The Reality Of Red Subversion


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You have likely been deceived on this topic.

McCarthy was an optimist.

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    Excellent article! But, the author should have included another group of fellow travelers and useful idiots. I am sure much more will be written in the future about the involvement and complicity of Hollywood from the 1930’s onward in the subversion of Amerika. Cecil B. DeMille saw it and tried to wake up the producer/director community. But, clueless alcoholics like John Ford and his ilk, who were part of the FDR propaganda machine, blocked him.
    It would appear that Robert Welch and the JBS were right. In Nixon’s book, MY SIX CRISES, he details how, after he exposed Alger Hiss, he was victimized by an on-going smear campaign. While I am no fan of his, it just shows you how totally evil and satanic these Communists and their dupes really are. And now two members of (((THE TRIBE))) have been in the news within the past ten days, seeking Barry’s help in obtaining a pardon for their poor mommy, Ethel Rosenberg. It never ends.

  2. Quote:
    “In 1939, Adolf A. Berle, Roosevelt’s assistant secretary of state and adviser on internal security, presented the President with a list of leading Soviet agents in the United States… Roosevelt simply laughed this off as ridiculous.”

    What Roosevelt considered ridiculous, was the idea that someone thought it was necessary to “alert” him to this information. He was on the other side all along.

  3. McCarthy was also right. Why did all those commies then, and the ones now, get away with murder and treason? Because they were then, and are now, protected by all the unindicted commies still in positions of power in govt. Watch who stands up for Hillary, and protects her. Those will be communists as well.

    • Senator McCarthy also put inquiries into the mistreatment and tortured confessions of German soldiers. Who were denied Geneva convention rights by being labeled disarmed enemy forces instead of prisoners of war. they were POWs and did not deserve such abuse. He always knew the communists were the only real enemy.

  4. Like I said in another post, buy and read “American Betrayal” by Diana West.

    And ignore the red-diaper babies like (((Radosh))) and (((Horowitz))) who smeared her.

    • well, if you’re going to put vibrations around the “bad” Jews, it’s only fair to put vibrations around the (latterly) “good” ones…like (((Diana West)))….who remains, of course, a Zionist agent operating in America. It is interesting, though, how violently the “ex”-communist (((neo-conz))) like the two you name (and others) have attacked DW for exposing the 1930’s-40’s red cells in the FDR regime. There are those of us who suspect that, were America ever to de-couple from Israel, the (((Radoshes))) and (((Horowitz’s))) would morph right back into the Trotskyites they were before.

  5. I’ve said for years… this country owes McCarthy and apology. Great article and research.

    Grey Ghost

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