“A Pivotal Turning Point In Human History”?


More of the same march to oblivion, or the last clear chance?

Time will tell.

Don’t get cocky.

And don’t expect anybody else to take care of business in your area.

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  1. Of this much I am certain there is no political solution !

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. So your solution is to shoot our way out?/ S//


    Time will tell. The man does not take office until 01/21/2017. When the meltdowns or mini-meltdowns commence, the proof of the pudding will be how The Deplorables react. I, as the male adult head of my household, will go to whatever lengths I have to to defend my life, my property, and the lives of my tribe against any and all encroachment or bodily harm by anyone.
    There are several steps in the right direction the new administration can take. FEDGOV bureaucracies can be abolished. The Tenth Amendment can be re-asserted by the states in terms of the abrogation of the 1934 Firearms Act, and other Leviathan intrusions, notably by the BATFE every time there is an alleged crime of arson( I still am mystified as to why these thugs show up every time someone torches a church, anywhere).
    Night letters and other actions against visible, well-financed traitors such as Soros, the CEO of Progressive Insurance, the wealthy (((Hollywood Moguls))) and their screaming Cosmic White Marxist useful idiots such as Alec Baldwin, Michael Moore. and several others come to mind. Let their specie go to hiring legions of “contractors” to protect their corrupt, worthless, sorry asses.
    And, our MSM. The more they are marginalized and bypassed by the next administration. the more irrelevant they will become. Direct communication with the electorate via electronic media bypasses all of the Cronkite-Rather wannabes who control the flow of information with the full connivance of corrupt government officials.
    We have achieved, at best, breathing room to continue our preps. The left will never acknowledge that this was more of a vote against The Hildabeest rather than a vote for The Donald. Keep watching, listening, prepping, and praying. Have a safe 2017. Bleib ubrig.

  5. It’s understandable your inspiration is a Communist. Show us your political power.

  6. Don’t get cocky link does not work, 404 error. May be me but thought I should let you know Pete.

  7. Haha, we have enough guns to shoot our way out of the Solar System , yet the wanna-be shooters know damn well we are a generation away from that. The Social Justice Warriors are the leavings of the left’s abortuaries and mean nothing now.
    The System and the dirt people don’t really want a fight as it’s magnitude and horror are beyond imagining.

    The Deep State is restructuring behind Trumponomics , at least lip service to social decay, .mil , and a strong dollar.
    The stability this provides here will be inversely proportional to the chaos in the Imperial outposts especially Europe which is to be sacrificed as a rearguard action to give USA time to regroup , re-arm and re-indoctrinate.

    Zombie is right about a paradigm shift. The ‘left’ succeeded a bit too well. Many of the owners realize the morale of the dirt people must be raised for their plan to put China in it’s place. Witness the wooing by Trump of Taiwan , Japan , South Korea , Philippines and Russia – all potential muscle or at least apathetic vis-a-vis China.
    The reset of the ponzi needs a big real war. China / Iran and maybe Russia are to be without chairs when the music stops.
    The only problem for the schemers is that none of this will work.
    Everyone owes everyone too much.

  8. So you’re suggesting there IS a political solution?
    Please explain.

  9. Are you saying it’s not true?

  10. Remember that opener in the book “Vandenberg”, where the cold trapper finds a cabin and makes his warm-up fire out of the journals? The history of how it all went down, got all burnt up. And thus went history, some other writer got to make it up.

    The people who write history of the Trump years, will call him the president who oversaw the collapse and dissolution of the FUSA. The obviously unqualified guy just could not handle Fed interest rate hikes, done at opportune times by their string-pullers.

    On the other hand, collapse and dissolution are not necessarily such a bad thing, depending on your point-of-view.

  11. Demonstrate the principle at the town council or county commission level.

    I’ll take notes.


  12. No. There is no political solution./ S//

  13. Correction:
    There is no political solution in this system.

  14. It has to begin with the ‘cop problem’ first. Remove them and the rest is for fun. The cops are the standing army we were warned about warned about. They are the vector of tyranny. The MSM portrays them as “heroes” – SPIT!

    In reality, they’re parasitic filth sucking off the life blood of it’s host..

