From Vlad Tepes

You should make his place an everyday stop.


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  1. The Usual Suspect

    Rape is the legacy, left over from WW2.
    They feminized the males born after the war ,
    so there would be no more German alpha
    males conquering Europe ever again.
    They succeeded beyond their wildest imagination.

  2. I was raised to believe that rape should be a death-penalty defense.

    I’ve never heard any reason to believe otherwise.

    Kick up Old Sparky’s voltage and go for Xtra Krispy.

  3. For almost 1000 years (when the West was sane) Catholics waged relentless war against the Muslim menace.

    Then there came the Judeo-Masonic-Protestant Revolution. And now Islam — in reality Talmudized paganism — is overwhelming the West.

    Good job “freedom of religion” idiots!


  4. Now, this is interesting. You may dismiss it as propaganda, or rayciss, or whatever. But, the interesting thing, to me, is that the case is presented exclusively by women.

    It’s my belief that women drive much of the social policy throughout the West … and so bear much of the responsibility for the shitstorm in which Westerners find themselves. More importantly, tho, when women start demanding “change” … in relation to immigration … things will happen very quickly. No doubt in my mind that a strong, female movement, could quickly inspire Eureopean’-wide violence and deportations.

    I’d argue that blokes are very much less-committed to the “ideals” of multiculturalism … and that many men quietly perceive that there is a looming threat from competing ideologies which are being actively imported into Europe. Women exercise what you might call “a restraining influence” over the actions of men.

    So, this video goes to the heart of the fight, by addressing women directly. If their minds can be changed, things will happen very quickly.

  5. Not only wow, but imminently gratifying to see women take point on this. It is beyond obvious that no one else will.

  6. The political and monetary system is failing and the Marxist must use slide of hand to cover their failures. WWIII/Religious War is a perfect cover for the New World Order. The coming reset will require a lot of confusion to pull off.
    The churches around the globe are part of the attack.

    The Protestants and Catholics are eating from the government trough. They have been blinded by the money of the NWO.

  7. I’ll believe Germans are serious about this, when they give up on the socialism and welfare drawing the immigrants in, and stop getting in the way of people arming themselves.


    All well and good. The Krauts and the other socialist-abortionist degenerates have buttered their bread. Let them eat it. I don’t suppose those fools at the NRA would ever consider a program involving private donations of arms to the beleaguered “Europeans”?!
    Now, in other news, the MSM is reporting that there were fights,riots, disturbances, shots fired, etc. at: “…malls across the country.” I wonder who be behindin’ dem incydents? I have more to worry about from the FSA than a bunch of Hajis. That multi-year-old You Tube video: THE MADNESS OF A LOST SOCIETY says it all. Now, back to my preps.

  9. Do they allow concealed carry in Germany? Abdul might change his attitude if he got a groin full of bullets.

  10. It sticks in my mind that monarchist Catholics decrying freedom of (other) religions would be singing a whole ‘nuther tune if they were plopped down in England in the time of Henry VIII.

    • Would that plopping be around the time Henry VIII was granted the status of ‘Defender of the Faith’ by Pope Leo X, or afterward when Henry decided to go full-retard, chop off the heads of wives and close friends, and name himself the head of his own religion?

  11. There are two tasks before us: 1. Eliminate,deport,imprison, execute, and by any means necessary, dispense with all moslems presence in the US and the rest of the West. Totally and permanently. 2. At the same time, execute every single mother fucker here and anywhere else in the West responsible for bringing them here, or arranging their migration/settling. No parole, no plea bargaining, no probation, nothing, just swift and sure death. And for their helpers. Both of these parasites are condemning us to a slow death.

  12. Nice sentiment. But unless and until Germans start stomping these goddamned foreigners to death, nothing … and I mean nothing will change.

  13. Not only do their “leaders” let these savages invade to ravage and murder their women, they make sure they are unarmed victims. This is the most despicable treachery and treason!

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. So the “citizens” vote in the collectivists, who then disarm them. Then the collectivists import political Islam as a partner to destroy their own citizens who VOTED them in. Proof positive that leftists are batshit crazy.

    Someone needs to start smuggling guns into the EU. A lot of money to be made there.

    Seems some of the SWISS have had enough:

    Grey Ghost

  16. The consequences of societies w/ an unarmed citizenry that chooses or allows government to abrogate the right to armed self defense. Of course it can & does happen in armed societies but, w/ less frequency. Just gives me the warm fuzzie’s about gun confiscation here. History already told us what happens to unarmed societies. Some never listened – read – or cared enough. Ignorance, self-importance & arrogance a deadly triad of delusional thinking. How that working for them ? Even the commie Mao told us what we all need to know. Here’s a few gems to warm up to the fire to.

    “Political power grows out of the barrel of the gun…”
    ― Mao Tse-tung

    “The Communist party must control the guns.”
    ― Mao Tse-tung

    “War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun.”
    ― Mao Tse-tung

    “To rebel is justified”
    ― Mao Tse-tung

    See you all at the event !