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  1. That book Camp of the Saints was a great book wasn’t it?

  2. I am shocked, shocked I tell you and really disappointed that trump was elected. his presidency will certainly reduce my chances that some muzzie I have to house will “borrow” my suv thereby making it and myself famous.

    • no it won’t. The 20,000/yr Somalian Black Muslim “refugee” quota-scoop will continue, ditto all the other non-White “quota” admissions and, as per K. Conway the other day, “there will be no religious discrimination against Muslim ‘refugees'”. But do not worry: they’re all going to be “vetted”. Same old.

  3. You know what the goddamn shame here is?

    The medical supplies used on this POS indicate that an ALS unit was brought out of service to work on this piece of crap. Come on now….medical supplies cost money, and clearly he don’t have private insurance.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Stealth Spaniel

    Yet, Merkel is still a popular politician!!?? When will the Europeans wake up? These invaders were NOT refugees, and it was oh-so-obvious. This was an army of fighting age males, with an occasional woman and/or child thrown in, for show. The strongest anti gun laws in the world, yet this Jihadi manages a pretty respectable handgun. I wonder how many mosques provided him shelter, food, and a weapon/ammo?

  6. Anyone else notice this?

    In the beginning of the article: “Five years later, Amri brought death to the streets of Germany after he was radicalised in an Italian prison.

    Buried way at the bottom of the article: “He dropped out of school and travelled to Italy, he was involved in a robbery and a case of burning down a school and camp.”

    Okay.. I don’t know about you all, but robbery, burning a “migrant center” and a school to the ground right after you arrive in your sanctuary country of choice sounds pretty damn “radical” to me.

    And this was supposed to be prior to him hooking up with allegedly true “radical” groups which turned him into some cold-blooded Jihadi…

    Currently listening to Captain Autismo of the USS DUMBSHIT blather about the “need for better biometric tracking in Europe” on Phawkes Snooze.

    Meaning: The problem isn’t the bloodthirsty, openly-hostile Mohammedans, it’s the inability to track them properly that’s the problem…

    Do people not see these things as we do? It’s like wearing those glasses in “They Live”…

  7. combi or king advanced airway, IV, occlusive dressing, AED pads. they try’d to keep him alive but dead men tell no tells. this guy is just an expendable. they have leadership inside the wire. i rather have him alive and visiting some pipe hitters. he got off easy.

  8. Merry Christmas, you dead moslem fucktard!

  9. Europe lost at least a billion dollars because of this one migrant. The school he burnt down, the epic security cost over runs, the loss of business during the critical holiday season. The crime jihad has broken the system. They let him out of jail, same as the murderer rapist of the 19yo med student, because the jails are full. They can’t deport these terrorists. The countries of origin won’t want them back. Merkel and Junker shit their pants when Trump won because Hillary promised to take in another million terrorists. And just how did this most wanted man on earth travel a 1000 kilometers through three countries to Milan on public trains? And how did he get his gun in the gun free zone that is the EU? Just imagine if the dead hero Polish truck driver had a gun. It’s over for Europe. Not our problem.

  10. Fuck me running. Reading these “news” reports is just painful they are so loaded with whitewashings, doublespeak and PC bather.

    They are also just flat out terribly organized so as to be almost meaningless. There’s hardly even a story, it’s more of a randomized grouping of leftist oriented statements about the subject matter strung one after the other.

    “The ISIS extremist ploughed a lorry into festive shoppers”
    “he was finally shot dead by quick-thinking coppers”

    Heh. He was shot dead, his victims were just ‘ploughed’.

    “He dropped out of school and travelled to Italy, he was involved in a robbery and a case of burning down a school”

    Well there you go. “involved in burning down a school” Is that anything like ‘he burned down a school’? One might think so as he got four years in prison for it.

    They even say it twice: “just days after arriving from the Tunisian post of Sfax trouble-maker Amri was involved in burning down a migrant shelter”

    Look! He’s a ‘trouble-maker’. Look at that building, is that ‘trouble’?

    “His four-year spell in an Italian jail saw him radicalised by extremists”

    Those damn extremists, taking an innocent little ‘trouble-maker’ and radicalising him.

