SLL: Desperation


The pathetic attempts to undo Donald Trump’s victory are signs of desperation, not strength, in the Deep State.

Robert then demonstrates his thesis.

“Ussian-rays” are not part of the problem.


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  1. Please, no more photos until it shaves….

  2. Deep State has an advantage. How do you prove something that generally you don’t see or hear?

    • correct. The “people trying to un-do Trump” are not the Deep State. Maybe the outer skin, but not the internal organs. The latter are fine with Trump. From him they’ll get Big Israel, More War, Bigger Gubmint, More Debt. Same as usual.

  3. PE Trump tweeted out recently that (in response I think to something Gingrich said) that he was serious about ‘draining the (DC) swamp’ and he was going to do it. Hold that thought.

    He also has been lapping the long accepted MSM since day 1 of his campaign and proven every day he doesn’t need them or their ilk. I think yesterday his team hinted that their press corps (specifically relying on the now disgraced and irrelevant MSM to spin and twist everything said) would be making changes as to how they get information out. That simply means they would NOT be relying on the aforementioned MSM to reach the public. That’s point two.

    Combine points: Draining the DC swamp and shoving the DNC propaganda organ to the side = 100% uncharted territory.

    Real desperation will set in when the Deep State realizes it no longer controls the narrative and the status quo is gone.

    Things are going to get frisky! Keep the pedal to the medal!!

    • Hey Cass just wanted to say Thanks on all the info you provide… It doesn’t go unnoticed and is appreciated…

  4. I just do not get the hysteria by liberal leadership, yrump may have won the battle, but the war was already won. the fact remains that depite all the wins trump and states have won since 2008, their margins of victory get slimmer and slimmer every year as the percent of immigrants and decendants of immigrants that have kept their wacked out socialist ideas on govt increases. ohio and florida are going to become rarely red like PA is now just on demographics and when that happens, the usa will follow England into the socialist dumpster of for empires. I actually give Germany a better chance at reversing its socialist trend than the usa, as its still highly native german despite all the muzzies it has let in.
    The only answer I can come up with on the liberal hysteria is the nature of hysteria itself, if these people weren’t touchy, feely types devoid of rational thought; they’d have already moved past trump and started looking for the most likely districts to flip to democrat in 2018 and which states will be more blue in 2020 because of demographics alone.

  5. Stealth Spaniel

    Once again, a Trump win is a reprieve from what will be inevitable. Because the left will not stop, we need to not stop. It will be long, bloody, and cruel. What gives me hope (there ya go, Moochelle!) is the fact that the Elites are so overly emotional, and weak willed, that battle will be easy at times.

    • Yea but as MM would say they do have their Praetorian Guard…So as long as the paychecks keep coming in they will keep enforcing whatever the dictates of the elite are even if it means certain death for them in the end…Example would be protecting the Muslim Scum even though the Scum want to kill them, their families, and their way of life…Suicidal…Sad That…

  6. I just wonder if PE Trump will be around long to implement his agenda. Not like others haven’t been ‘eliminated’ due to their threat to the power structure. Examples must be made ………..