of the 21st century is the first act of World War III, aided and abetted by the so-called leaders of the West. A powerful condemnation by the Dark Triad Man.”

    [ “The skyrocketing instances of violent rape of Western women is a systematic, inherent method of Islamic war. This is brutally and unmistakably clear to all three parties involved in this fatally serious assault upon Western civilization.

    It is clear to the invaders who deliver this infliction of sexual atrocity with deliberate and designed methodology. From the rape cages of Raqqa in the heart of the Islamic State to the formal pronouncements of Islamic leaders, it is clear that this is a design of intent.

    It is foolish and stupid to pretend otherwise.

    Insistence on illusion is obtuse in daily life. During time of existential war and in the face of declared mortal enemies it is both suicidal and castratingly idiotic.

    It is clear to the leaders of the West who deny and spin and refuse to acknowledge the rising tide of civilization’s clash. They demand that social media outlets engage in active censorship of news and discussion of this horrific and cruel strategy. They ridiculously deny the reality that is both declared and evident.

    It is unforgivable and strips them of all moral and practical authority to lead.

    Their public proclamations of tolerance are bitterly degrading and empty.

    It is unmistakably clear to the people of the West.

    The people of the West have seen the horrific and murderous insanity of cruel invaders armed with battle rifles and explosives, butchering their way through theaters and schools and leaving behind a grotesque tapestry of blood and screaming cries to Allah.

    The people of the West have seen their buildings driven into the ground in a rain of bodies and fire, the heart of our cities torn out and destroyed with foul and hideously indiscriminate murder by their mortal and terrible enemies.

    The people of the West have seen the forbidding and malevolent evil of the soldiers of Islam beheading multitudes of martyrs on the beach, and aiming bloody knives at the heart of Rome while declaring that blood will run in the streets of the holy city.

    The people of the West have seen children detonated with bombs and excruciatingly rutted to death by the befouled, savage followers of Mohammed. And today those legions of rapacious ideological sadists rampage unopposed through the streets of the ancient cities of the Rhine.

    If you do not believe war is here today, you are blind.

    If you refuse to accept that this war is existential for the West, you will die.”]

    “What are you doing to turn the tide? What are you doing to win this war? And if you’re not willing to fight for the survival of the West, for the survival of your nation, who will?

    Do you think you will be safe because you don’t live in New York City, in San Bernadino, in St. Cloud, in Nice, or in Berlin?

    You won’t be.”

    (Ain’t that all the truth. Matt Bracken is right. Right about what to do with that moon rock too. Been right about everything. From orbit, just to be sure.)

  4. Bravo Company USA (BCM) makes darn fine rifles. There are others but this is my go to choice, I attend at least 6 courses a year in addition to my own range time and I’ve never had one fail on me. I like that they offer 14.5″ barrels with pinned muzzle devices that make them exactly 16″ so you don’t need an SBR tax stamp but still save about 1-1.25″ over a 16″ barrel with a removable muzzle device.

  5. I have .88 acres in a quiet suburb in a southern small town. I just got a much needed laugh thinking about the chaos that would ensue with Max coming down to my land. I wonder how many neighbors would spit their morning coffee when hearing CONTACT LEFT and a rupture of gunfire. Lmao

  6. We’ve got him coming here, in Idaho, in May.

  7. I’m one of those very long time shooters (age 61 and counting) and reloaders that MVT apparently looks down upon, given the tenor of his post. Big difference between me and the gear queers I so often see at the range is that I’m a life long student of the gun arts as well. I never want to stop learning about the shooting arts!
    Romney, WV is only 3.5 hours drive from my home. Hmmmmmmm

  8. I have 2 ARs. A Bravo and an LMT.

    I wouldn’t trade my WASR AKs for either one.

    murkin junk.

    100-200 million…

    • tfA-t,

      You mean those WASRs with the crooked sights and gas blocks ?

      Hey, what do you want for those “murkin junk” ARmalites ? Scrap aluminum is .32 cents/pound. Scrap steel is .27 cents a pound. Let’s call the weight of both weapons….say 20 pounds. So, a fair price for your “junk”…. I’ll call it .35 cents/pound. That’s 7 bucks for your junk. Seeing as I’m a fair guy I’ll call your junk metal $10.00 total for simple math.

