Day By Day


From Chris Muir.

7 responses to “Day By Day

  1. The Constitution is working perfectly./ S//

  2. The hypocrisy of the man-child knows no bounds. He tells us we can’t heat our homes to 72 degrees while at the same time keeping the oval office warm enough to grow orchids.
    January 21st can’t come too soon.

  3. Is it too late for impeachment….

  4. It’s 75 degrees in my home right now! 50 degrees outside and drizzling.

    A felony a day keeps submission away! You know “they” would like to make it so. Jimmuh ‘swamp rabbit’ Cahduh, anyone?

    NNUTS! (acronym du jour: nothing new under the sun.)

  5. Whatever crap the Bamster can sign with his Magic Pen, the incoming Prez can UNDO with his own pen. Whatever Obama tried to destroy can hopefully be fixed.

  6. behind enemy lines Ct.

    The Marxist bath house whore deserves life on a penal work gang.Clearing mine fields with a spoon.FUCK U NIGRA !