    Litchfield, Minnesota: An officer was arrested for DWI. ow.ly/BAfC307gWmf
    Update: New Orleans, Louisiana: The City announced that it had settled several civil rights lawsuits stemming the infamous post-Katrina shootings of civilians by officers for $13,300,000. ow.ly/YyJq307iM6J
    Update: Brigantine, New Jersey (First reported 01-09-15): A now-former officer was sentenced to five years in prison after his plea to misconduct and sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl. Another officer from Atlantic City was charged in the same case and was also sentenced to five years in prison (see July 2, 2015 recap). ow.ly/XCO0307iNK3
    Update: Garland, Texas (First reported 09-18-14): A mistrial was declared in the case against a now-former officer who shot at unarmed Michael V. Allen 41 times during a vehicular chase. ow.ly/kehn307iSPQ
    Update: Hampton, New Hampshire (First reported 10-12-16): A detective who also serves as union president pled no contest to DWI after a crash. He will lose his driver’s license for nine months.ow.ly/JW75307iU1v
    Arlington, Texas: A detective resigned after she allegedly neglected to investigate child abuse cases. Many of her cases are now under review. ow.ly/KncF307iUjE
    Citrus County, Florida: A deputy was fired after her arrest for domestic battery against her boyfriend. ow.ly/3Xnt307iZvE
    Update: East Point, Georgia (First reported 07-10-14): A now-former officer was found guilty of felony murder and a second officer was found guilty of manslaughter in the tasering death of Gregory Towns, who was handcuffed at the time of the incident. ow.ly/4fQc307j3zX
    Update: Reading, Pennsylvania (First reported 05-26-16): An officer again had tampering charges dropped for lack of evidence. He allegedly destroyed a cell phone after accosting a woman. ow.ly/b8n6307jAEk

  15. that’s 2 voluminious compendiums of nonsense: alt-Right(Zombie) and Cuck Republiscam(Schlichter). Trump is an economic-not-racial Nationalist, and he, his Goldman-Sachs cabinet, and the Republiscam Congress will do nothing substantial to arrest the accelerating decline of White Western Civilization and the White Race under Judeo-globalist assault. If PonziCollapse occurs on his watch, Trump will be a much more efficient and deadlier opponent to FreeFor than Mrs. Clinton would have been.

  16. I’m not a smart man, I know the truth, when I see it. Just turned 60, hence six generations, I’ve fought a personal battle,against this shit ,since I was a kid. Never one to go along with the program, yet I never understood why, I didn’t.

    Being an ” individualist” has come with huge punishments, and costs to me, personally. I could no sooner change who I am, then a duck, it’s feathers.

    Made e-6 in the mil, got out an e3, for,questioning command, and simply saying fuck you, I’m not gonna do that.

    25 years as a cop, at least a year of that time on the beach for telling Chiefs, LTs, captains to,fuck off, that’s un constitutional , I’m not doing that. Both of these came with huge price tags, it cost me money, took money out of my pocket, and food off the table, for standing on my principals.

    I was never pavlov’s dog, conditioned responses were not my specialty, political correctness, never my strong point.

    What continues to draws me to WRSA, IS individualism, nobody here is a follower, everybody here is their own man, and woman, most,walk to our own drummer, hence our lack of satisfaction with our govt, local issues,,and local politics.

    I believe the article to be pretty spot on, and think,,their are more individuals, who routinely practice individualism, in this nation then I realized.

    Could the recent election reflect that observation, if not it clearly parallels it.

    Trump can’t fix it, he can slow it down, he just bought us some more time.


  17. We have to add some Goldman guys to the swamp in order to drain it huh?

  18. That is not an argument./ S//

  19. More: You completely evaded the subject under discussion./ S//

  20. Cassandra (of Troy)

    From the Ouroboros/Unintended Consequences files, a possible pivotal turning point in American history.:


    Gifts like the above (& ‘liberal’ gun ownership, electing an openly anti-Semitic/anti-white black Muslim head of the DNC, etc.) from the Left should be supported as they only serve to undermine its positions & thereby increase the disruption/division/hostility between its various factions.