You Go, Girl


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  1. Outstanding in their field.The finest moment ever presented in the DC political arena, squandered and pissed on by the ignorant twats. Obama being a mulatto, was given the unique opportunity,of truly representing the USA’s diversity. Half breed mutt.The entourage followed close behind. They can’t help themselves.Tribal. Obama seemed to forget about and be proud of his white half. Stupid motherfucker. all ya had to do was recognize us and give us a little lube first. Cheap bastard.Now……..we have Trumped your ass.Hurry along Barack. There is a dustbin in historys’ closet, waiting for you.

    • Obama has done nothing more than “work” in the finest traditions of his “culture”. Niggers will be niggers. Until you are ready to admit that, nothing will change for the better.

      And by the way, “nigger” is not a skin color. It is a culture.

      NAACP = Niggers Aren’t Always Colored People

      CPAAN = Colored People Aren’t Always Niggers

      There are good Blacks in the world. Given a little time, it is fairly easy to tell them from the Chimps and Sheboons. Decent Blacks don’t dress like niggers. Decent Blacks don’t talk like niggers. Decent Blacks don’t act like niggers. And Decent Blacks don’t “hang” with niggers. So if you see a buncha chimps and sheboons struttin’ down de boulevard, you can be certain there is not even ONE Decent Black in that entire sewer.


        Word +1,000.

      • Um, the actual dictionary definition of “nigger” used to be something along the lines of “willfully ignorant”, which supports the idea that niggers can come in all colors…

        • I believe that is what I said. And today “nigger” means significantly more than merely “willfully ignorant”.

  2. Repeal the 19th Amendment. Purge women from all government and public institutions. That’s only the start.

    • Just this once, I agree with you in principle, if not detail.

      This has as much chance as purging women from procreation, because that is one of the many consequences of trying to put that genie back in the bottle.

      Half the money and all the pussy = a lot of “influence.”

    • colddeadhandsdays

      Oh I agree! Feminism=Leftism

    • I know a few women that would agree with you.

      Voting should only be for land owning citizens.

    • Here Here .. I’ll second that motion .. now lets call the question.

  3. Didja notice that the common thread with all four of these women is………….a lack of integrity? Being wrong or making wrong decisions is one thing, but lying about something is where corruption begins. Wasserman-Shultz is one of those people I find to be fascinating. She gets caught lying, right out in the open, and just goes right on to the next lie she’s going to tell. Reminds me of my dead ex-wife. She lied to so many people, so many times, and so many ways, she had no idea what was actually the truth. The picture above is of four sociopaths, walking around among the people, looking for their next victim. The most dangerous thing in America is one of these broads with power. I wouldn’t put Mooshelle in charge of a latrine detail.

    • Speaking of integrity…
      Reminds me of the California legislature after the Leland Yee bust. Head of the state senate (and now Sacramento mayor) Darrell Steinberg required the entire 40 member senate to take a half day class in ‘ethics’.
      To which I thought “If you don’t have ‘ethics’ to begin with, you’re not going to learn them in a class. And you have no business holding public office”.

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  5. Regarding the extension of the franchise:

    Anytime I hear someone advocating limits to it, the argument boils down to three lines:

    “I should get to vote.
    “Here’s a list of people who shouldn’t.
    “If you don’t agree with me, you are part of the problem and should be silent. Or dead.”