      You box up your junk and ship it to my FFL. That should cost you no more than $80.00. Here’s my offer for your ‘murkin junk”:

      Your junk metal (ARmalites) = $ 10.00
      Shipping and handling = $ 80.00
      Gas to UPS = $ 10.00

      Money to you = $100.00

      Whaddya say ?

      • Ha HA

        The ARs sit in a safe- trophies.
        The AKs are the ‘go to’ guns.
        It’s extremely thick wilderness here- think Canada. You absolutely need something with some punch to get thru the pines, and nothing says ‘HELLO’ like a Buick Electra 225 hitting you at 2400 fps.

  9. I’ve been in a contractor since 1993. Assuming MVT is peddling his wares as a Business as well, or at least sees his efforts as business worthy, Marketable if you will, I too asked many of those same
    questions, as they pertained to my expertise . ” why isn’t everyone on board to increase the property value of their home?, why are so many people just ignoring the water damage/ mold/decay to their home? why don’t they hire a professional?.. why? why? why?…and I focused on the DYI crowd… we professionals poked fun at them.. we quipped ” dont let your DYI Turn into an OMG.. turning my nose up at them, criticizing their ” refusal” to see the obvious.
    Then I met someone much smarter than I.
    The license plates on his car said ” SW SW SW ” Some Will, Some Won’t, So What… He schooled me in my thinking.. Pointing out that I was criticizing these posers because, even if I was too full of myself to admit it, I wanted their business. I wanted their inexperience, their foolishness, their uneducated decisions, Hell, I even wanted the insurance money after their failed attempts at fixing their fuckups.. I wanted their MONEY. So dude spoke some infinite words of wisdom to me.. ” How likely is it that those same people you run down at every opportunity, will ever call you for your services, when you bitch slap them with one hand, while offering your services with the other? No matter what business you are in, the same rules apply. Even in the tactical training business, you need people to part with their hard earned money, and your success depends on how good you are at convincing them that they need you.

    • I have several buddies who have attended his classes. I hear great things. I have most of his books too. I also work ALOT. Not to have fancy things but because everything is going up but the pay. I would love to attend his classes but at the moment I can’t get the time and money together ( It’s not just the course money but the fuel food and lodging). Some of us have the right attitude but are neck deep in responsibilities. Perhaps he could ponder that issue so as to reach out to more people. With a wife, kids and grandkids money and time are short.

      • You got to take one of his small infantry combat class, no matter what it takes. What you get out of it is more valuable than having a good battle rifle, because what you learn and understand about the unknowns and imponderables, gives you the combat skills and essential fundamentals of how combat works, you can pick up an vintage mil surp bolt action with iron sights and be more effective than having a top shelf AR and no schooling. It is incredibly empowering. It changes everything what you learn.
        Here’s a break down of what it costs me FYI, I have a 265 mile drive each way.
        Fee for the class(‘s) you take plus:
        $60 for fuel
        $65 a night for hotel, (Spotless 60’s era motel, that likes having Max’s students.)
        $365 for ammo, you can expect to burn through 1000rds in a basic team combat class, more if you like to.
        $$$ for grub, dining out is very reasonable in town, and everyone usually gets together for at least one dinner gathering. I bring a cooler and a box of food from home to save money for the balance.

        Run as close to a genuine Mil Spec AR as possible, meaning trigger group, bolt group, buffer and spring, a mil spec red dot like an Aimpoint Patrol Optic. When you start to rapid fire, 3-4 mag dumps at a time, you find out Mil Spec is the shit. Run new mil spec aluminum or Magpull mags. Your field gear will ruthlessly show all its faults and attributes. The classes develop a flow as every gets their “combat” legs under them, it moves quickly then. Having to mess with your gear really bites into learning, and you can get behind real fast. It all business when the class begins, it is super info/concepts rich, you don’t want to miss a thing.
        Thats the gods honest truth from experience, one regular guy to another. You have no time to be fussing with a rifle that shits the bed in the middle of live fire. And when it happens, you drop out of the combat loop instantly, you loose the whole picture, the things you really need to know about live combat are unobtainable once your not looking through your sights and acquiring targets and assessing the battle. The whole thing is constantly in an evolution. And you really want to be a continuous component of it.
        There is nothing like the trust and camaraderie you build with your classmates, the sensory inputs of a dozen guys on live fire move and cover, and making contact or breaking it. Once you experience it, then understand it, everything changes. All the unknowns start to make sense, even your thinking changes, because honestly, it is transformative. And to be frank, you begin to understand your liberty and freedom, what it is worth and why it is so proper to be defending and protecting it. I’m serious as a heart attack on that.

