Z Man: On Immigration


Useful as an introductory to those people in your circle who need some help in making their objections.

America for Americans.

Close the doors and lock them.

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  1. Three step process. 1.Halt all immigration for at least 25 years, deploying some of our troops stationed uselessly overseas if necessary. 2.Expell all non-citizen immigrants from the 3d world.3.Put all citizen immigrants under heavy scrutiny for seditious activities, with a particular emphasis on mosques…

  2. The problem: I need the septic tank dug out.
    Option 1: Hire it out legally,pay for the permits, the inspections, the fees,equipment and the labor for 4 fat, unmotivated white guys who demand smoke breaks, hour lunches, and need to ” roll up early”, with working hrs from 10 am to 2 pm, so they dont miss happy hr/ a court date/ child support/ alamony hearing… and feel good about it all cuz it’s for the good of the Country, makes you *look* honest/respectful, and care about the American way of life. Cost- $3,000 Bucks for a days work.

    Option2: go to home depot, buy 2 shovels, stop on the way out the parking lot and pick up 2 mexicans and show em where to dig.. Cost- $400.00

    All that flag waving is as relevant as the cars parked at walmart sporting “Union Made” bumper stickers.

    • As a professional contractor, I will go ahead and call bullshit on your entire premise.

      • Hes more right than wrong.
        I had a home built. The dirt bag running the crew and I went through the house to do a punch list. I found a warp in one of the walls where the stud had shifted and pushed the sheet rock out of what modern contractors call “square”.
        I advised this guy that it needed to be fixed. His response was .
        “I do production building, we dont have time to fix something like that”.

        I said “really?
        Because I work in production electronics. I can damn well assure you that if I send one of my products out of my shop with this level of failure I will get it returned from my customer with a very pissed off note attached to it and I will have to fix or replace it at my cost. Its called pride in your work”
        He said I will see what I can do
        They never fixed it.

        Lets not even begin to talk about what passes for “level” or why I have seen the windows installed backwards on new homes (locks on the outside).

        • Have you ever looked at wall outlet plates, and wondered if there was an actual number of degrees out of plumb that would provoke a guilty conscience on the part of the IBEW installer? Mostly from what I see on a daily G-E-D basis, the provoke meter is set to null.

        • And have you ever had a house built my hispanic immigrants?

          If you see a degradation in American (or rather your local) craftmanship, that sucks. I hold my subcontractors to a pretty high standard expectation. I can honestly tell you that the guys that speak good english are very often more reliable and pride in your work seems like more of an individual attribute than anything else. But hey, if the next guys that build you a house come from the home depot parking lot, I really do wish you luck!

          • PS. Don’t pay in full until the job is done right. Money is sometimes the only hammer you really have.

    • You forgot to add up the cost of “free” education for the kids of the illegals who dig for you. Free medicare, EBT cards, free emergency services, and probably hosing subsidies.

      • That is a damn good point, a hidden cost that we don’t “see”, but pay at tax time for. Muh property tax… about 40% goes to a school system that I loathe and don’t use. Not to mention the health costs of the local illegals bringing in God knows what, driving drunk and killing people, the usual.

    • You’re right, and that’s assuming you can find someone to do the job at all. One of my neighbors just had a new propane tank installed underground. The 3 white guys on the job made a freaking mess of the job AND the neighbors side yard.

    • “…Option 1: Hire it out legally,pay for the permits, the inspections, the fees,equipment and the labor for 4 fat, unmotivated white guys who demand smoke breaks, hour lunches, and need to ” roll up early”, with working hrs from 10 am to 2 pm, so they dont miss happy hr/ a court date/ child support/ alamony hearing… and feel good about it all cuz it’s for the good of the Country, makes you *look* honest/respectful, and care about the American way of life. Cost- $3,000 Bucks for a days work…”

      That’s what you get for hiring union and county/government workers– when you should’ve known better but your head was up your butt when you got on the phone.

