Finally: Russian Intervention Exposed


Put away all liquids before reading, comrade.


10 responses to “Finally: Russian Intervention Exposed

  1. Awsomeness!!

  2. I’ve been needing a bit of humor thanks

  3. A healthy dose of humor to close out the year!
    As I read this piece, I had images of Boris, Rocky and Bullwinkle in my head.
    Too funny.

  4. disgusting

  5. Hiliary’s feet are scary enough… do NOT let your eyes follow the stripes in the pants to where they converge. It’s horrifying.

    • Web Hubbel wasn’t horrified. And neither was Vince…until he saw the gun in her hand and she said, “turn around…or do you want it in the face?”

  6. shopped picture
    Rebel flag is removed from photo
    was on shelf behind Hills right

  7. Too late, Grandpa, and now my eyes are shedding great tears of regret.

  8. This in my (beer laden hazy) opinion is how ‘truth’ begins. Sadly now (in our once great country – with a [dare I say it?| high degree of intellect and critical thinking skills), a piece like this as funny as it is can (and seems usually does) turn into ‘truth’. If the ‘left’ can do it, what not anyone else?

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