        Max has done something remarkable here, and nobody, I mean nobody, who hasn’t gone through the citizen combat symbol-is such as guys like Max and Mosby have developed, can tell you otherwise. You can only see it for yourself, nobody can explain it, even Max. But he can teach it, by doing it. It is very very important how this evolved, and it evolved because it is critical as it is structured and taught through the prism of the citizen infantry imperatives. An entirely different critter than .mil or law enforcement tactical imperatives. My take away is what guys like Max and John have figured out and accomplished is brilliant adaptation to the needs and imperatives of the citizen in combat.

        As far as cost is concerned, the one thing I can say with utter confidence, is no other piece of kit, arm, or material in your preps is more valuable than this training. Not even close. Because with this knowledge, your ahead of the curve, you can get the rest of it because of it if you need, but not the other way around.

        It’s good shit Brother.

      • RS Shane,
        I’m in the same boat with you on time and money, really want to take the advanced combat patrol course so bad, I can taste it.
        I’m gonna get there by hook or by crook. This shit is so good you get out of it, there is just nothing like it. I live up in the mountains of WV, where the goats get wore out busting brush. We grew up, and still live off the land, but after Max, so much changed. It is really something. I look at every feature and contour, how the land lays, I look for cover all the time, try to read where the lines of natural drift are, how I would use it to traverse to an objective or break contact, see routes that are safe for getting safely to another area with my family, how to reconnoiter a ambush site and how to avoid walking into one. All sorts of stuff I couldn’t see or understand before. Like how to run up a flank, how to anticipate being flanked and where the terrain favors your understanding and how to use it to advantage.
        I have multiple routes in and out of my prime AO, into trusted neighbors/friends primary AO, I know every nuance of my acerage and study how to use it including how it changes with each season. I try to game out worst case scenarios and what options in a given situation. I have established family rally points and bivouacs. All because of those absolutely essential fundamentals Max taught me. If something or somebody chooses to come gunning for me, they better hope they don’t catch me with my pants down, bring all the friends they got, I’ll hand the fuckers their ass if I have my way about it.
        When I say it empowers you, it’s like a one man force multiplier.
        And all the smack talk you hear and see going around, it’s people who do not even know they do not understand these things. That is not only stupid hard to fix, it’s ignorance that will get you a dirt nap first and quick.

  10. robroysimmons

    Maybe post Max’s letter to Yeager and crew. Man drama but it needed to be said and he said it well.

    • Rob,

      Can you expand on your remark ? What is the circumstance you refer to with “Yeager and crew” ?

  11. Interesting overview, a lot truth, a lot of ego, and a lot of marketing. Shoot and scoot, training off the square range is novel. Moving thru the ding weeds, uphill down hill, side hill, is challanging, everybody would benifit from this style of training.

    The truth of the matter, is 99.9 percent of weapons training is done on a square range. ” while any trainings good” humping, shooting working as a team in an unknown environment is always valuable training.

    Im always amazed at all the dpms garbage rifles floating. And once again I gotta agree with my island friend above, the AK is a brutally solid rifle. A shoe string and a drop of engine oil, and a 2 pound rock will keep the AK running for every.

    Own a lot of m4s, mostly, Noveske’s and, Colts, VLTORs, even they are prone to issues. It’s a platform which requires attention to detail, when it comes to cleanliness, and basic maintance.


    • Theirs a reason the military runs ” ponies” colt m4s. Can’t go wrong with a 6920 or my fav the 6940 mono rail. Seems to shoot just a bit better. While I have extra upper and lower parts kits, plus extra BCGs in the parts bin, I realistically doubt I’ll ever have to use them in the colts. I did upgrade the gas rings to the ” crane” rings. I don’t remember why I did it, but the crane kit is good shot. The 6920 is 1100.00 the 6940 is in the 1400.00 range, buy with confidence.

