Europe’s Bloody Future

Berlin genocide

Showtime approaches.

Place your bets.


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Merkel was a born and bred east german(commie)apparatichik before the wall fell.The imbeciles voted for her.As for the French,well…they are French.Its all purposefully done,much like here in the USSA.

  3. Ah yes the smupid & smupidity as a legitimate lifestyle body politik. Say a lot about furthering the suffering of the human condition. Adapt, continued adaptation & evolving morphic adaptation. It’s like playing musical chairs w/ down syndrome. When the purge starts & Jung’s University of Dualism begins. When Man’s Jekyll & Hyde nature manifests all bets are off.

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  5. Isn’t it considered unethical for players to place bets on events?

  6. The European media reads like the patient newsletter at an insane asylum.

    At some point, people get tired of being murdered. A lesson of the French Revolution is that once people begin to question the legitimacy of the system, everything is soon up for grabs. The reckless disregard for their duties, by people like Merkel, is planting the seeds for something much worse than the monthly Exploding Mohamed we see in the news.

    No society can last when its rulers are perpetually at war with its people and that is what Europe is today. At some point, the people will join the war.

    Z-man has his moments.
    This essay is pure brilliance, and fantastic rhetorical execution.

    And I’m totally pilfering the “Exploding Mohamed” phrase.
    Sadly, out of assumed necessity until the phenomenon is as rare as iceburgs on the lower Mississippi.

  7. ALCON,

    Read the Z-man essay. Just replace all references to Europe and Germany with Amerika.

    The essay read that way applies to the debacle known as fUSA.

    FWIW…..I truly don’t give a rat’s ass about Germany and Europe. We’ve got borders here to defend and fedgov/stategov politicians/bureaucrats who need to be used to freshen the Tree of Liberty.

    To hell with Europe.

  8. “The European media reads like the patient newsletter at an insane asylum.”

    Aesop beat me to it but that gem bears repeating and tying to the media here as well.

  9. And once again, the Rove Republicans at their finest:

    May every one of them soon burn in hell where they belong.

  10. Still thinking of Braken’s excerpt for future publishing
    posted a few days ago.

    Eyes & Ears Open

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  11. It just seems like the Europeans launch into debauchery every century or so. But usually they debauch among themselves. But it is gotten so bad this time out of sheer laziness that they have to import the debaucher.

  12. One observation about the picture accompanying the article. Its really a misnomer. The child in the carriage assumes facts not in evidence. European birth rates have collapsed. A realistic image would just depict the woman lying there dead with her birth control pills in hand.

  13. We are in worse shape than Europe. 52% of all children entering kindergarten in the US are non-White. That number is at least 3 years old. That number grows by about one per cent a year. Think about that. Whites are racing to drop below the half way point in the US. With a low birth rate of one White child per White couple, is extinction far behind?

  14. Hey, Fritz and Heidi (if you’re listening at all…)

    Refugees—a quarter of whom were Syrian—committed more than 200,000 crimes in Germany last year alone.

    Then there were the two terror attacks in one day pulled off by Syrian refugees in Germany this past July.

    And the four Syrian refugees nabbed in France for plotting an attack in Germany.

    And the Syrian asylum-seeker arrested in Germany for hacking a woman to death with a machete.

    And the two teenage Syrian refugees who confessed to strangling an Austrian man to death in his bathtub.

    Meanwhile, the mayor of Oersdorf got his ass kicked but good for attempting to force rapeugees on his tiny town of 870 people. Quite laudable, I’d say. Looks like at least *some* Austrian men still have balls.

    Oh, also, in that story is a mention of Berlin cops having to quell a riot by 50 “asylum seekers”.

    And Oktoberfest’s turnout this year is the lowest since 9/11. Gee, I wonder why…

    And the Cologne sex attackers (which your police did *NOTHING* to protect your women from) planned it all out in advance:

    And another…

    (^^^ that one’s in Germany too)

    And another, this time in Cologne:

    How about the 90 year-old Grandmother who was raped by a 19 year-old muzloid in Dusseldorf:

    And this one from Mark Stein e titled “Descent into Evil about a musliod that was set free by the Austrian Supreme court after the anal raping of a 10 year-old boy because he had a “sexual emergency”:

    How about this one? A pro- sharia cabinet minister in *YOUR* government thanks to Merkel…

    Here’s another one about the your WONDERFUL police force ignoring emergency calls from your women being molested and raped by the muzloids your chancellor has welcomed with open arms:

    And here’s your wonderful German “justice” system oh-so-hard at work one year on after the Cologne sex attacks on your women; 1300 (that’s one thousand, three hundred) victims, just a measly 18 (that’s eighteen) convictions:

    This last one is a “Must Read” for a comprehensive overview of what has/is happening in Germany specifically and in Europe in general since the muzloid invasion began, entitled “Had Enough Therapy?: “Multikultistan:” The Price of Muslim Immigration in Europe”.