      Thirty years of my life was contracting and never once did we have any of those kind of problems with workers or home owners even hint at such.

      My suggestion: talk with more real people than those you find on “Donna’s List of Home Repair”.

  3. It’s hard to take anyone seriously who thought immigration here was just ducky 30 years ago, unless a traumatic brain injury was involved, or they lived in North Dakota.

    But at least he’s noticed the problem now, which is more than 400-500 members of congress can say.

  4. For all his excellent writing, Zman admits he lives and works in the Wash DC area as a professional. His job was never in jeopardy from an illegal or legal immigrant. Till now. The dems and the republicans are all for farming all office work out to India. He has never worked construction, restaurant work, hotels, or farm labor. Like the rest of Wash DC, he has only seen these people on the Discovery channel. He has never sat in an inner city emergency room where, of the 30 people there, more than half don’t speak english. He has never had to send his kids to public schools where more than half in the class don’t speak english. This was all obvious to me 25 years ago and was when I started moving away from the liberals. He is an elite that finally gets it. 25 years too late.

  5. Like everything else, immigration is a weapon.

  6. Wow, now that is one awesome piece of thoughtful rational thinking and writing by Z Man. You can tell he put serious thought and consideration into it.
    I hope it is read by millions, because if for one reason only, in its own way it just about sum’s up the motherfuckers trying to destroy us dirt people are about, in Z’s own way, that unless you are one of them, it is about as rational and down to earth as it can be when it comes to the truth of us.


    Years ago, my parents scrimped and saved and built their first-ever home in 1953 in the San Fernando Valley. It was on one-third of an acre which had been an orange grove. When the property was cleared, Dad left 17 Valencia orange trees. Once a year, Sunkist would come over with a team of pickers and harvest the oranges and pay my Dad.
    These workers were all Mexicans and part of a government-sanctioned migrant worker initiative called the Bracero Program. Their families stayed in Mexico. They were lodged in barracks and paid the going wage for migrant workers. Part of their wage was withheld and sent back to Mexico. The program worked fine until the early 60’s when the UFW, Cesar Chavez, the Democrats, and THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH pressured LBJ and the other political hacks to stop it.
    So what happened then? Wetbacks happened. Now whole families came across along the border from the Pacific Ocean east. Coyotes would routinely run the Border Patrol checkpoint on I-5 at San Onofre and the pursuit would be on. If they got as far as San Juan Capistrano, I would be parked on the on-ramp with my black-and-white idling away waiting for them to show up so I could lend a hand. It was usually a total cluster, but we would catch them.
    USINS in LA would routinely target the Greyhound Bus Depot and jam any Mexican departing the depot to make sure they had a green card or were a citizen. Then a Jimmy Carter federal judge appointee, Terry(The Mad)Hatter, put a stop to it. And, shortly thereafter, Teddy the coke-snorting,girl-killing, Massachusetts drunk persuaded Ronny Rayguns to roll out the red carpet in 1986.
    So the Dead Elephants got their cheap labor, the Jackass party got their voters, along with all of the eligibility workers and social service remoras to hand out the FEDGOV freebies, and we have a 20 trillion-dollar debt. What’s not to like? I need another IPA.

    • Ike did great with “Operation Wetback”. You might remember it. Those who weren’t deported made a beeline for the border.

      One of his only deceive programs. Otherwise, he was a Proto-RINO.

  8. “Close the doors and lock them.”
    Locked doors can keep people in as well as out. And if all the draconian border “security” gets implemented, that’s exactly what it will be used for.

    “The recent migrants left the old country for a reason.”
    As did the historical migrants.

    “Europe is headed for a very dark time solely due to their rulers forgot that good borders make for good citizens.”
    Besides being uncharacteristically ungrammatical, good fences make good neighbors doesn’t scale up to (State) borders and “citizens” i.e. subjects. While indeed “Europe is headed for a very dark time” the migrant invasion is a symptom, not a cause, and to maintain that that symptom is the “sole” cause is flat-out delusional.