      Wasrs, I got sucked into purchasing a couple of those when they first entered the country. Yes the front sights crooked, and mags are a mother fucker to seat.

      I fixed the mag issues, the front sight I didnt bother with. Some how their combat accurate to,300.00 no idea how they pulled that off.” Those are in the issue locker,,for the flatlanders,,who manage to get here by a miracle.

      My fav, are the Valmets, got a couple 62s versions. Lastly,who,would have thought that the old chi com MAK 90s were such a screaming deal. At a buck fifty back in the day. “”Just an FYI, the magpul stocks well,need modification to,work. I’ve done two now, the back of the MAK reciever is slanted , the rest or most of the rest are a flat and easy to,apply magpul kit to. Is the upgrade worthy, yup! World of difference. Also at ill a big,fan of the ACE folders, another solid system, for,consideration. Got,another ACE folder,kit for a 74 I picked up recently,with 10 mags and 1200 rounds. Its Wolfe, I don’t give a shit, works fine in the AKs. The wife loves the 74 much better then she likes her Noveske. ,


  12. What is the price point for quality AR rifles? $2500. Will they operate with .33 cent ammo? Does Max have his own branded line of weapons and ammo to go along with his other gear? So many conflicting opinions on all these blogs. I was digesting the “amateurs debate hardware, experts debate tactics” and “software not hardware” angle now it changes. A person has to check the blogs about every hour to keep up to date.

    • tfA-t,

      You mean those WASRs with the crooked sights and gas blocks ?

      Hey, what do you want for those “murkin junk” ARmalites ? Scrap aluminum is .32 cents/pound. Scrap steel is .27 cents a pound. Let’s call the weight of both weapons….say 20 pounds. So, a fair price for your “junk”…. I’ll call it .35 cents/pound. That’s 7 bucks for your junk. Seeing as I’m a fair guy I’ll call your junk metal $10.00 total for simple math.

      You box up your junk and ship it to my FFL. That should cost you no more than $80.00. Here’s my offer for your ‘murkin junk”:

      Your junk metal (ARmalites) = $ 10.00
      Shipping and handling = $ 80.00
      Gas to UPS = $ 10.00

      Money to you = $100.00

      Whaddya say ?

    • James,

      The new LWRCi direct impingement ARmalite is $1500.00. Nothing cheap about it. A quality Bravo Company ARmalite can be had for $1,000.00. Good weapons.

      Nothing is inexpensive courtesy the soetoro-obama economy.

  13. No egos here.

  14. “Max” (Not his real name) is an asshole and “know it all”. He can feel free to take his opinion about rifles, gear , the militia, body armor and everything else and stick them up his happy pink ass. He spent his currency and credibility with me when he started trying to work with Kerodin (not his real name) and telling everyone that any gear HE didn’t approve of (sell) was shit. Then BANNING anything he didn’t agree with (sell). Making his web sight “pay for view” was kind of icing on the cake. He’s a bullshit artist trying to sell a product , and pissed off that fewer and fewer are buying his product with O-bullshit leaving office. He runs the poster web sight for “Tacticool bullshit” nobody needs. He’s not a “trainer” He’s a SALESMAN, and his two week commando school boot camp is something I won’t piss my hard earned coin away on. Hey Max you don’t like this? Fuck You.

    • Damn if you ain’t a hateful nasty piece of work.
      We all got no use for your kind here.
      Go spread your misery and hate someplace else.

    • Haha. Fuck you too Ray! 😉


      Max (apparently not my real name).

    • MichiganderJim

      Whew, Ray. I usually agree with your cutting contrarian comments, but this is obviously personal/emotional for you. Did you know that not a single one of your gripes involved what Max is primarily selling, and what this post is about, which is training?

      Hey, he’s a loser when it comes to philosophy too…poor guy doesn’t have a clue about the ego, even though he seems to have a giant one. But so what? The only thing relevant here is how he trains peeps—mtnforge and many others offer direct evidence. Gotta go with the evidence, right?

      Nobody is the whole package; it’s called division of labor. If you think about it carefully, I’m sure you’d want as many people as possible to take Max’s training. Pretty sure we’d all be better off.

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