The Audacity Of Dopes


“Pay us off or we will swamp you.”

Let Africa sink.

Reconciliation of Christian ideals with ground truth is up to the reader.

19 responses to “The Audacity Of Dopes

  1. I have seen my country send billions to Africa. Not one Iota of improvement in all that 50 years I have be observing. Let them sink indeed.

  2. While in graduate school in the early 1980s, I encountered a theory called “Demographic Transition”. The short version is that as third world countries were brought up to western civilizational levels, their birth rate would decline and their whole outlook would become westernized.

    Nothing could be more wrong. All western civilization managed to do was supply extremely good medical care (compared to what they would have had), adequate food, and shelter. In turn what that did was increase the survival of their huge birth rate, which meant more of them.

    The west, meaning Christendom, must remove all of our technologies from them and let their “nature” rule them. It’s cruel to our own society, civilization, and families to do other than that.

  3. Ending colonial rule ended Africa’s future. Once again the do gooders paved the road to hell. In 10 years Red China will have the place back on track and once again the do gooders will have the west sucking hind teat. You gotta love those liberals.

  4. Nothing could be simpler than keeping Africans out of the US…unless your politicians have a different agenda….

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Waiting in Idaho

    300 years ago, white Europeans went to Africa. The brought medicine, education, law and government. After WWII, Africans demanded freedom and self determination, so the Europeans left. In the next fifty years, medicine was gone, education was gone, law and government, for practical purposes, was gone. Africans have gone back to eating each other. The cycle is complete. And look at the culture that Africans have brought to Chicongo; 700+ murders this year. Guess this makes me racist.

  7. the White “West” is a shrinking, kosher Culture of Death-poisoned biomass, and “Christendom” has been reduced to Holocaustianity. We’ll have to think of something more effective. Meantime, the Black, Brown, Yellow, and Muslim invasions will continue.

  8. Improve Africa ? Seriously ? If Africa could be improved it would have already happened. I mean it’s the cradle of civilization and it’s only 2steps away from cavemen.
    To quote BraveHeart “The trouble w/Africa is it’s full of Africans.”

  9. In the short-term, bull horns and light MG’s. MP’s live for this.

  10. Nukes, Napalm and Nerve Gas. “Take off and nuke the sight from orbit. Its the only way to be certain”. The stone age African cannibal has had 500 years contact with “civilization”. They are still stone age cannibals. They hate us and want us dead for trying to civilize them. Why are we still pretending? The ONLY WAY we get our civilization back is to drive them out or kill them all. Then we can start on the left.

  11. Can’t feed wild animals says the law. You’ll make them dependent on hand outs. Time to practice what they preach.

  12. The medical term is triage. Group 1 is the walking wounded; will live without any care. Give them painkillers and tell them to move aside. Group 2 can live if they receive adequate care immediately. Work on these. Group 3 will die no matter what you do. Africa is Group 3. Let it bleed.

  13. “Reconciliation of Christian ideals with ground truth is up to the reader.”

    An acknowledgment that no Christian is God, would be a good first step, I’m thinking, and since that is so, there is very nearly nothing we can do to improve or otherwise remedy what appears to be a self inflicted wound. Things are the way they are because those in power want them to be, and remain, as they are.

    Just as it is in any other country in the world, things will remain exactly the same, until people in enough numbers, force a change. If Africans want equality with western civilizations, they must do what western civilizations did to achieve that standard.


    Just hold out a bit longer…as it appears western civilizations are out on the ledge, taking in the view, as it were, of major reset. Then, well, we’ll see if western civilizations have actually achieved superior standards of behavior, living, and thinking.

  14. Looks like a LOT of really good TARGETS in that photo. Would rather terminate them THERE than let them get in my own neighborhood. On the other hand, my across-the-street neighbor is a Veteran of the Korean Way and I am a Vietnam Vet so we might have a lot of fun with those targets.

  15. You cannot have a 1st world country with 3rd world immigrants. Bah Humbug, but it is true.

  16. Show me a black country controlled by blacks that is not in a constant state of turmoil. It can not be done. How many time as the U.S saved countries like Haiti , rebuild their economy, only to have them return to a country ghetto? When African blacks took over Rhodesia they took a prosperous country and turned it into a dump. Look at black ran cities in the U.S, nothing but Ghettos. Even our nation capital, with its large black population, has the highest crime rate of any other nation capital. ( except for Africa.) Get out of the government area of D.C and it is a ghetto. These countries and cities won’t help themselves, why should we help them?


      Word. I would add Compton, CA to that list. It is now stabilizing because the Latinos ran the porch monkeys out of town.

  17. Never pay the DaneGeld.