Understand This Kind Of Madness Is An Intended Part Of The Tranzis’ Plan


UK Daily Mail: German police raid two apartments in Berlin – but ‘armed and dangerous’ Christmas truck suspect is still at large as it’s revealed he had been under surveillance for months and was arrested three times

But note:


Ya think?


RTWT: Wilders Says ‘Political Revolution Is Brewing in Europe’



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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. I wonder if the suspect is even alive..It would be a slick operation to kill him, hide the body where it won’t be found, then “drop” his ID in the truck…

  3. So – a terrorist left his ID in an “assault vehicle.” Reminds me of all the ID’s found after other terrorists flew aircraft into buildings.

    Nothing to see here. Whatever it is. Wish I know what the game actually consisted of…

  4. SemperFi, 0321

    First thing that crossed my mind too, why is it every terror suspect leaves his ID laying around? Because it was planted……………
    Reminds me of all those free Arab passports laying around on 9/11. Never mind that the sealed shipping container was incinerated.

    • Pretty simple explanation as to why people leave their “business” cards behind at the scene:

      • Hmmm, good point. Although, shouldn’t ISIS be leaving behind playing cards with the ISIS flag on it?

        But if someone is purposely leaving an ID behind, why bother escaping at all? Why didn’t the perp just jump out of the truck with an AK-47 continuing his killing until he was shot? And then take possession of his 72 virgins?

        I have a suspicion that police departments always have a few IDs handy, “throw-down IDs” just like “throw-down guns”. Just in case an event comes along allowing them to further justify their existence. Might be over-thinking things though…

        • He who runs away lives to fight another day –and keeps a few hundred cops busy looking for him.

          Gives his buddies some wiggle room in the meantime.

      • I wanted to add the non-fictional calling card footage:

        Jump to 35 seconds.

  5. the Dutchman is right. Fight, fuck, go for your gun. Just how much more can the citizens of the EU, be pushed.

    ” left his ID in the truck, he killed a man for” yea, right.

    Enjoy our time here in the US, while you still can


  6. As in Paris the kindly jihadis left their ID behind so as not tax the brains of the PoPo. If these attacks were ‘gladio’ type , they sure are benefiting the nationalists. My hair hurts trying to find the angle here.

    • “…they sure are benefiting the nationalists.”

      Not necessarily. You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.

      Plus, you have millions of triggered snowflakes who think you are profiling despite all the evidence otherwise.


      This guy goes trolling as a Islamic Jihadist. Thinks it is funny and youtube’s it. Gets kicked off a plane for it, and thousands of snowflakes come to his rescue because of “white racism”.

      Now: #BoycottDelta – https://twitter.com/hashtag/boycottdelta?f=tweets&vertical=default&src=hash

    • It may have something to do with the Arab terrorists being tired of MSM trying to steer the event clear of an Arab nexus. That operatives would cross the LD with pocket litter is astounding. It must be by design, then.

  7. What they do in far away lands they have brought to our lands.
    No more. Time to end this.
    Verbatum from Jim’s Blog

    The evil of libertarianism.
    December 21st, 2016
    As the central defining issue of the left has become hating cis hetero white males and destroying capital, rather than hating capitalists and seizing capital, Libertarianism has become irrelevant.

    Libertarians have responded to irrelevance by becoming evil. Tyler Cowen, who is arguably the primary remaining libetarian blogger, certainly one of them, just published a blog post that he does not care about Aleppo– this is the man who cares deeply that a billion black African Muslims are much worse off in Africa than they would be if they were allowed to come to America to live on welfare and crime and vote for more welfare and more crime, this is the man who is so much more moral than you are that you are worse than Hitler for not caring as much as he does.

    We are under no obligation to worry about far away strangers hurting, particularly when they are being hurt by other far away strangers as is usually the case. We are, however, under an obligation to worry about us hurting far away strangers, particularly as if we hurt far away strangers and do not much care, they are morally entitled to defend themselves by killing us.

