Please Share The Hate


Coulter: Kwanzaa, My Keester – A Made-Up Holiday From An FBI Stooge

In the spirit of the Season, of course.

15 responses to “Please Share The Hate

  1. Seems stupid American negroes and white race traitors will fall for anything.

    Surprise, surprise.  

  2. Every now and then I get the feeling the ruling class cooks up this stuff (Kwanza, ebonics, etc) just to see how far into the absurd they can take it, and how much the peons can be persuaded to accept it. Like a gigantic joke or something to pass the time. An exercise for the Ministry of Propaganda too. It doesn’t hurt (them) that there are usually elements of “divide and conquer” included in the picture.

    • it’s no joke. (((They))) and their MSM invented and push Kwanza and similar cultural hoaxes (e.g. “Black liberators of Dachau”) in order to heighten the cultural wall between Black/White, and tighten their deathgrip on the Blacks (also via the Welfare/illfare state, crime lobby legal system, and drug culture), who in turn provide the raw numbers – c. 50,000,000 – that the Jews in ‘Murka (c. 7,000,000) otherwise lack. This control project goes all the way back to the predominantly Jewish paternity of the NAACP.

  3. I posted this with all appropriate props to here and Ms. Coulter on Gab. It is a crackling good article! Now you’ll know what is going on with the guy at work in the kufi & dashiki with the bizarro crypto-African “name”.

  4. When NPR laughs at kwanzaa, you know it’s truly dead.

    Even the Postal Service discontinued kwanzaa stamps a few years ago because no one bought them. They released one this year in recognition of the holiday’s 50th anniversary.

  5. When your culture consists of huts, cows and female genital mutilation you got to come up with some new game. Otherwise folks be going to get themselves some new culture.

  6. boris badenov

    i’m dreaming of a white kwanzaa.

  7. O/T: CA, if you can find it (I can’t. I have an old iPad that can no longer run UTube) Tucker Carlson had a great interview last night in the B-Block with an older guy, a professor who was *very* knowledgeable of  Russian (and Soviet) history vis-a-vis Trump. He was dead on the money with the current situations, especially regarding Obama and the neocons’ warmongering in Syria. 

    You may want to check it out. I’m sure it’s up. Lots of his interviews are. His show just gets better and better. I just wish he didn’t run opposite to Dobbs.

    • Steve Cohen – met him once back when at one of Brzezinski’s Columbia U. faculty seminars – is also the author of a fairly sycophantic bio of Bukharin.
      Cohen’s wife, incidentally, is Katerina Stein-alias-van-den-Heuval…owner/editor of the neo-communist rag THE NATION, CFR-member, and with c. $200,000,000 on Wall Street via her Hollywood/MCA grandfather Jules Stein.

      • Nonetheless, that doesn’t take away from the substance of the interview.

        The guy said nothing wrong and everything right. He was fact-based and objective. His last name doesn’t poison the well of truth.

        • Cohen to his credit has been spreading truth and defusing the hate for quite a while. Obviously a Putin stooge.

  8. We need to agitate for a national holiday 01/23 (JMB’s b’day).