Liberal America, 2016


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  1. …and when you do, I shoot you in your forehead. Twice. Your move, faggots.

    • And then your fine friends in “Law Enforcement” will arrive and do the same to you and your family. Do you still not understand that? Or are you ready to deal appropriately with the swill who enable these maggots?

      • There is a time for a Grandpa to kill. It’s when the deed must be done because one of the grand kids has been harmed and the middle generation needs to be around to raise them and not sitting in jail. Grandpa doesn’t need to waste that ticket on a couple of worthless faggots.

      • Are you, Mark? I understand quite well, I wouldn’t stand around waiting for them. Do you believe “them” to be omnipresent, or simply omnipotent? Actions have consequences – for all. Is your plan in place for appropriately dealing with the swill enabled maggots, and the swill? Or are you here simply to verify that ours are?

      • CorditeChris

        Why do you have to be a buzz kill? Grandpa is just blowin’ off a little steam. Get off your self righteous high-horse and let the man talk a little SHIT! Go back to where ever it is you came from, you can come back when you realize not everything is meant literally!

    • CorditeChris


  2. Exactly why I don’t fly anymore. If I had been there I would have burst a gut at these Offal berating any woman with her children. I would have ended up arrested and in lrgal debt.
    So I stay with my kind up in the GA mountains, and avoid this progreSSive insanity.

  3. Exactly why I don’t fly anymore. If I had been there I would have burst a gut at these Offal berating any woman with her children. I would have ended up arrested and in legal debt.
    So I stay with my kind up in the GA mountains, and avoid this progreSSive insanity.

  4. Stealth Spaniel

    These MF queers are why your children, from 0 to 24, should NEVER go to public school. I have known Liberal Assholes like these two: they turn on anyone who doesn’t agree with them 100%.

  5. The Usual Suspect

    Fucking faggots, still think they are relevant, HELLO !!!!
    Walk softly boyzzz.

  6. Alan Kvasnik

    Maybe some context as to who these people are or something I don’t have the time to look for the interest but I’m interested in things that you post but you skimp on the information therefore it is pointless but thanks for all the other stuff you do

    Alan Kvasnik 612 267 2526

    On Dec 22, 2016 10:54 PM, “Western Rifle Shooters Association” wrote:

    > Concerned American posted: ” Via Twitter.” >


    No doubt they had a room full of participation trophys. Attacking a women, and kids, even verbally doesn’t go over in my part of the world. I guess there wasn’t any men on the flight to explain the consequences of skull stomping to the degenerates.

  8. Cowards

  9. Pole smokers.

  10. Zombie Yoda: Numbered your days are.

  11. The anality of evil, or something like that.

  12. colddeadhandsdays

    I’m usually the one with the balls enough in righteous indignation who steps in and I know I would have choked both of these fags out very quickly. I can’t fathom why someone did not…

  13. How does that photo and its caption become the dozen or so billboards nearest their house?

  14. The SS doesn’t provide security for the children and grandchildren of the President-Elect? Can you picture anyone berating Big Mike the tranny and the adopted girls under any circumstances?

  15. Fucking lawyer no less.

  16. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Regarding ‘liberal’ America, a thing to consider previously brought up by SemperFi 0321.:

    And then there’s the following.:
    (And don’t be surprised if there’s a spate of mass/school shootings perped by non-Islamic suiciders when such legislation/its opposite is proposed as that’s been the general pattern since Luby’s)
    (Legislation allowing lawsuits like this {based on in loco parentis liability} & natl reciprocity {based on ‘gay’/inter-racial marriage & driver license recognition grounds} would be very hard for the anti-2A cult/its allies to successfully fend off as doing so would cause even more internal probs for them, all the more reason for Donaldus Magnus Rex to select Cruz & Napolitano for the Sup Ct}
    (Things like this rather complicate IFF, don’t they)

  17. Should have waited till the plane was at 30,000 feet before escorting them off.

  18. Prime example of liberal misfits that plague society. Shun them and everything associated with them. For them, truth hurts. I have been of the conclusion that militant liberals only understand one thing: blunt force trauma (BTF), psychological and, for sure, physical. They are fortunate they did not leave the scene without bruises, IMO.

  19. They be the first one’s to cry Hate Crime if you call them out on being QUEER .

  20. I’m surprised Ms. Trump traveled without security.

    These fucking snowflakes are in for a rude awakening. Not only are they irrelevant, the more of this shit they pull the more irrelevant they become. Lucky they are that some hard assed alpha didn’t come to her rescue and lay their peter puffin asses down.

  21. wealthy farmer

    Behold: one exquisite facet of the historically unique gem called american progressive ‘culture’. And it turns out they can have kids too! What a wonderful world! My libertarian facet says if you want to orient your life around getting fucked by another man, hey great, knock yourself out. But your right to be left alone hinges on YOU leaving others alone, and this is where progs fall on their face, ’cause the one thing they will not do is get out of other people’s faces…

  22. Hopefully on the return flight these queens take a passenger shouts “Why are they on this flight? Homosexuals are ruining this country” Then listen to the libtards scream about how it’s not a 1st Amendment right.

    • Fuck a buncha “return flight” horseshit. These terrorist faggot motherfuckers belong on the no fly list.