    Guess you don’t give much credence to the widespread, and now confirmed, reports that those reported 2,000 + sexual assaults on your women last New-Years-Eve were systematically covered up, do you?

    Since Merkel’s invasion started there have been over 200,000 crimes by these rapeugees ranging from burglary, simple assault, and shoplifting to rapes and murders. 

    On Merkel:

    You may call a cat a fish but it will not swim.

    Once a totalitarian always a totalitarian.

    She was born in East Germany, educated in Communism  and participated willingly in the STASI. Ever seen that pic of the mutti with her STAZI buddies?  You see the smile on her ugly mug as she goes about the business of oppression and coercion of a people longing to be free?

    And you’ve vilified the “far-righ”  AfD? Where is *YOUR* outrage? Why aren’t you putting your own damn boots on the ground to protect your women and children against the muzloid hoards and stand for your own national interests? Instead you retreat into the same old “look out for another Hitler in America” and “Deutschland is the greatest” bullshit. When just two armed and free American men stood up in Garland Texas and Oklahoma we put the muzzles down.

    Looks to me, and many millions of others, that your men have been castrated by decades of feminism, PC priests and pastors, and collective guilt as your place in history that started two world wars (60 million dead  just in WWII) and systematically slaughtered 12 million innocents in death camps in an attempt to rule the planet.

    The overwhelming majority of your men are now capons. Know what, Fritz and Heidi,  bend over and take it, no Astroglide needed. You have, clearly, been gelded too. How does it feel to nave your balls sliced off (while you slept, of course)?

    There’s an old American saying “There Goes the Neighborhood”. In you case it’s “There Goes the Nation” (or, more precisely in all of Continental Europe).

    Genesis 16, describes the sons of Ismael (Arabs): “He shall be a wild man, his hand against every man, and every man’s hand against his.” *That* is the real spiritual birth and core of Islam.

    Oh, I forgot, you guys have excised Christianity and the Bible from your culture so you put no credence in scripture. Then never mind. Ignore the Priest beheaded, the Bataclan massacre, the Charlie Hebto slaughters, the 7/7 slaughters, the truck jihad in Nice, and of course the latest “incident” in Germany.

    You are eyewitness to the destruction of your country and culture by the untrammeled muzloid invasion welcomed by the fascist policies of Merkel and financed by truly evil fucks like globalist Soros.   

    And yet still you glorify Germany and rip into America and Americans. You are EuroTrash personified, so full of yourselves and steeped into Euro-Socialist culture you dé reguré  find the U.S. the fount of all evil yet can’t be bothered to see the truth of the collapse of your own culture and the subsequent and entirely predictable Islamic invasion and ongoing takeover of Europe that is happening before your eyes. 

    Merkel (who seems to REALLY miss her role in the STASI and East Germany), Cameron and all the EU functionaries should all be introduced to 13- knot hemp, trees and lampposts, some assembly required as a stark warning to all those who deign to attempt it again (to also include all those who have sniped at Americans for decades yet stood idly by and did nothing to stop this madness).  Look and remember what the Italians did to Mussolini and what the Dutch and French did with Nazi collaborators.  

    I see as much misery outta them movin’ to justify theirselves as them that set out to do harm.
    ~ Doc Cochran, Deadwood S.1 E.2

    Shoe fits. Wear it, all you EuroWeenies. 

    Fuck all your pretty words and “explanations” (really, just lame  rationalizations).  I, along with tens of millions of Americans, have a profound sense of dignity and a good amount of shadenfreude for all you idiots that have been played for suckers and have been taken for a ride by your “betters”. Fuck our interventionist NeoCons and their lust for war. Fuck NATO (BTW, how’s that Turkey thing working out for you?). We saved your asses twice in the last century and will be loathe to do it again. We have allowed you to pay for your socialist welfare states by paying for the armed forces *YOU* should have been providing for yourselves.

    Deutschland es tote. Europe, writ large, is toast. France est mort as is Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands with England following close on Europe’s heels. All your politicians have, with the consent of your “enlightened” voters have  disarmed your populace and are now helpless in the name of more “peaceful” societies, unlike us poor backward, knuckle-dragging and ignorant Americans.  Stick a fork in you guys. You reap what you sow.

    Oh, and a Big. Fuck. You, Fritz and Heidi. We will listen to your screams of pain and anguish when you decide to get fuckin’ serious about forcibly  ejecting the muzloids from your land like your wise and distant ancestors did.

    • socabill,

      So what ?

      I’ve got better things to be concerned with than Merkal and Germany. Merkel BTW, whose kameraden installed her Marxist ass 3x and soon to be a 4th.

      Go peddle your tears about Germany to Germans. Germans who brought their troubles on themselves.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Nothing like American exceptionalism to show the world who’s boss. And who would have thought a mirror could be an educational tool.