    Aleppo is the result of a failed American effort to overthrow the legitimate and long established government of Syria. To this end, the American government sponsored a bunch of genocidal terrorists who intended to kill every Syrian Alawite and kill or expell every Christian and every Shiite of Palestinian origin. These foreign genocidal terrorists seized a portion of Aleppo, kept the civilian population hostage as human shields, and proceeded to lob mortars and rockets into the rest of Aleppo.

    The reckless cruelty of progs in general and the American government in particular, with the extraordinary cheerleading of a mainstream media drunk with the blood of innocents, was steadily leading us towards thermonuclear war with Russia.

    And this is the question on which Tyler Cowen decides he will not care.

    • Clearly, Jim misread Tyler’s post. And about the “evils of libertarianism”? I guess I fail to see what libertarianism has to do with these tragedies. It’s not as if any of the governments involved are libertarian.

      • Libtardism’s Jewish icons – v. Mises, Rothbard, Rand – all pushed free trade (free movement of products and capital) + open borders (free movement of labor). Get it? Open borders. It’s really just another secular transformation – see also Marxist communism, Zionist globalism – of the universalist Tikkun Olam.

    • I think the “I dont care about Alleppo” is intended to keep us OUT of a thermo-nuclear war with Russia. Big L libertarianism was co-opted by the pacifist left about 10 years ago. Don’t assume that little l libertarianism has anything to do with the party or the pacifist types for the record.
      To Mr Cowen’s point however it is safe geopoliticaly speaking to care about poor natives in Africa. No one outside of the US really gives a shit about the poor natives in Africa. They do care about the resources in the ground in Africa so you have to tread a little carefully so as not to piss off the Chinese but otherwise no one gives a shit. You start messing around an picking sides in the missile east (yes that was on purpose) and you stir up a hornets nest. Countries lose their minds and start doing crazy shit. So from a non-interventionist stand point its safer to help the African natives.

  8. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”- William Casey CIA Director said while briefing President Reagan.

    Heck of a job Brownie.

  9. people leave stuff – wallets, cell phones, cats, dildos – in the cabs I dispatch all the time. Leaving an ID in a truck is no big deal.

  10. After all the bumbling fuckups by German law enforcement with this guy a German was on the news tonight saying that the people of Germany were safe. Wtf?!?

  11. How ’bout we false flag them for a change???

    • How about we turn the table and give them the real flag upside the head instead?

      • I was implying that, as horrible as it is, it would serve our purpose to create incidents to make the jihadis/others look as bad as possible, hence the leaving of mooslum id in a truck leaving little room for MSLSD to ignore the “perp’s” ethnicity.

  12. The media says a truck did this, not Islam. They have the truck in custody- bring it to justice.

  13. False flag or not, islam IS an existential threat to all kuffar nations
    and peoples! Matt Bracken’s response ‘What is islam?’ in the comments section is absolutely brilliant and spot on; I have saved it for further dissemination to others and recommend other readers here do the same!

    Sadly Gert fails to see that the ‘solution’ to the problem of islam in non-islamic countries is primarily ‘political’. Anyone who’s read and understood Larken Rose’s “Most Dangerous Superstition” clearly understands that ‘political action’ doesn’t solve the primary problem; l.e.
    the belief in ‘gov/authority/legitimacy’ and therefore a ‘ruling class’ is necessary/desirable. All that voting/political action does is say, “We bow to you Master and accept your ownership of us..we will obey your will/desire as enacted into ‘law'” (grants legitimacy to a ‘ruling class and it’s supporting superstition).

    Dealing with islam and it’s followers and supporters/enablers doesn’t require political action…it requires immediate DEFENSIVE violence on a personal level whenever and wherever necessary to counter and eradicate this threat.

    Simply put, you don’t ‘dialoge/find common ground’ with muggers, rapists and murderers…you deal with them with manfully delivered violence until they are permanently removed!