  23. Raging sodomites ! Faggots don’t get their way and they throw a tantrum.


      They do more than throw a tantrum. Some of the most violent assaults, attempted murders, and multiple murders I and my colleagues ever worked on were faggot-on-faggot. Google RANDY KRAFT. He is a convicted serial killer who left bodies all over Orange County, CA, and even Michigan.
      I have had quite a bit of exposure to these: “alternative lifestyle” people. As a group, I have never encountered a more dysfunctional, miserably unhappy group of people, with the possible exception of militant feminists. God is not part of their lives and the Ten Commandments are merely the Ten Suggestions. You only have to look at the behavior of the Harry Potter actor(I forget his name) who, when he stays in hotels, defaces Gideon Bibles because of the Old and New Testament condemnations of homosexual behavior.
      And keep this in mind. They cannot reproduce naturally. They have to turn impressionable, confused young boys and girls over to their side to perpetuate their species. They will scream and rant about not being pedophiles, but be warned. They are in the vanguard of every leftist movement to warp and crush Judeo-Christian morality and ethics. They are wealthy professionals and are in every influential walk of life. Always be vigilant about what is being taught in school to your children and grandchilden. Satan never sleeps.

  24. Dan and Matt best learn to eat through a straw, especially if they encounter me. A broke jaw and broke ribs have a way of cutting into your dinner plans.

  25. Artie Fufkin

    It should also make it perfectly clear there’s two sets of laws in this country. One for JEWISH assholes like these fags and one for the rest of us.

    This is a federal offence. They didn’t get away with it because they’re “liberal”.

  26. I for one am enjoying the fuck out of watching the impotent rage these people can no longer contain. It’s just another example of exactly why I want these fruitnut faggots in charge….. of nothing…. Ever. It doesn’t hurt that every time they flip out with one of their petulant child tantrums, sane people not only notice it but they begin to question their political affiliations and distance themselves from the freakshow of the left. Keep goading them and they WILL keep digging their own hole. By “goading” I mean simply existing with differing points of view and beliefs. These retards take that shit personally. Point and laugh, people. It KILLS them to be marginalized and ridiculed like they do to others.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Sooner or later, that “impotent rage” will become potent, though. There have already been physical assaults and at least one murder. More to come, most assuredly.

  27. I don’t care for Trump so far but I abhor assholes shit talking women. I would have told said asshole to shut his trap. Why did no one on that plaine stand for her? Societal breakdown isn’t coming, it’s here. Be the backbone this country needs every day. Set an example. We as Patriots have a duty to confront thuggish impolite behavior and to back it up where necessary.

  28. A ridge hand to the throat would have taken care of this in an instant.

  29. Hi Dan and Matt. When I locate your home, you can expect to find your sewer pipe plugged with some concrete. I call that “Constipation” and it has worked every time I have done it. Hope you enjoy having your faggot turds flowing all over your shoes when you flush the toilet. Have a nice day.

  30. behind enemy lines Ct.

    To many commie’s & fags.Kill them all.

  31. Alfred E. Neuman

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  32. Got to look at it from a tactical perspective. One aspect being they ain’t dirt people, they are totalitarians among us, therefor their culture, their mind set and heart are of an inferior quality necessary for actively participating in the physical cauldron of civil war. I’m not saying they aren’t dangerous, just truly disillusioned by ideology, and blinded by their perverted arrogance. It is a handicap, one they will discover much to their demise, justifiably so.

    And a little late to the party. They have long despised us Deplorables for our preparations and self determinations. I wonder if they are capable of making a viable realistic 180 degree turn necessary to make preparations and have the indomitable spirit required to fight for and defend their unholy ideology.
    A cultural contradiction in terms maybe?:

  33. The issue for me is that the press is making heroes of these fools, the ‘evil’ alt-right press is exposing them. A totally different act.

  34. You all know the routine.

    Nothing will ever change until we rid ourselves of the evil, corrupt, and parasitic, badged thugs and those who love them.

    Then and only then can the real purge begin.

    100-200 million… 🙂

    Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, December 21, 2016:

    Federal Bureau of Investigation: An agent was charged with two felonies for shooting at a Grand Rapids officer in an incident off duty. No one was injured.
    San Bernardino County, California: Two deputies were found negligent and to have used excessive force when the shot a man; $110,000 was awarded to the victim.
    York County, Pennsylvania: Two constables were charged with tampering with public records, unlawful computer use, giving false statements and theft.
    Anderson County, South Carolina: A now-former deputy was charged with misconduct, forgery, perjury, and altering, forging or counterfeiting an automobile title.
    Update: Berthoud, Colorado (First reported 10-16-13): A now-former officer who was previously convicted of child abuse (battery) was found guilty of sex abuse against a child while he was on the force. Because the victim was a minor at the time of the crime and protected by privacy laws, it is unclear whether the victim in the present case was the same as the previous one.
    Bedford Heights, Ohio: An officer was charged with domestic violence.
    Bucks County, Pennsylvania: The director of public safety and a deputy constable are among three people indicted as a result of a $400,000 money laundering sting.
    Update: New York, New York (First reported 06-12-12): An officer whose charges for manslaughter the 2012 shooting death of Ramarley Graham were dismissed by a judge in 2013 will face administrative trial in January for the incident. Officers chased Graham into his apartment after fleeing a drug arrest and he was shot to death in the bathroom. He was unarmed.