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Changes Coming to White House Press Room: Who, Where, When and How



  1. “…[L]oss of transparency…? They mean loss of obfuscation and spin.

    Let Trump speak his mind.

    Meanwhile, I will rest in the old Scholastic saying, “Never mind the words, observe the deeds.”


  2. I know what that means.. ESAD. I think it all the time when I think of the so-called media. They should. Eat it. LOL…

  3. They can’t even spell irony.

  4. Trump may be a good President. He may even be a great President. But I think his greatest accomplishment will be the President who disintermediated the media, and for that we should ALL be very grateful

    • All this fake news, faithless electors, the melt down of the statist media, blame the Russians meme, it is all classic marxist desperation in an attempt on the part of the Establishment to lash out at the withdrawal of consent of us dirt people, our vote, and the irrelevancy bestowed upon the Establishment that dirt people consent given to Donald Trump created.
      Withdrawal of consent by us dirt people is the new real poltik.
      It’s upstream of the Establishment.
      It’s existential.
      The crux of it all is it is of the most paramount importance for the continuation of the Establishments power that at no juncture can us dirt people be given any credence or recognition that our will and consent, our vote in the case of Donald Trump, particularly our withdrawal of consent for the Establishment, be recognized as valid and legitimate.
      The thing here in all this is the Estabishment’s “power” is predicated upon the narrative we don’t exist, our existence is irrelevant. When nothing could be further from the truth. We as dirt people, our consent, our guns, our traditions, values, principles, our faith, who we are, is what is relevant. And Donald Trump is a conduit of that utmost relevancy, that our culture, we as people, we are upstream of all politics, that the narrative it was the exact opposite has been shattered.
      That was the November Revolution, The Great Fuck You.
      It ain’t over yet, it’s a huge mopping up operation, the Establishment is going to lash out, they won’t stop till they are.
      Diversity is dead, PC is a bloated corpse floating down the Potamac. Pretty soon here that river is going to be like a log jam of bloated corpses of cultural marxism. And if the sonofabitches aren’t real careful, there’s gonna be some real dead bodies with stretched necks and boolit holes floating down it.
      Just saying.

  5. Oh Boo Frickin Hoo!

    Send the little pussies in the press corps a fresh Depends, a teddy bear, and a coloring book apiece, and tell them to stop changing thumbs between their mouths and their @$$#$.

    Given the changes that are going to occur with a Trump presidency, a good alternative strategy for the presstards might be to stop crybabying, quit editorializing 24/7/365, and actually do their damned jobs for the first time in most people’s living memory, by telling people who, what, when, and where. (And let the readers work out the why, like they do). If only for the novelty of the idea.

    But 90:1 they’ll just spend 4-8 years wetting themselves from tear duct to underpants daily, alternating their shrieking sniffles with a butt-flavored thumb to suck on, because that’s what 70 IQ average summa cum laude graduates of journalism schools do: the best they can manage.

    • They can’t help themselves. Like proper little minions they have been taught the CSJ/NYT form and function of journalistic ethos. They know no other. ‘Dig up’ a story? Why that would require work and analysis and they were promised no math. I long for the likes of ‘The Prince of Darkness, Robert Novak, where dealing with slimeballs to get to the story made it worth the read.

      Go short on newspaper stocks.

  6. NYT is “All The Fake News We Print”.
    The legacy media needs a bit of competition, and perhaps a regular financial beating along with being ignored.
    There is no shortage of reporters in the fUSA. Just pick a few that you think seem reasonable, and follow them as you have time. The best ones link transcripts so that you can quickly skim rather than listen to 55 minutes.
    WRSA has many excellent sources linked in the sidebar.

  7. Yep, Trumps ‘tweets’ cuts off the ‘objective media’ interpreting the news. They can spin the words, but everybody knows already its only THEIR spin. They have become suddenly more irrelevant – and they know it.

  8. ….hinder the press’s role as a conduit of MISinformation to the public…


    Lying and fabricating has been SOP for so long with the media I barely remember when they were news instead of the “Jerry” show.

    There is no such thing as 24 hour news, there simply is not enough news items to fill that time span, so they make stuff up and pump everything full of stale ass lies.

    Fuk em ded, I hope they all crash and burn, this year.