    Yours In Liberty! Furthermore islam and it’s enablers MUST be destroyed!
    NorthGunner III

  14. No question the cultural marxist scum want to play rough now. Check this Checkist thought police bullshit out. They banned good old Dave and Happy Acres. Got word from him he will be back up after Christmas. We all should make sure the day he is up running we give a great man a leg up and make his new blog digs go viral.
    This is a man who knows what these scum of the earth are about and are attempting to do to our great country in the tradition of resistance to tyranny. He needs all our help.
    This is from

    And the screen shot:

    • And this is how they will be successfully (I hope) sued for supporting Islamic terror. A case regarding Orlando has already been filed.

      The Socials want to be Liberal content providers and censor Conservatives. Then they get caught they claim they are merely speech facilitators. But every ban of “bad think” proves they have invested in their agenda and are getting people killed.

      One more thing to remember for the coming badness. The people who claim they’re Switzerland are not and never were.

  15. SemperFi, 0321

    Anyone with half a brain has to realize all this shit is being orchestrated by higher up. In almost every instance, so many ID’s laying around, conveniently left for authorities to IMMEDIATELY identify the culprits just reeks of STUPID! How many more decades of this stupid shit before someone starts to connect the dots?

    The next Bilderberg meeting should be nuked, ISIS knows who and where, but NO, they are the same! And the masses scream in panic, just like the week before, and the month before………….

  16. Leaders of the world need to denounce all religion and give humans something else to believe in, eg human progress as a species. Belief is not truth. Believe what you want, just realize it is just belief. No one knows. Accept it, move forward. Religion is a true deterrent to human progress anymore as it is imbedded in society. Most are fine as they are ‘getting theirs and then going to heaven’ or other. Perhaps maintain some tradition and cultural ties to identify with, but don’t be insane.

    Religion served its purpose and needs expiration. What is the direction for the next 30, 100, even 1000 years? The tech is here to start planing for future gens give present humans direction. The current path waddling though ‘history’ is going to suck for everybody, except the Babyboomers who will be passing on beforehand.

    Believe in yourself, your family, your friends, your people, nature, space, etc, not these ancient mixed bag ideas created by not your people. There is too much knowledge to just be religious by default. It’s lazy.

    Who is going to want to live 30 years from now with 10 billion people, many religious lunes, and and a trashy planet. Poor kids are getting dealt a bad hand, of course many will be just as delusional.

    • What a remarkable load of scrambled brains, beginning with:

      “Leaders of the world need to denounce all religion and give humans something else to believe in,…”

      “Leaders” have been doing that and similar time out of mind. And followers, such as yourself, have been, well, following along. Pattern recognition, anyone?

      The there’s this nugget, for “something to believe in:”

      “…eg human progress as a species.”

      You mean like “glowbull cooling?”

      Have we not thoroughly discredited “progressivism,” and haven’t the “progressives” proven the case for all to see? Seven billion souls and counting and you want “leaders” to herd us all like what? Cats? Monkeys on leashes? That all, followed by this:

      “Belief is not truth. Believe what you want, just realize it is just belief.”

      Do I really need to spell out the contradictions and cog/disconnects here?

      I could go on, nearly line by line, but I’m laughing too hard.

      Out of kindness, I’ll give you a clue:

      “Human progress,” other than technological/scientific, is an impossible ideal. Humans are flawed and prone to many deleterious behaviors which most religions identify as sin. Religion is the attempt to deal with this sad state by sanctioning such behavior to provide at least a deterrent. Many offer alternative behaviors with high spiritual goals to aide this modification.

      You want “leaders of the world!” to enforce your ideas on the rest of us, subdue “religion” and who knows what else, just as do thje proponents of every other utopian formulation. How are you any different than Stalin or Obama, Mohammed or Frankie Roosevelt, or whatever religious systems you abhor and fear?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Well said, but nobody will listen. Their ancient desert mythology books told them otherwise. Eventually, they all come and go, some longer than others.

