Denninger: What Was And What Will Be


A look back and ahead.



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  1. His predictions are notoriously wrong.

    • you’re right, motor city. Through an ever-increasing spiral of (((New Financial Products))), debt at any level is now indefinitely sustainable. The future is an abstraction that never arrives. It is absolutely possible to Live Well Now, and never pay for it in an ever-receding future. .

      • I know guys like you are doom addicts, but it’s about credibility. He lost it.

        And none of you back up your doom addiction with money.

        Big mouths. All of you.

        • you are mistaken. I supported the successful stands at Bundy Ranch and Sugar Pine Mine by contributing a week’s food budget to each; the men at SP sent me a thank-you autographed by two dozen of the gunsels who were there. Malheur I refused to support and denounced from Day One, and was proven right about that too.

    • How you can come up with Karl’s predictions being wrong is indicative of how ignorant you must be of the realities here Detroit, or your just being a contrary shit stirrer. You make a lot of dumb comments, but that one is stupid that can’t be fixed.
      Karls observations are realistic, His predictions aren’t wrong, they are just early. Because they haven’t come true yet is not being wrong. Big difference.
      Can’t blame the guy for being alarmed about what he understands, nor predicting what the unintended consequences could be. That is more of being forewarned and reason to prepare for possible outcomes than predictions. In the least he has the decency to warn us. Not like the crooks and thieves enriching themselves at our expense who will run and hide when it finally shits the bed leaving us once again with their mess.
      What Karl is predicting is coming because of the reckless abandon our government has indebtedness itself with, is cautionary info to arm ourselves individually, to have the opportunity and time to weather and survive this financial and economic Armageddon. The same government and people who created this insanity certainly do not give a flying fuck what happens to us dirt people, they are who are skimming off and pocketing the derivatives to begin with, it is the whole point.
      Where do you think the wealth in the first instance they are strip mining us of comes from? It magically appears out of thin air?
      What Detroit, Karl is wrong and it will all just go away like it never happened?

  2. An exercise I have been going thru is looking at stock holdings when the buybacks were leveraged with debt and to what extent. Such firms could be among the walking dead should markets turn. That and the sky high PE’s have me nervous.

    On a different note in his piece why pick on just Pharma? Plenty of skulduggery to go around. And one for individuals to think about. My grandmother passed away back in the 80’s of product induced emphysema. (cigs) Based on the treatments at the time it was a lost cause so it was a matter of managing the decline. A heart felt loss for sure, but no angst, anger, recrimination. Now? The population goes berserk of the lack of a miracle cure. Shit happens, and most of it happens because of choices we make. One’s death is the deal we make for being born, handle it.

    • I think he is referring to the out of control vaccinations of children, false diagnoses, the chemo scam etc. The average life expectancy just dropped a year in 2016 for the US. How can this be possible unless you factor in drugs, surgery and so forth.
      Lowering of average age by 1 year pleases the actuaries of the pension scam. Coincidence?
      Life choices do matter but the food / pharma combine is hard for the average person to fathom. If vaccines and invasive treatments were so great they would not be mandatory.

      • ‘If vaccines and invasive treatments were so great they would not be mandatory.’ Which was the undertone of my feeble attempt on the matter. Surprisingly, most of the newer vaccines are voluntary at least in Texas. The old standbys still in force however. Like you I would consider alternatives first to something like chemo.

    • QOTD – “One’s death is the deal we make for being born, handle it.”

  3. Mathematics is relevant. Mathematics will have it’s day despite the lying and manipulating. Mathematics and Mother Nature will have the final say. Jump up and down,hold your breath,call people names,stamp your feet and pontificate. Math doesn’t give a fuck. 2+2 will still equal 4.

    • Yes, this. Math rules the world, so there will be an ending to the debt spiral and this Grand Supercycle of speculation. Bob Prechter’s prediction, based on technical factors, has always been that the bottom will be below Dow 1000, perhaps as low as Dow 400…But even if it falls only 90% from the high, as happened in 1932, that would be Dow 2000.

    • Not under the New Math it don’t. 2 + 2 = however it makes you feel.

