Always An Option


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  1. Works for me but I’m not sitting here in my undershorts. I am sitting in my VA supplied power wheelchair and wearing my VA supplied adult diaper, and sipping on a White Russian. Being a Paralyzed Veteran really sucks but at least I am alive and I DID VOTE.

  2. If too many men in any given country are kalsarikannit, then that country will fall to the new immigrants who are not kalsarikannit.

    Got that?

  3. correct if wrong, but my impression is that all 3 (Lutheran) Scandi countries are about 2/3 of the way down the open-borders ethnic toilet right now. Rabbi Dan3 has this one right: forget about Western Europe. Whites there are the Walking Dead, and most don’t even know it. In ‘Murka we kept our guns, have a still-uncensored ‘net, and a country that’s falling apart. All to our advantage.

  4. StevenKy, good on ya, hope you are doing well, and living large. About the only thing I ever got from the VA is a very bad attitude. Their slop-ass care almost killed me twice, and I ain’t ever going back for a third helping. Q: Why does it take so long to get an appointment at the VA? A: What, you still here?

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