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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Thanks. CA! Good ‘ole Satchmo.

    P.S. and from the Geert Wilders environs, over there they call him Sinterklaas and his sidekick, Zwart Piet, since he’s the guy down the sooty chimney. Black and white, yet no fight. Harmony!

  2. Best sales are after Christmas. Guns, ammo, medical supplies, camping food, canning gear, drugs, tactical electronics, intelligence collection aids… The list goes on and on like the attempts of the control addicts to maintain control. In the meantime, trying to figure out if that hotspot just past Sweetwater Station is ore of atomic essence, or something a missile squadron might have lost. Either way it’s gonna have to wait until the thaw. In the memetime, we’ll just keep our headphones on until Clem comes back with that transcript from Denver, and Captain Bear ETSes from that dirt Hole posting Cheney tossed him in a few years back. Lolz!

    Until next time, Afghanistan Banana-stand.

  3. Some Guy in OR

    Merry Christmas, fellow Creepy-Ass Crackers!

  4. I’ve been fooling with SDR some more. Here is a guy who turned his smart phone into a police scanner, not too shabby!

    The little device between the SDR dongle and the phone is a “USB On-The-Go” adapter which allows your phone to be a host device.

  5. from the staff @ NPR:

    a merry Xmas and happy New Year 5777 to all WRS keyboard warriors! Esp. Rabbi Dan.

  6. Isn’t every day is Christmas? Mostly spend my days shopping on Amazon and playing with the hundreds of toys I have. 🙂 I’ve been setting up a grueling 20 acre live fire range in the back complete with water obstacles, rock climbing, lots of uphill, splatter targets, bad guy silhouettes, bunkers, and a heated shooting station… In the spring, I’m going to buy a RIB jet boat to practice ops around the Islands. Will send invites once it’s done. Still deciding where we’re going for “vacation” with the Coach this winter. It would be so much easier to do if 100-200 million murkins weren’t fouling the HWYs.

    and fuck you rotten cops out there.

    HO HO HO

  7. Good stuff. Big fan of Christmas classical and jazz got it going right now on Dish.

    Merry Christmas to all.


  8. Haxo,

    I can’t keep adding to your long and growing list of alter egos.

    Happy Hannukah to you Mohammed.