  9. Centurion_Cornelius

    Yeah–a “conduit,” of theirs by any other name is a spewing sewer pipe of toxins, poisons, and human waste:


  10. GGGgggeeezzz H C on a Pogo Stick what complete & utter Bravo Sierra.
    No matter how they slice it they screwed the pouch & we as a society have to be drug into the vortex of excreta they create. Of course you can always wait on the periphia until Jung’s University of Dualism & the Nature of man hits critical mass for the hurdle the dead trample the weak moments. Drink from the Skulls of enemies again & this Commie nonsense stops.
    The 4th Turning appears incrementally closer day by day. Until that day of entropy, to those who have it coming.

  11. I love the smell of utter irrelevancy of the statist state run media in the morning.

  12. Liberal journalists, like all leftists, are always “the smartest guys in the room.” They base their self worth on telling readers what to think, and what they should do. Now, as irrelevant middle men, they are being cut out if the equation. They once had a sacred bond to report all the facts without omitting any, and to tell the truth. They certainly shot themselves in the foot by believing their own press clippings. Good riddance.

  13. Randall Flagg

    Was stuck in a hotel room last week, flipping through the channels. Came across CNN. It was alleged that Trump wasn’t reading the Presidential Daily Brief (no mention of the fact that he wasn’t even sworn in yet). They had a panel ‘debating’ the potential ramifications of Trump not listening to CIANSAFBIDIA, etc. Funny thing was, after the last eight years, and with the exception of maybe FOX, this was the FIRST time I’ve seen anyone being critical of the president. If memory services me correct, it was (has been) reported that Obama never attended his daily briefings. Too busy golfing. Don’t recall many in the MSM ever caring about that.

    After eight years, looks like the MSM is now back in super-hypercritical-mode.

  14. Though I suggest listening to audios one & two in its entirety
    is worthwhile, at the 7:00 minute mark of the first hour, explains
    Hour One:
    [audio src="http://wwfar.com/mp3s/KOK_SAT.HR1.MP3" /]
    Hour Two:
    [audio src="http://wwfar.com/mp3s/KOK_SAT.HR2.MP3" /]

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  15. The best part about the NYT article is how it contradicts itself in its own words when it refers to Trump’s “unfiltered” posts causing a “lack of transparency”. By definition, any optical filter will cause the loss of transmission of light hence the loss of transparency. In science, sometimes filtering helps with clarity, but that case, everyone involved knows what is being filtered and why. This, however, is definitely not so when the press makes its pronouncements from on high. Instead, they obfuscate the statements of anyone to whom they are ideologically opposed. As usual, the leftists accuse others of doing what they are trying to do themselves.

  16. Trump forced the enemy out of the closet. The White House Pressitutes can stay home and follow WRSA like us Deplorables.

  17. Me thinks the “filter” protests too much.

  18. Ya so I’ll throw my two cents in with SFC Barry on this one. Half the press are active spooks so y’all can do the math on that. The only thing you can have faith in is the fact that any words from them are lies and obfuscation.

    As for Make America Goldman Again, i’ll not hold my breath. National politics are currently a farce on an unimaginable (for most) scale.

    Fuck them all. Grow food, hunt, forage kearn new skills now. Local is alk that matters.

  19. Alfred E. Neuman

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  20. Jeez Tom, so “half the press are active spooks” huh? Wow..I’m amazed at how you and SFC Barry (he of the never make the E8 list)..”All of the news is lies and obfuscation” – as we are ALL living in an alternate reality- uh – what? So we are to “kearn” new skills now, and local is “alk” that matters…Wow – how long did it take for you to write that soul searching (few misspellings) diatribe there genius? Get a grip …learn to think critically, understand your enemy and spend less time growing cabbage. Besides, the more successful you are growing your food, foraging and hunting, the richer I will become after I come and take it. You won’t have a clue I was even on my way until it’s to late – why? Because you said “Fuck them all” and ignored any and all warning signs. Dweeb.

  21. Guess those guys will have to go back to covering high school football games for a local “Little Nickel”. No more rolling in the depraved splendor of a rotting empire. No more easy pussy! Waaaah!

    I’m waiting for Trump to start a personal blog, with comments turned on. Should be fun…

  22. The Usual Suspect

    America has cancer, it’s bad, we can die.
    We can keep denying it, and keep dying by degrees.
    Or we can take the treatment and maybe still die.
    But if we don’t do something we are surely going to.
    There are all kinds of treatments, some work sometimes,
    none work all the time.
    It’s kind of like a crap shoot.
    All depends how far along it is, too far along, nothing
    works, it only delays.
    How sick are we ?

  23. The cleaning of the Augean stables. A task for Trumpules.

  24. The MSM will have gone the way of the buggy whip industry in 5-10 years. I, for one, will not miss them telling me what I am supposed to think.