    Later… “He is believed to have slipped over the border from France by train”. Not much of a border then is it, if they don’t even check your ID when you pass through. It’s more like a line than an actual border.

    And they just can’t stop themselves:

    ‘As he did so he screamed “Allahu Akbar” – Arabic for “God is great”.’

    Um, that’s not what that means, it means ‘our god is greater than your god’, or the shorter version, ‘I KEEL YOU BIGLY’.

    What utter tripe. This garbage is to journalism as a children’s colouring book is to art.

  11. Fuck Europe they are far far down the river Styx. Focus on doing it different here. There are proggy assholes everywhere trying this shit.

  12. itor: ‘good fences make good neighbors’ doesn’t scale up to (State) borders and “citizens” i.e. subjects.

    CA: Does your house have doors?

    You are believing two situations are qualitatively very similar, when they aren’t. Situation one is ten people in a family deciding who will have exclusive access to an acre of land. Situation two is 350 million people in a country deciding who will have exclusive access to North America.

    These situations are not comparable due to scaling rules. Scaling rules are the observation that qualities of a thing grow at different rates as size changes. For instance, volume grows faster than surface area when length increases, yet muscle and bone strength is constant. An elephant’s body is not the shape of a mouse’s body. A mouse can fall from a tree unharmed, but an elephant can barely run.

    The human mind has capability to know about 150 people as individuals, the rest are ‘other’. This human limitation, named Dunbar’s number, makes political rules produce awful results at larger group sizes. Engineers consider redesigning a system every time the size doubles, and there are 21 doublings from 150 to 350 Million.

    The small-l libertarian theorists advocated freedom of trade, travel, and labor, just like the label says. These liberties only produce bad results because you insist on voting, another non-freedom. An iron curtain is never an improvement, no matter how beefy or lacy the curtain.

    Who is the ally of the Muslims, who will kidnap the Minnesota rape victims if they shoot the Muslim rapists in the act? Whose uniform does it wear? Who votes for it, provides its logistics with taxes, obeys it out of a sense that it’s a force for good?

    • “The human mind has capability to know about 150 people as individuals, the rest are ‘other’. ”

      The unexercised (untrained) human mind has that capability. The human mind is capable of knowing more. Far more. I’ve seen this evident in people from all walks of life and occupations from salesmen to Battalion Commanders. Educational background is irrelevant and development of the capability is based on simple heuristics that have been exercised like a muscle. It is a choice to exercise it, but it is often opposed to the point of sedentary inaction by the noise and anonymity of what we call modern life.

      John 1:48.

      Merry Christmas, all.

      • You’re seeing the results of a Foley file, a recordkeeping system salesmen use to fake remembering the names of your kids, etc.

  13. When someone breaks into my house and steals my things, rapes and murders my women, my next thought is to invite him to stay for dinner……

    • Well that IS official policy of all Western governments today. And a clear majority of the US Congress agree. Democrats, and Republicans as well.

  14. And, And, those mean ol Police Mans, they shot that poor Muslim boy right their!. And, And those nice other first responders, you know the fireman and medics, they tried to save that poor Muslim boy.

    Those cops are such cock suckers, power hungry, and jus killen like dat. Ain’t right,

    now those first responders,those firemans you know the ones who won’t go into the camps, or refugee apartment complexes, without those mean ol police going in first and securing the area, they good folk.

    Good fucking shot, agree, if he wasn’t dead, the popo should a stood on his neck until he’s kapok. Fuck him, fuck them jihadi piles of shit.

    O yea, Merry Christmas.


  15. SemperFi, 0321

    “used at least 6 different aliases”
    Sounds like our POTUS. On Inauguration Day, he’ll show up in semi……….

    • SemperFi, 0321

      OK, let’s try this again.
      Sounds like our POTUS. On Inauguration Day, he’ll show up in a semi……….

  16. So from what I’ve read n watched he was given respite by several mosques during his travels from Berlin. Why are not these places being surveiled heavily and once enough data gathered arrest all the IS troops n mow the place to the ground. No place to hide no refuge. Even Faux news wouldn’t go there, as it was some sort of sanctuary. These actions of terror are declared war, no quarter should be given. Time to protect me and mine.

  17. If we don’t fight now, then we surrender now. Period. Resist. Fight. Win.