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  1. From the Rosenberg article: ‘So, we can either suffer a loss of property and preserve our souls, or we can poison our souls and fight to get some
    land back. The central factor in all of this is our estimation
    of our own abilities: Do we believe we have the ability to
    create what we want?’

    What an utter crock of ‘everyone gets a trophy’ horse shit! Here’s the deal: Take my shit and I’ll kill you. Come into my house uninvited, I’ll kill you. What I have is mine, and mine alone, fairly gained through my hard work and capabilities. I don’t want any of your shit and if you covet mine and try to take it, bring lots of help and body bags.

    What an absolute pile of pure dung!

    • Let me agree with you, Henry, in somewhat less particular terms, in your outrage at that load of guilt, contradiction and disconnected moral blather:

      It is NOT a “poisoning of the soul” to defend one’s Liberty, life and property, kith and kin.

      That would rather be to become the guardian of the sanctity of the soul and one’s duty, the hallmarks of manhood, dignity and courage.

      “Do we believe we have the ability to create what we want?”

      Certainly, and we have the will to protect and defend it, retake it if necessary, even if it means wreaking utter havoc on those who would rob, rape and kill us to take what they could never build for themselves. Therein lies the moral high ground, the expiation for whatever we will have to do.


      “If we do, we don’t have to cling desperately to whatever
      we hold; we can gain more by our abilities. If, however,
      we grasp desperately to our holdings at the expense of our
      own souls, we judge our abilities as insufficient.”

      Well, by all means, let’s surrender our “holdings” to whichever designated demographic, allow them to destroy it all and then, using nothing but our vaunted and precious “abilities” unsullied by mean attitude, rebuild it all over again. That is such a crock it boggles the Mind.

      “Grudges are poison,”

      Unfounded, long term and past their shelf life, perhaps. But for now, excuse me if I hold a deep and furious “grudge,” otherwise known as righteous wrath, at the destruction of my beloved country and people by treasonous fakirs in suits, their lackeys in “media,” and their stalking horses in The UniParty and surrogates from the third world.

    • My bet is that Mr. Rosenberg is one of HA’s bffs…

  2. lon a follower

    This is for anyone who believes in “hardening your heart” as a good or needed thing. Wrong, this is the problem! In any circumstance the last thing we need is an hardening of hearts. We desire the opposite of hatred, the opposite of indifference. Land sharks anyone?
    ” While it is said, today if ye will here His voice, harden not your hearts, as in the provocation.”
    ” He hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them.”
    ” Having been darkened in their understanding, having been estranged from the life of Yahuah, because of the ignorance that is in them because of the ‘hardness of their heart…
    Even in self defense the last thing i wish to have is an heardened heart.
    And while i can see tbe attraction of a man who says ” have a plan to kill everyone you meet. i can also recognise the danger in having this at the forefront of your mind.
    “Some oaths you have to break, however regretfully.” Remember till death do us part? – The divorced WRSA readers.
    Very appropriate quote this morning . this is also related to an hardening of hearts, and the Marriage Covenant.
    Yahusha does not have an hardened heart nor does His Father, it is we who allow the covenant to break.


      Sir: While I agree in principle, we are dealing with enemies who are criminal psychopaths. We are dealing with people who propagandize the young to hate us and embrace perversion and avarice in every form. We are dealing with self-absorbed Godless celebrities and politicians who support to confiscation of our honest, earned wealth and the means to defend it.
      You can be a believer in Jesus and follow His commandments. You do not have to be a doormat for thieves and users. Did not He tell his followers to, if they did not have a sward, to sell their cloaks and buy one? And, as far as the Marriage Covenant goes, read Paul’s letters to the Corinthians. Do not be yoked to unbelievers. Proverbs 27:12.

    • I started out this life inherently non-violent. Eventually I ended up in a Ranger company and then in Special Operations. I found that I wasn’t wired correctly to do what I had to do. All these years later, some of those deeds still hurt because I wasn’t able to harden my heart… I looked around me and saw the real warriors were the ones who had “hardened their hearts”, not that they couldn’t love their family, love their country, love their principles and love their morals. They were able to do what needed to be done and carry us until we figured it out. We had and need leaders that can close with the enemy and win this fight.

      In this current climate, we are facing an unrelenting enemy, at home and abroad and when this fight comes and it will, we are going to have to do things that are counter to our nature ( except for Sean ) and by God I for one will not give any quarter. I have not picked up my stuff and sat down near them and said, “I want a fight!”. They are coming to me!
      I will fight those I have to fight with a HARD HEART and continue to love those around me…….and the unintended consequence of this for you, my peaceful friend, is that you may live due the hardened heart of those like me willing to stand for those they love and what they believe in.

      • lon a follower

        i agree,
        Do you not see, some of these deeds are suppose to hurt? If they do not we are not any different from said enemies. In this current and future climate enemies are coming out of the woodwork. and they are certainly not confined to just islam.

  3. lon, a follower, and Rosenberg are both full of shit. You can spout love and peace until you’re blue in the face, but if you don’t turn back the murderer, the rapist, the thief, and the liar, you are just a hunk of cheese waiting around for a rat. He says that enforcing the borders of our culture shows that we believe it too fragile to stand on it’s own, and that he thinks it an issue we need to address. This is the message of a liar, and a leftist jackass. Do either of you think that for a moment the moslems aren’t going enforce the borders of THEIR CULTURE? How about when those bastards bring it here, there, and everywhere, with the point of a bomb, gun, or truck attack, or a beheading? You are both so stupid and wrapped up in your jackassery as to be beyond belief. Why in the fuck do you think these atrocities keep happening? Do you think inviting murderers and rapists and thieves into our country, our homes, our culture, is such a good idea that sacrificing every innocent and peaceful person around will demonstrate our open minds and hearts? Where the fuck did either of you ever get the idea that putting yourselves and others in extreme danger was going to result in great things? You two are both suicidal, idiotic, morons destined for elimination from the gene pool. You both lack intellect, guts, and just plain common sense. Instead of peddling your bullshit, why not go take your message directly to the moslem assholes, and let them know the issues you want to address. Try that crap on the perpetrators for a change, instead of the victims. Or is it that you just want to see more victims? And by the way, fuckstick, G*d warns against hardening our hearts against HIM, not each other. Try to stay on message, instead of perverting it every time, like leftists always seem to do.

  4. lon a follower

    Sean, You seem to have missed what i said about self defense. Point is if your heart is hardened by Yahuah, you are in a troubled way. He is the one that will harden mens hearts against one another.