It’s Christmas At Ground Zero

Al Yankovic sends via Twitter.

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Transcript of Putin address

2 responses to “It’s Christmas At Ground Zero

  1. fundamentally, weapons have no more to do with the occurrence of war than weapons have to do with the occurrence of crime. In fact, more widespread weapons ownership means more deterrence in both individual and state-actor cases. If Iran already had nukes, fr/instance, Trump would not now be contemplating an attack on Iran. In this connection, see also Weaponsman’s latest rant on “Iranian terrorism”. Hopefully, though, the Russians will again get in the way of this latest warmongering Zio-globalist machination.

  2. That house getting blown up at the beginning was part of the mercury test project from the 1950’s. We messed up a LOT of folks in the name of weapons development.

    Party should be at sedan crater, not ground zero.