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  5. The way to have the means survive what is coming is to own outright everything. Land, home, vehicles, tools, equipment, and not one penny of debt, in a place where property taxes are low enough you can pay them by the sweat equity of the most basic economic activity until or if the local government shits the bed, or is overthrown by local resistance to tyranny, so they can’t use that as an excuse of desperation to take your land, your assets, your meat. And that property list above is comprised of assets that provide you with the means to feed yourself and create localized intrinsic wealth on the most basic down to the earth level of goods, commodity and service. In an area of like minded locals, who you won’t have to spend every minute of every day squatting in the dirt with a spear having to protect your property, your wife, your meat from taking. People who will band together in common defense and support.
    When that derivatives weapon of mass destruction detonates, there won’t be any resupply, there won’t be any of the outside just in time supply stream to sustain the basic requirement we have enjoyed for the last century. That just in time supply will be the first stage of the cascading breakdown. All the money, gold, silver, or other forms of mainstream exchange will become close to worthless. It is going to be the self sufficient, the self determining, the people who are known as a circle of trusted and morally motivated productive dirt labor locals who have set the standards of local co-operation and mutually supporting interests among themselves already who will carve out pockets of defensible living civilized survival.
    The takers, the unprepared, the ones who have nothing to offer in exchange and barter, will be dead, cutting each others throats or creating bands of marauders to take others property woman and meat.
    It will be ruthless brutal and ugly.
    Karl and others like him have forewarned us all for years this time is inevitable. To be prepared, to preposition yourself, your basic assets, is just good common sense. Sooner or later, the center is going to collapse, it is unsustainable as it is no matter how you slice it. Soon as other peoples money runs out, they will drop everything like it has the plague and leave us with nothing. It is a beast that has been growing since the 12 family banking cartel created the Fed and began to skim off that yearly 1-3% “inflation” they manipulated. It is like the goose, you pluck it feather at a time, and one day the goose looks around and it realizes it has no feathers. 110 years they have skimmed off that 1-3% of the GDP of us dirt people, and now they have resorted to breaking down the bluesky creation of derivatives to squeeze every last buck of our intrinsic wealth remaining. They are down to stealing our seed corn, and pretty soon there won’t be enough seeds to plant a crop. That is when it gets sporty. We are that close, and they are if anything, if it is conceivable, greedier than ever for every buck that can be skimmed from the take.
    Lead will probably be the money that replaces the dollar when the seed corn of this system of fiat is gone.

  6. “Leverage” is worth reading before declaring KD to be an irrational doomster. The Exponential Function is a thing to understand. Please.

    Concur with above sentiment that KD is merely “early”, which is more useful to me in 2017 than a history of the collapse of human civilization written in the 24th century from the back-side of the moon (waiting for the terrestrial radioactive bits to cool down enough to visit).

  7. Denninger has a good handle on the financial issues. It has been many years since he got my attention with his graph showing debt vs GDP growth. This so clearly demonstrated how significant the theft has been as we were spend a dollar to get .50 growth! It did not take my training in calculus and diffeq to make it click!

    Now, his single mindedness about the medical industry gets a bit repetitive. As a physician I can fully agree with the incredible levels of corruption in big pharma and the insurance industry. I call myself “an off grid doc” and NEVER have drug reps come by as I don’t prescribe enough of the expensive new drugs to be worth their while from a marketing standpoint. My problem is that Karl wanted to turn the presidential election into a single issue! He also is overly attached to his own ‘miracle solution to health and longevity’ which is the dietary advice he throws out. He understands some things, but “doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.”

    Recently ZeroHedge had a great article by Jim Quinn under a title stolen from an incredible novel by Ray Bradbury: Something Wicked This Way Comes I strongly recommend a read for another look at the financial issues.

  8. What IS and What should NEVER be!
    Led Zeppelin-What is and What Never Should be Live

  9. Stealth Spaniel

    Why didn’t he talk more about reducing your economic footprint? How do you do this while still working to maintain an edge for the coming Festivities?

    • +1

      At this point, anyone reading KD already has a decent understanding that things are not what they should be.

      Practical steps forward…most helpful indeed.

  10. I’ve been following Karl for over seven years now. He’s currently focusing on the medical monopolies for a couple reasons:
    – Medical spending is consuming a massive and exponentially-increasing share of public and private budgets in the U.S.
    – Upwards of 90% of that spending is due to pricing enabled by monopoly positions, lack of antitrust enforcement, and the resulting ability of the medical industry to charge whatever the fuck they want, and whatcha gonna do about it?
    – The President could stop this shit UNILATERALLY, TOMORROW, simply by beginning to enforce antitrust laws against the medical monopolies.
    – NONE of the other issues we face as a country will have NEARLY as large an impact if they aren’t addressed in short order.