Brain Hurt; Must Take More Numbing Agent; Minipax Good, Yes?


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  1. Self explanatory, except to the retards.
    Watch em squeal like a bald tire.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. > If you refuse to pay unjust taxes, your property will be confiscated.
    > If you attempt to defend your property, you will be arrested.
    > If you resist arrest, you will be clubbed or tazed.
    > If you defend yourself against clubbing or being tazed, you will be shot.
    These procedures are known as the Rule of Law. Edward Abbey

  4. There’s more than a few statists frequenting WRSA. They’ll be whining before this posting closes.

  5. What do you mean “what if”. We are already there.

  6. There is a great deal of truth in that “what if.” The two hundred States of the world exist in an anarchic relation to one another. Several of them are currently experiencing “unrest:” what we who use words more exactly would call insurrections or civil wars. Several others teeter along the brink of collapse. No State is without dissidents, an underground, or a “loyal opposition.” And regardless of which State claims to “rule” you, there is a cardinal rule that guides the behavior of every individual:

    The most important law of all is “Don’t get caught.”

    (Cf. Emerson, Lake, and Palmer’s alternate formulation: “If they take us, they will burn us.”)

    Law only exists to the extent that it is enforced. If it isn’t or cannot be enforced, what, then is the meaning of Law? And since every State enforces its laws irregularly and prejudicially, what, then is the meaning of the State?

  7. So how does one, ” UN boot” programming? Once again we point out the problem but are slim on solutions.


    • Government is a religion, the justification for it is accepted on faith. Only about 1 in 100 do not have the government faith. People can be sent to the camps and still not lose faith in government. Instead of trying to talk people out of their religion, which rarely works, instead consider what means of self-defense would work against a huge majority. Pretend you were dropped off in the Middle East, and armed thugs on the corner say you cannot have alcohol. What means of defense would keep the natives from imposing their rules on you?

    • Let’s write a science fiction story plot. If the 1% of libertarians worldwide all had their own nuclear missile submarines, would they be left alone? If so, then could we eliminate the submarine and just have the bomb? How about instead of the bomb, they have 1,000 drones with pistols? How about 10 drones and serious use of a bitcoin-like thing backed by gold coins? How about ten million agreeing to never pay taxes again, and taking the licence plates off their cars? One million?

    • The Social Justice job is complete, as the price of laptops, Internet, wikipedia, Khan Academy, and MIT lecture videos is close enough to free. Any resident of Detroit may take a bus to a library and improve himself by reading engineering or medical textbooks four hours a day. Meanwhile, you are allowing voters like him to dictate economic policy to you. Why?

  8. Indeed, the solution(s) are slim, and you won’t like them – because of the programming.

    1) Get rid of ALL devices.
    2) Get rid of all people.
    3) Learn how to think, for the first time in your miserable goat-smellin’ life.

    When devices and people are not available to do your thinking for you, you must do it for yourself, or die. People with the required minimal intellectual horsepower always choose the former.

    Seems most people today are simply incapable of handling 100% truth and do all sorts of things to anesthetize themselves against it.

    Jessup had it right, “You can’t handle the truth!”

  9. Reading Augustine’s “City of God”, his take on Christianity and the State. Essentially his take is, absent a concern for the common good, governments are “indistinguishable from bands of robbers”.

    For those with a more secular view, Nietzsche viewed the State as “a cold monster”.

    They both work for me in practical terms…