    “To the open borders enthusiasts, humans are just undifferentiated raw material, inputs they can manipulate.”
    That’s true for many of them. But not all.

    • Does your house have doors?

      Do the doors have locks?

      Do you use the locks?

      Do you imprison people against their will using those doors and locks?

      I yield to no one in my distrust of the moral and mental cripples who largely gravitate to government work, but the idea that FUSA’s southern border should remain porous because reasons is not sustainable by reason or facts.

      • In order: Yes, yes, yes, no; I’m not the government. The notion that any physical barrier will solve the immigration problem in FUSA absent eliminating the fundamental causes – the welfare state and the deliberate policy of immigration for purposes of expanding it – is pure fantasy. Until those causes are explicitly addressed, I will continue to view ‘border security’ as largely a means for increasing government control over Americans.

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  10. Send them all fucking home, every single one with their spawn. Then lock down the border, staffed with retired vets who give a shit about this country and need a job (esp those with PTSD). HB1 visatards go too. Tech companies who are mostly selling their own bullshit will have to figure it out. FUCK THEM. Business owners who hire brown brothers to do their jobs get fined $1k per employee the first time, 1 year jail second offense. Shit will stop ricky tick. The people doing this shit are engaged in treasonous behavior for profit. This country needs to be taken back now. Oh and fuck soccer too.

  11. I’m an anarchist/voluntarist and NOT a ‘open borders’ supporter in any way, shape or form!

    The home I currently rent has doors and locks and they are used because I don’t want anyone that just ‘happens’ to come around to make himself/herself at home in MY home and use/steal/break my property or attempt to commit violence against me. If they do, extremely prejudiced defensive violence in response to their violence will be forthcoming from me.

    Extrapolating it outwards, someone who commits trespassing across either our Southern border or Northern borders is in my mind no different from someone attempting to gain entry into my home (and I’ve already been the victim of mexican trespassers; they stole a 2005 Dodge Ram truck that I’d been leasing back when I still lived in Phoenix, Az and wrecked it in a chase with border patrol near Nogales, Az).

    Enough of this ‘open borders/welcome the ‘refugee’ bullshit!

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  12. This just in from Minnesotastan:

    Minnesota: Muslim migrant rapes woman on bus

    “A 22-year old Somali man who arrived in the United States in September faces charges of criminal sexual conduct, a felony punishable by up to 30 years in prison…“Mohamed Harir Ayanle, 22, was released from the Northwest Regional Correction Center Monday on a $5,000 bond and on the condition that he does not leave Minnesota,” the Times reported.

    According to the criminal complaint filed with the Minnesota 9th Judicial District Court in Polk County, the suspect “just moved to Minnesota on September 22, 2016 from Somalia.”

    How many people want to take bets that this somali dindunuffin rabbits into the nearest somali ‘no-go zone’ that exists there..unless he takes a flight to the mideast to fight for ‘mo’…?

    Granted the victim was a fool for involving herself with him..let alone trusting him…live and learn, hopefully…

    Another benefit of the ‘open borders’ sick mentality…just like the sacrifice of an innocent 5 year old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho (Rawlesland..wonder what he makes of this..?) to ‘mulitcultralism/chobani yogurt.

    Yours In Liberty! Fuck islam and the moslem/islamic african haj!
    NorthGunner III

    • How much you want to bet that she thought he was a good Muslim and wouldn’t do nothing to harm her or her daughter… Until people wrap their heads around that any Muslim is just a time bomb waiting to explode more and more will be injured and killed…

    • “…on the condition that he does not leave Minnesota,”

      In the well-established Somali community in the Twin Cities there is a well-established rat-line that will get him to Al-Shabaab. Best is that he eventually self-actuates in an IIED training camp.

  13. “Every man to his family and his belongings”