      • Well… here go go again, please under-stand:

        “Religion has been defined as “Real piety in practice[1], consisting in the performance of all known duties to God and our fellow men”[2], and it is simply how a nation, a people, or a society takes care of its needy and therefore how they serve the God or gods they have chosen for themselves.[3]
        Over time, religion was redefined by men to mean “what you think about a supreme being”.
        So which definition is correct? The word religion is mentioned five times in the Bible. Only once is it in a positive sense:
        The Bible tells us that Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world. (James 1:27)”
        In its entirety here:

        “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

        semper vivium

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Religion comes from a simple mind trying to explain to itself the reason for it’s existence.
          Fabricating stories does not make it fact, nor can it answer the unknown.

          • SF0321,
            First, I would say to at least read some of what I replied, and
            even go into the further reading linked.
            I would say that every body gets taught by reading or oral
            teaching, and from reading your replies throughout, leads me
            to know that you are a well versed man and savvy, and that is no coincidence, and did not happen out of the blue.
            Heck, I think my IQ has expanded a little since reading materials
            from here too, yours included, and for me to write that it is from
            unknowns would be wrong, because it comes from life’s experience.

            “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  17. How are protective bollards allowed to be installed with enough gap to let a freakin’ semi through? They need to rethink bollards, and go for some staggered obstacles… something that can hold up against 50 tons at speed. Bottom line, they are gonna need bigger bollards.

  18. colddeadhandsdays

    No Fucks Given for the krauts…

  19. lon a follower

    Woe unto them! for they have gone in the way of cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of core. Jude 1:11
    Be a ware. Do not get caught up with these groups.
    two chronicles 20:2 3, Jerimiah 25:29, Haggai 2:22, Judges 7:22

  20. lon a follower

    “Do not lead us into temptation.”

  21. Check this garbage out, a children’s muesem exhibit in NYC..


    America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures near and Far
    All Ages

    Celebrate the beauty and diversity of Muslim cultures in New York City, the United States and across the world through art, architecture, design, travel, music, trade, travel, home life and more!

  22. One of the hardest things autonomous critical thinkers will ever do is to sit in the breech of despair, ignorance & suffering. Red Queen Evolutionary dynamics theory of survival.
    The smug haughtiness of these cultural pseudo-intellectual Marxist POS makes me want to hurl they’re bike that sticks in my craw. Until that day of critical mass & entropy enjoy the swirling vortex of excreta we are sucked into

    Save the Snowflakes

    And this precious bit of EEI

    EXCLUSIVE: Facebook ‘fact checker’ who will arbitrate on ‘fake news’ is accused of defrauding website to pay for prostitutes – and its staff includes an escort-porn star and ‘Vice Vixen domme’

  23. “We will have to de-islamize our societies. Indeed, every single measure we take to achieve this goal, from ending all immigration from Islamic countries, to preventive detention of radical Muslims…”

    Probably wouldn’t hurt to stop invading their countries, too.

    • it would hurt the PTB. Zion blows the ragheads out of sandyland precisely in order to use them as (one of) its anti-White invasive armies.

      • The Muslims were invited by some Germans in the 2000s just like they were invited by some Germans during WW2. Thank the German failure to procreate like much of the rest of Europe for their pension time bomb and projected worker shortage. If they weren’t masturbating to porn aborting their kids, they might be in a different situation.

        But I get that you and the other National Socialist Secret Swastikas who lurk the net have to protect their allies: the Jihadis. Both embrace Death.

  24. Cassandra (of Troy)

    More Euro news.:

    Gwayt Bwittin


    (Oy, these people ah rilly smaht!)


    (One wonders when Austrians will get fed up & use the guns they’ve been buying in such large numbers on the immivaders/their domestic allies)